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[ Day Two of the NCAA Tournament Open Thread ]
2007-03-16 02:00
by Bob Timmermann

Back to work today, so you will have to carry on without me for long stretches of the day.

Five people lead the contest with 15 of 16 correct choices.

Here's the agenda, the times listed are in PT and remember that the times listed for the second games of each doubleheader are approximate.

  • 9:15 am - #13 Albany vs #4 Virginia in the South Region in Columbus. Marmaduke's favorite team takes on the favorite team of Charles I.
  • 9:25 am - #10 Georgia Tech vs #7 UNLV in the Midwest Region in Chicago. Ahh, memories of the days of "Lethal Weapon III." I had to look up who the other two guys who weren't Kenny Anderson.
  • 9:30 am - #15 North Texas vs #2 Memphis in the South Region in New Orleans. The Tigers haven't lost since December 20 when Arizona beat them.
  • 11:30 am - #11 Winthrop vs #6 Notre Dame in the Midwest Region in Spokane. Back in November, Winthrop beat Presbyterian. The Eagles have also beaten Limestone. Notre Dame beat Alabama when the Tide was ranked fourth. That was a while ago.
  • 11:35 am - #12 Long Beach State vs #5 Tennessee in the South Region in Columbus. Time for all the 49er alums in the Windy City to go root on "The Beach." I believe there are four.
  • 11:45 am - #15 Texas A&M Corpus Christi vs #2 Wisconsin in the Midwest Region in Chicago. TAMU-CC calls itself the "Island University." I guess they have a point.
  • 11:50 am - #10 Creighton vs #7 Nevada in the South Region in Columbus - The Bluejays try to join fellow Jesuit institutions Georgetown and Xavier in the second round.
  • 1:40 pm - #14 Miami University vs #3 Oregon in the Midwest Region in Spokane - And so it begins. This is the mystery game. It's likely going to be seen only in Oxford, Ohio and Oregon. And maybe in Saskatchewan and parts of the Northern Marianas.
  • 4:10 pm - #12 Illinois vs #5 Virginia Tech in the West Region in Columbus - The Illini will try to press on without Chief Illiniwek. The Hokies will try to get along without their mascot which is a ... um ...
  • 4:10 pm - #16 Niagara vs #1 Kansas in the West Region in Chicago - I'm not sure what's in the water of the Niagara River that makes the eagles there purple.
  • 4:20 pm - #9 Purdue vs #8 Arizona in the Midwest Region in New Orleans - When the Wildcats won it all in 1997, they finished fifth in the Pac-10.
  • 4:25 pm - #13 New Mexico State vs #4 Texas in the East Region in Spokane - New Mexico State coach Reggie Theus' bio on the IMDB says, "Is considered the most underrated guard in NBA history." Well then it must be true.
  • 6:30 pm - #13 Holy Cross vs #4 Southern Illinois in the West Region in Columbus - People from Worscester pronounce their city's name "Wooster." People from Carbondale pronounce their city's name "Carbondale."
  • 6:30 pm - #9 Villanova vs #8 Kentucky in the West Region in Chicago - Jim Boeheim will refuse to watch this game as a matter of principle. And it's going to start really late on the East Coast.
  • 6:40 pm - #12 Arkansas vs #5 Southern California in the East Region in Spokane - I wonder which of the 25 daily nonstops from Fayetteville to Spokane the Hogs flew on.
  • 6:40 pm - #16 Jackson State vs #1 Florida in the Midwest Region in New Orleans - This will likely be the last game of the first round. Watch for numerous scary looking shots of Joakim Noah laughing on the bench.

Comments (389)
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2007-03-16 04:25:46
1.   DXMachina
"I'm not sure what's in the water of the Niagara River that makes the eagles there purple."

Its source is Lake Erie. Nuff said.

2007-03-16 06:40:46
2.   Penarol1916
You did not remember Dennis Scott and that guy with that kid with the last name Oliver? I am shocked and appalled, of course this was during my peak obsession with college basketball so I remember far too much about that era.
2007-03-16 07:19:21
3.   JasonO
You'll want to keep an eye on Vanderbilt.
2007-03-16 07:57:14
4.   Penarol1916
3. Georgetown destroyed them in Nashville, and even though Vanderbilt has improved since that time, so has Georgetown.
2007-03-16 09:18:31
5.   JasonO
Perhaps they'll meet again.
2007-03-16 09:25:03
6.   Penarol1916
5. And that's why one doesn't need to keep an eye on Vanderbilt after the sweet sixteen.
2007-03-16 09:36:10
7.   saltcreek
gt isnt looking good
2007-03-16 09:41:19
8.   Greg Brock
The Ramblin' Wreck of Georgia Tech isn't doing much rambling.

