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Passings (Bowie Kuhn, Helen Dedeaux)
2007-03-15 14:13
by Bob Timmermann

Bowie Kuhn, the fifth Commissioner of Baseball, passed away in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida at the age of 80.

Kuhn presided over one of the most turbulent periods of baseball history, 1969-1984. There will be no shortage of retrospectives of his career in the coming days.

Also, Helen Dedeaux, the widow of longtime USC baseball coach Rod Dedeaux passed away Saturday at age 92. The Dedeauxs had been married for 66 years until Rod's passing early last year.

You can continue discussing the NCAA tournament at the thread below.

2007-03-15 14:41:41
1.   Jon Weisman
Man, how I hated Kuhn when I was a kid. Now I just feel ... older.
2007-03-15 17:08:30
2.   El Lay Dave
Bowie Kuhn is dead to me. Wait....

[Kuhn] then suspended Turner, the Braves owner, in 1976 for tampering with the contract of Gary Matthews.

It's never straightforward when a Gary Matthews contract is involved.

In 1976, [Kuhn] voided the attempt by Finley's Oakland Athletics to sell Vida Blue, Joe Rudi and Rollie Fingers for a combined price of $3.5 million, saying the deals weren't in the best interests of baseball.

Maybe Charlie O would have pocketed the money, but since he was going to lose those guys to free agency soon anyway, was it is baseball's best interest that Charlie didn't have that money with which to attract replacement free agents?

2007-03-15 18:58:38
3.   Bob Timmermann
Kuhn didn't exactly add up the costs of free agency well. Finley had.
2007-03-15 19:40:25
4.   El Lay Dave
Exactly. Finley operated his team just fine in the preceding seasons; it's not like he was baseball's Ted Stepian.

Hmmm, whom did he try to sell those players to?

2007-03-15 20:58:52
5.   Bob Timmermann
Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was ...
2007-03-15 22:15:03
6.   Eric Enders
This never would have happened if Bowie Kuhn were alive.
2007-03-16 04:29:59
7.   DXMachina
4 "Hmmm, whom did he try to sell those players to?"

In a perfect example of "some things never change", Rudi and Fingers were sold to the Red Sox, and Blue to the Yankees.

2007-03-16 07:39:55
8.   El Lay Dave
In blogging and blog commenting, how does one indicate a rhetorical question?
2007-03-16 09:17:59
9.   Bob Timmermann
You use & signs around your statement.

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