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Pac-10 tournament contest
2007-03-04 19:00
by Bob Timmermann

By popular demand (at least two people!), I will be running a Pac-10 basketball tournament contest.

Here is how it will work:

Email me at the address listed on the side, your choices for all nine games from the first round on Wednesday through the championship on Saturday. You have until 5 pm PT on Wednesday to send me your picks.

Here is how it will be scored:
The teams are seeded 1-10. For each correct choice, you will receive one point. However, if you pick a higher seeded team to win, you will get extra points to add up to the difference between the seeds.

For example, one of the first games will be #7 seed Washington vs. #10 seed Arizona State. If you pick Washington and the Huskies win, you get one point. If you pick ASU and the Sun Devils win, you get three points.

The maximum points you could get for one team would be 27 if you picked ASU (#10) to beat Washington (#7), then Washington State (#2), then USC (#3), then UCLA (#1). You would get 3 + 8 + 7 + 9 = 27 points. However, the points could change if a pair of underdogs advance.

You need to email me your picks because I don't want any cutting and pasting.

If it looks like there will be a tie coming down to the championship game, I will email the interested parties a tiebreaker question, which will most likely be the final score.

The winner will get a $5 gift certificate. You can send your picks in through a "nom de email" and you can redeem it as you see fit.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. Don't leave your picks in the comments. I will delete them until after the deadline passes.


2007-03-04 12:47:39
1.   Sam DC
What kind of crummy bracket is that?
2007-03-04 12:53:49
2.   D4P
You need to email me your picks because I don't want any cutting and pasting

Bob's looking at you, Andrew...

2007-03-04 13:07:29
3.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm what's wrong with America.
2007-03-04 14:20:46
4.   Penarol1916
Are you in the every tournament bracket from the DC Sports Bog?

So if I were to find one more person to ask for a Big East tournamen contest, we could do that too?

2007-03-04 15:12:36
5.   Bob Timmermann
Now at FOUR entrants! With no identical selections yet.
2007-03-04 15:21:56
6.   Greg Brock
[lazy]I shall enter at some point. I just need to do some due diligence [/lazy]
2007-03-04 20:01:12
7.   Sam DC
I'm not in the Bog thing. I expect I'll do this one, but I don't really know anything about the Pac 10, and the bracket Bob links is going to require me to do some sort of organizing type figuring things out sort of work.
2007-03-04 20:27:48
8.   Bob Timmermann
You can try:

And then:

2007-03-05 08:07:06
9.   Elliot
4 I wanted to do the Bog pool but didn't have time to get my brackets done before the deadline. But hey, let's do a Big East bracket pool. Hell, let's just do a contest for all the BCS conferences. I'll help out with scoring the brackets if you'd like. Bob?
2007-03-05 10:20:16
10.   Bob Timmermann
I just picked the Pac-10 one because I'm going to all the games.

I'll likely sponsor one for the Toaster through Yahoo for the Big Tournament.

2007-03-05 12:35:56
11.   godvls
10 - Are you still going to root for ASU on Wednesday? I'll be one of six Devil fans attending the game. Do you think the Wednesday attendance will top 1,000?
2007-03-05 12:41:04
12.   Bob Timmermann
I think the Wednesday attendance will be aroundd 5-6,000. Cal and Washington have a bunch of alums in the area.

Actually so does ASU.

I doubt there will be many Oregon State fans at the game. I wonder if Wednesday will be Jay John's swan song.

2007-03-05 15:39:44
Hey Bob, how do the tickets work for the tournament?
Do you buy a daily ticket, or per game ticket?
Can you get a ticket for the whole tournament?
I ask only because I know that I can boo UCLA for four straight days.
2007-03-05 15:53:35
14.   Bob Timmermann
You can get tickets for all four days (five sessions) or you can just get them a session at the time.

You can usually pick up single session tickets outside Staples pretty easily from the second hand market.

Or just wait until after a team gets eliminated and ask their fans. Not many people like to stay around if their favorite team is out.

2007-03-05 15:59:35
15.   Bob Timmermann
It's also hard to boo UCLA on a day that they aren't playing (Wednesday).
2007-03-05 16:11:22
16.   godvls
12 - You're right about Cal and UW. The attendacne at last year's Wednesday session was pathetic. I'd be surpriped if there were over 1,000 at Staples for those games. ASU has a very large SoCal alumni base, but none of them come to the basketball games. We had about 25 at Galen Center for the SC game ant less than that at Pauley. Our best turnout was at Pauley for the women's game. Women's bastketball is the best thing we've got going at ASU right now.
2007-03-05 16:16:44
17.   godvls
13 - If you're looking for decent seats your best bet is to pick them up on the "resale market" outside of Staples before each session. You can normally get pretty good seats for face value or less. The box office is only selling upper level seats at this point.
2007-03-05 16:20:01
18.   godvls
12 - This could be the end for Jay John. It's sad seeing a school with a storied basketball tradition struggling year after year the way OSU has recently. ASU had a great rivalry with OSU in the early 80's....we really had some intense games. Maybe John can go back and work for Lute again. That would free up Miles Simon to go back to school and try to improve upon his 1.6 GPA.
2007-03-05 16:21:15
19.   Bob Timmermann
Charlie Turner Thorne is about the same age as me, went to high school in my neighborhood, and I went to a lot of girls basketball games at the time because our team was really good and I was the PA announcer.

And I have no memory of her at all.

2007-03-05 18:02:41
20.   godvls
Charli is the best coach on the ASU campus right now. Clint Myers is probably the second best coach at ASU. One day we may be decent in a men's sport......or maybe I'm just dreaming.

ASU once excelled in two sports which have long since been dropped. Can you guess the sports?

2007-03-05 18:10:04
21.   xaphor
Less Boston, More S(c)hill

Green Monster Games Becomes 38 Studios

2007-03-05 18:26:24
22.   Bob Timmermann
Wrestling and men's gymnastics?
2007-03-05 18:29:53
23.   El Lay Dave
Pac-10 Tournament Chart

2007-03-05 18:31:01
24.   El Lay Dave
22 Off-road racing and pistol shooting.
2007-03-05 18:46:28
25.   El Lay Dave
22 Saloon brawling and cattle roping.
2007-03-05 20:45:23
26.   Greg Brock
ASU Sports? My guesses would be projectile vomiting and competitive date rape.

I sent my picks in to the Timmer Man! Woohoo! You're all going down, suckers!

(My picks are not very good)

2007-03-06 12:09:00
27.   godvls
20 - ASU still has a wrestling program.
2007-03-06 12:10:27
28.   godvls
I guess El Lay Dave is the closest......archery and badminton!

They don't call us ETCU (Empty Trophy Case University) for nothing!

2007-03-06 12:11:06
29.   godvls
26 - Ouch. That was cold.
2007-03-06 15:17:26
30.   Bob Timmermann
Arizona State has won a few College World Series.
2007-03-06 17:09:09
31.   godvls
30 - Absolutely, though the last one was when I was in school (1981). ASU has only been to two College World Series since Murphy took over in 1995. The natives are getting very restless in Tempe. Unlike most Pac 9 schools, baseball actually means something to a lot of ASU fans.

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