But they sure are a wreck at this point.

2007-03-16 09:43:41
9.   Voxter
I'll be watching the mystery game, so I'll let you know what's going on.
2007-03-16 09:45:54
10.   Steve
Who's Georgia Tech playing again? :)
2007-03-16 09:46:02
11.   Bob Timmermann
You live in Saskatchewan?
2007-03-16 09:46:15
12.   Penarol1916
But how about that Mean Green! That would be the ultimate upset since it would be a high seed going down, but one that so few people had going far that it would ruin few brackets.
2007-03-16 09:50:49
13.   Bob Timmermann
James Carville has picked Memphis to win on XM radio. His guest was Bill Clinton. Clinton picked a Final Four of Ohio State, Florida, North Carolina, and Kansas.
2007-03-16 10:06:54
14.   Voxter
11 - Guam. We're big Miami of Ohio fans out here in Guam.
2007-03-16 10:08:37
15.   Voxter
13 - Bill Clinton walks the middle road again, eh? Isn't that all four #1 seeds?

I have Florida, No. Carolina, UCLA and Texas A&M. UCLA over Texas A&M in the final. This, of course, means, that all four of these teams will be eliminated shortly.

2007-03-16 10:13:20
16.   Voxter
This GT-UNLV game is going to totally bollocks up my bracket. Just like every 10-7 game so far. Sigh. I guess I'm not going to win the popsicle this year.
2007-03-16 10:13:45
17.   saltcreek
memphis isnt looking to good
2007-03-16 10:14:49
18.   saltcreek
yeah i have gt winning also but, thankfully, losing to wisconsin soon after.
2007-03-16 10:16:32
19.   Greg Brock
15 It seems like TAMU and Georgetown are the really trend picks. A bunch of us picked Texas A&M to go really far. Heck I picked 'em both to get to the Final Four myself.

10 The Midwest Whoopiecushion Conference will not be denied. This time...

2007-03-16 10:25:22
20.   Gagne55
Duke ruined my bracket. I had them winning 4 games.
2007-03-16 10:31:22
21.   Greg Brock
20 You had Duke in the Final Four?

Albany is not exactly playing the upset role that a lot of people expected. They trail by 25. I didn't pick 'em, but I was kind of rooting for Albany. Naga...Naga...Nagonna happen.

2007-03-16 10:36:28
22.   blue22
16 - I've got UNLV winning 3 games, knocking off GT, Wisconsin, and Oregon before finally losing to Florida. Go Rebs!
2007-03-16 10:37:59
23.   Bob Timmermann
Never bet on Marmaduke.
2007-03-16 10:38:39
24.   Steve
22 -- There you go.
2007-03-16 10:39:58
25.   Gagne55
21 Elite 8. I had them knocking off VCU Pitt and UCLA. Huh. I guess I only had them winning three games. Still...
2007-03-16 10:42:38
26.   StolenMonkey86
22 - I have Georgia Tech in the sweet 16. If they lose, I'm placing all the blame on Nomar Garciaparra.
2007-03-16 10:43:29
27.   Gagne55
I had UNLV. w00t
2007-03-16 10:46:00
28.   blue22
26 - I was a shameless ACC hater this year, with only 3 teams in the Sweet 16 - UNC, Duke(!), Virginia - and none advancing beyond.
2007-03-16 10:47:17
29.   Greg Brock
I picked the Rebs to beat the Ramblin' Wreck but lose to Wisconsin. I almost picked UNLV in the second round upset. The stench of Tark the Shark still bothers me a bit.
2007-03-16 10:47:21
30.   Gagne55
Actually, relooking at my bracket, I didn't. That sucks. I was like "w00t" then I look at my bracket and I'm like "woops, I am rooting Georgia Tech"
2007-03-16 10:47:33
31.   StolenMonkey86
28 - I had 4: MD, GT, VT, and NC
2007-03-16 10:49:56
32.   blue22
30 - So you're to blame for this Tech turnaround then? Stop it.
2007-03-16 10:50:36
33.   Steve
Hey, look. Bad shooting, no rebounding, and a second-half collapse. I've seen this before! But where?
2007-03-16 10:51:56
34.   StolenMonkey86
My Elite 8 is ACC-free
2007-03-16 10:55:10
35.   Greg Brock
Wow, I just noticed that my bracket is ACC free in the Elite-8 as well. Now I doubt if that will happen.

