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How do you solve a problem like Gary?
2007-03-12 15:36
by Bob Timmermann

Mat Gleason of Halos Heaven and Tim Marchman of the New York Sun debate in the Los Angeles Times about just what Angels owner Arte Moreno should or could or will do about Gary Matthews, Jr.

Matthews, through his agent, apologized for being a distraction.

Speaking of distractions ...

Don't forget the Griddle's NCAA tournament contest. Win valuable prizes, such as my admiration!

2007-03-12 17:13:01
1.   bhsportsguy
I want Jon to debate Bill Plaschke on the merits of a good clubhouse guy.
2007-03-13 11:04:38
2.   El Lay Dave
... are roughly the same as my chances of pitching for the Mets this year.

The Nats, on the other hand, ....

Marchman's probably right on his hunches on the haunches on which Moreno can stand. I tend to think that Angel's brass ought to bite their tongue and merely claim that commenting on rumors and accusations is premature, or some such non-statement. The first spring training of a 5 and 50 is not usually a good time to stack kindling and accelerant at one end of the bridge, irrespective of what exactly is going on on the other side.

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