I mean, it's the almighty ACC, the greatest basketball conference in the history of history.

2007-03-16 10:57:36
36.   Bob Timmermann
I am ACC free.

But I like conferences with "Big" in their names.

2007-03-16 10:59:50
37.   Penarol1916
My brackets were all geographically balanced against the people I was competing with. With my friends from school who all still live on the east coast, I only had UNC and Georgetown going to the sweet sixteen from the Big East and ACC. For this contest with all of the west coasters, I think UCLA was my only sweet sixteen team from west of Texas. For my office pool in Chicago, only OSU from the Big Ten made my sweet sixteen.
2007-03-16 11:02:56
38.   blue22
36 - I'm a little big-12 heavy in my Final Four, with Texas, Kansas, and A&M.

My Championship game is a Kansas/Texas rematch, but this time Durant will not be denied!

2007-03-16 11:03:06
39.   Voxter
Ga Tech ties the game. My bracket may be coming unbollocksed.

I was down on conferences with "Big" in the name, sorta. I took a total homer pick of Oregon over Wisconsin (not actually going to happen, but you gotta do it at least once), Ohio State not in the Final Four, and Texas A&M the only "Big" team in the semis. I'm a total Kansas-skeptic.

2007-03-16 11:04:35
40.   StolenMonkey86
I picked Duke to win yesterday, but I didn't have them in the sweet 16 anyway, so no biggie.
2007-03-16 11:08:19
41.   blue22
40 - Death, taxes, and Duke in the Sweet 16. I fear what other, larger implications Duke's loss yesterday may yield.
2007-03-16 11:08:59
42.   StolenMonkey86
not having to pay taxes?
2007-03-16 11:09:11
43.   Steve
Kruger should be shot.
2007-03-16 11:11:18
44.   Greg Brock
I took a total homer pick of Oregon over Wisconsin (not actually going to happen, but you gotta do it at least once)

Oregon will beat Wisconsin. And if UNLV blows this game, I will be most displeased.

2007-03-16 11:14:38
45.   Voxter
See, I imagine Oregon being totally and completely bullied by Wisconsin and scoring about 45 points.
2007-03-16 11:23:35
46.   blue22
A 5/12 matchup coming up (Tenn/LBSU). Who has this as their requisite 12-seed victory?
2007-03-16 11:29:56
47.   Daniel Zappala
On my way home from Hong Kong, I got stuck in Japan overnight. So at this point, I don't really care too much who my picks are. Unless one of them can send me a private jet.

I do get to watch NCAA On Demand at 3:30 am, but this is not where I wanted to be watching the games.

2007-03-16 11:30:25
48.   El Lay Dave
46 Once I saw USC as a 5 seed, it was easy to make Arkansas my 12 seed pick.
2007-03-16 11:30:57
49.   Greg Brock
46 Not I. My 5/12 was Illinois over Va Tech.

UNLV has the ball with 1:13 left, game tied up.

2007-03-16 11:31:01
50.   El Lay Dave
47 Did you find the good places to eat?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-03-16 11:35:02
51.   blue22
49 - Egads! I just noticed I didn't pick a 12 seed this year. Maybe this is the year it doesn't happen...
2007-03-16 11:38:06
52.   Daniel Zappala
50 A few, yes. HK is a remarkable city. Huge subway stations, fantastic public transit that puts most US cities to shame. The central part of HK island is a beautiful city.
2007-03-16 11:40:04
53.   StolenMonkey86
My 12 seed picks were ODU and Arkansas. So far I have not picked an upset correctly other than Xavier, but that was only a 9 over 8.
2007-03-16 11:40:18
54.   El Lay Dave
51 you're probably better off. When you pick a 12, and one 12 wins, you have a 3/4 chance of having the wrong 12 and thus two losses.
2007-03-16 11:42:28
55.   blue22
54 - I think Tennessee has their way with Long Beach next. I'm a little nervous about the SC game though.
2007-03-16 11:42:49
56.   FelixP
thank the Brits for HK's transit. Just about every European city has a public transit system better than all American cities with the possible exception of San Francisco.

Let's go 49ers!

2007-03-16 11:43:02
57.   Penarol1916
According to box score, Winthrop is only playing with 4 players, and their winning.
2007-03-16 11:45:30
58.   blue22
Whew, UNLV survives, as does my bracket (for now).
2007-03-16 11:46:06
59.   ToyCannon
I'd like to thank Steve for the UNLV pick. I also have them taking out Wisonsin. On the negative side I inexplicably picked Albany over Virginia. I have no idea why.
Come on Winthrup and Creighton.
2007-03-16 11:47:15
60.   Bob Timmermann
There is now just one contestant left with only one miss.

Berkeley Doug has picked 17 of the first 18 games right.

2007-03-16 11:47:55
61.   bhsportsguy
59 Are you leaving today or tomorrow for Sin City?
2007-03-16 11:51:36
62.   ToyCannon
I opted for the early morning Saturday run. I dont' see very well at night so everyone stay off the road between 03:00 - 08:00:)
2007-03-16 11:53:52
63.   StolenMonkey86
I'm 15 for 19 now
2007-03-16 11:54:46
64.   StolenMonkey86
the GT loss brings me down to 15 potential sweet 16 teams. nobody in further rounds has been destroyed yet
2007-03-16 11:56:08
65.   El Lay Dave
62 I expect the I-15 roadkill count to rise dramatically.
2007-03-16 11:56:41
66.   El Lay Dave
UT has a 20-10 lead over CSULB.
2007-03-16 11:58:26
67.   Greg Brock
Yeah, I've lost Duke as one of my Sweet 16 teams so far, that's it.

Today will turn my bracket into a bloodbath. Of this I am certain.

2007-03-16 11:59:58
68.   Greg Brock
The Vols play a full court press. I wish more teams did.

I like the press...Except when Lavin did it.

2007-03-16 12:02:22
69.   Bob Timmermann
Jon wishes that Louisville that didn't press.
2007-03-16 12:03:07
70.   Voxter
My only sweet 16 team that's out is Arkansas.

I just realized that I have Va Tech beating Kansas in the Sweet 16. I had forgotten that.

2007-03-16 12:06:10
71.   Greg Brock
Winthrop pulls within two of the Fighting Irish.

Come on Winthrop Crimson Knights!

2007-03-16 12:06:48
72.   Greg Brock
Tie game! Also, I think Winthrop is the Eagles.
2007-03-16 12:08:35
73.   FelixP
Chism? what the heck is John Wayne doing playing college hoops?

please refrain from using "UT" to refer to all schools that are not Texas. my wife's from Toledo and it's sad to hear it used for their community college.

2007-03-16 12:09:28
74.   bhsportsguy
70 Did you have a dream that they lost, they don't play until tonight.
2007-03-16 12:10:38
75.   ToyCannon
My 16 is still solid but I fear Nevada will take the slipper off my Cinderalla.
2007-03-16 12:15:23
76.   Voxter
73 - I will now commence calling all schools by "UT", whether they have Ts in their names or not.
2007-03-16 12:16:25
77.   Steve
This is the Notre Dame we know and love.
2007-03-16 12:17:36
78.   Bob Timmermann
Winthrop trying to make the weekend trip to Oregon bet null and void.
2007-03-16 12:20:46
79.   Humma Kavula
With more than three minutes in the books, it's Texas A&M CC 10, Wisconsin zero.
2007-03-16 12:21:32
80.   trainwreck
Great start by Wisconsin.

Is this some conspiracy to just give Florida the trophy?

2007-03-16 12:21:42
81.   D4P
I was just going to say "Winthrop is jeopardizing Bob's Oregon trip"
2007-03-16 12:23:07
82.   Bob Timmermann
So who else picked Wisconsin to play in the final besides me?
2007-03-16 12:24:35
83.   saltcreek
i have them in the elite 8...they will come back, just a matter of time.
2007-03-16 12:27:31
84.   Bob Timmermann
I don't really think Wisconsin is all that great, but I laid out a scenario where they back into the championship game.

This is all predicated on Maryland beating Florida.

2007-03-16 12:28:59
85.   saltcreek
they scored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
2007-03-16 12:29:20
86.   saltcreek
opps forget that 11 part typo
2007-03-16 12:32:06
87.   ToyCannon
M Kemp playing for Nevada. I hope Funk is as good as they said he was.
2007-03-16 12:34:33
88.   saltcreek
ok now im worried
2007-03-16 12:35:24
89.   trainwreck
I thought Bob could still go to Oregon if they beat Florida?
2007-03-16 12:36:46
90.   Voxter
UT leading UT at the half by 8. Doesn't look good for UT. And in a possible upset-in-the-making, UT doesn't score against fifteen seed UT until several minutes into the game.
2007-03-16 12:37:10
91.   Bob Timmermann
If Oregon goes to the Final Four, then I spend a week in the Beaver State.
2007-03-16 12:38:58
92.   trainwreck
HBO Sports did a story on Wisconsin and they are being filmed by ESPN. The limelight has gone to their cheeseheads.
2007-03-16 12:39:28
93.   Penarol1916
73. I refer to that school as UT-Austin because I am always getting that school confused with UT-Arlington.
2007-03-16 12:40:39
94.   Greg Brock
Tread lightly. Texans take UT very seriously.

Of course, Texans generally take being from Texas very seriously.

They like their state...A lot.

2007-03-16 12:42:21
95.   Johnson
Wisconsin now officially on pace to score less than 16 in the game. A&M CC already has 17.
2007-03-16 12:42:53
96.   Greg Brock
Is there anybody here that likes Billy Packer? Sometimes I feel like the only person in America that doesn't hate the guy.
2007-03-16 12:44:29
97.   El Lay Dave
I'm disgusted by the "Texas-Ex" window decals I see from time to time, for the Texas Ex-Students Society (or whatever the exact name is). Either 1) the word "alumni" is too complicated for them or 2) actually received a degree is not required, too member-limiting.
2007-03-16 12:44:36
98.   trainwreck
Yeah, you are the only one.
2007-03-16 12:44:41
99.   Penarol1916
94. My dad was a professor at A&M, I'm well aware of the idiocy surrounding all of the institutions of "higher" education in that state.
2007-03-16 12:45:15
100.   Sam DC
Passing the hour mark sitting on the tarmac at Dulles. Updates welcome.

I am reading the 9/11 Commission Report. My seatmate has noticed and is nervous. There is a two-page spread of photos of the hijackers - she really didn't likeit when I was examining that.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-03-16 12:45:27
101.   Bob Timmermann
You are the only person in America that doesn't hate the guy.

Even Jim Nantz hates him. But he's too polite to say so.

2007-03-16 12:45:43
102.   El Lay Dave
Winthrop's run got to 22-2. Wow.
2007-03-16 12:46:35
103.   Bob Timmermann
Leader Monterey Chris has picked both Notre Dame and Wisconsin, so there could be a change atop the leaderboard.
2007-03-16 12:47:24
104.   Greg Brock
Tennessee is beating CSULB.
The Purple Panthers of Winthrop are crushing Notre Dame.
Wisconsin is on pace to score negative three points.
2007-03-16 12:48:59
105.   D4P
Winthrop is a scary team.

Their four losses this year include: UNC, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Texas A&M, all on the road. Other than that, they were 28-0.

If Oregon makes it to the 2nd round, Winthrop will probably beat them.

2007-03-16 12:49:07
106.   trainwreck
Glad, Winthrop is winning. I am also glad I only had Wisconsin going to the Sweet 16.
2007-03-16 12:50:23
107.   D4P
So, with Winthrop beating Notre Dame, is Bob's Carolinas trip back on the itinerary...?
2007-03-16 12:51:44
108.   Steve
Winthrop over Notre Dame was a gimme.
2007-03-16 12:52:10
109.   Voxter
UT leads UT by 20 now. I know they were supposed to be good for a mid-major, but I was looking forward to Oregon playing UT in the second round.

They've now switched to UT walloping UT in a real shocker. I wonder if UT can play with the kind of pace neccessary to make up a big deficeit.

2007-03-16 12:52:24
110.   Eric Stephen
96 I like Billy Packer. I enjoy his insight involving gameplay (pointing out screens, technique, etc), and he's pretty quick getting his point across. And he'll call a guy out if needed.

I've never been a Jim Nantz fan. I can't fathom how he manages to announce 47 different sports for CBS. (Well, if Musberger can do it...) Nantz is the embodiment of the word "Vanilla". And I'm as corny as the next guy, but Nantz is over the top with his ridiculous puns ("Juan Shining Moment") and seems way too committed to the in-game ads (the one thing I like about Joe Buck is his playful, mocking nature of the in game ads).

I didn't like Paul Sunderland either, as he is like a Jim Nantz-lite. But, I hate Joel Meyers so much that I long for the days of Sunderland in LakerLand. And Chick Hearn's death has unfortunately put an end to the muzzle on Stu Lantz. The more he talks, the less I enjoy.

2007-03-16 12:54:06
111.   Penarol1916
108. In many ways, it was too obvious.
2007-03-16 12:54:06
112.   Voxter
Has a 15 ever beaten a 2?
2007-03-16 12:55:31
113.   Greg Brock
Packer is grouchy. I get that. He gets a little holier than thou [/understatement]. But I haven't really grasped what it is about him that makes people despise him so. When it comes to the actual analysis of the game...You know, the thing that they're supposed to be doing, he's pretty darn good.

Plus, he absolutely hates Dick Vitale. That has to count for something.

2007-03-16 12:55:36
114.   Eric Stephen
112 4 times...the last being Hampton over Iowa St. Can't remember the year.

I think Richmond over Syracuse in the 1990s was the first 15 over 2. More research required here.

2007-03-16 12:56:30
115.   ToyCannon
I used to like him alot when he was teamed with Al McGuire or however you spell the ex-Marquette coach. Now, not so much but I don't seem to have as much venom about anything related to sports as most of you guys.
2007-03-16 12:56:56
116.   Bob Timmermann
I guess that win over Limestone really toughened Winthrop.

Winthrop is in Rock Hill, South Carolina. And is named for a former Speaker of the House who was from Massachusetts.

2007-03-16 12:57:00
117.   Steve
111 - Agreed. Like with Stanford, not everybody takes the gifts.

And it appears that Wisc./T A&M-CC is the 5-12 upset everyone was looking for. It just happened that they were seeded 2 and 15.

2007-03-16 12:57:09
118.   bhsportsguy
100 Now if you reached in your pocket and pulled out some eyedrops, glanced back at the book and then her and then put them back in your pocket, she'd be reaching for that attendant button really quick.
2007-03-16 12:57:11
119.   twerp
Given the score of Winthrop-ND, I came over to see Bob doing backflips online.

Doesn't appear to have happened yet.

2007-03-16 12:57:35
120.   Bob Timmermann
2007-03-16 12:58:10
121.   ToyCannon
A lot scoring going on in Columbus.
2007-03-16 12:58:34
122.   Eric Stephen
15 over 2 seeds:

2001 - Hampton over Iowa St
1997 - Coppin St over South Carolina (aka the other "SC")
1993 - Santa Clara over Arizona
1991 - Richmond over Syracuse

2007-03-16 13:00:28
123.   Greg Brock
I miss Al Maguire. He's with George Allen and Paterno in the pantheon of coaches I respect and actually revere.

Maguire said that "Any coach who doesn't graduate his players is a pimp." Things have changed with players leaving early and what not, but that was a really ballsy thing to say at the time.

2007-03-16 13:00:28
124.   Bob Timmermann
The lowest scoring NCAA tournament game ever was in 1941 when Pitt beat UNC 26-20.

In 1999, SW Missouri State (which no longer has SW in its name) beat Wisconsin 43-32. That had been the lowest total for any team since 1949 when Oregon State scrounged up 30 points against Oklahoma State.

2007-03-16 13:01:04
125.   bhsportsguy
Since the current system has been in place, 2 Seeds are 80-4 in this game so about once every 5 years, we are due for one but not many thought this year.
2007-03-16 13:01:16
126.   Eric Stephen
Steve Nash was on the 1993 Santa Clara team.
2007-03-16 13:02:10
127.   trainwreck
D4P is like a Cubs fan when it comes to Oregon. Winthrop and Oregon are very similar teams, but Oregon's players are just better.
2007-03-16 13:02:53
128.   Voxter
Two more shockers:

2007-03-16 13:04:17
129.   D4P
Notre Dame is within 10
2007-03-16 13:05:30
130.   FelixP
I'm not even from Tay-has and didn't go there for college; I just think that Austin, being the only brain in that vast wasteland that is Texas, has earned the right to the title of "UT".
2007-03-16 13:06:44
131.   Johan
In retrospect, picking Wisconsin to lose in the Final may not have been wise.
2007-03-16 13:07:11
132.   Penarol1916
My brother got married on Creighton's campus this summer, I thought it was nice, so I'll root for them, especially since it is another Jesuit school.
2007-03-16 13:07:43
133.   D4P
Neither Wisconsin nor Notre Dame are out of it yet
2007-03-16 13:09:11
134.   Voxter
130 - Okay, if you're not actually from Texas, I'll stop now.
2007-03-16 13:10:08
135.   Voxter
You don't win by missing 75% of your free throws.
2007-03-16 13:10:29
136.   Penarol1916
130. No, it hasn't, not at all. Just because a place is full of hipster trash does not mean it is the brain in a brainless place.
2007-03-16 13:10:59
137.   Greg Brock
The Golden Lynx of Winthrop are doing their best to blow this game against Notre Dame.

1-7 from the line...Lorenzo Mata approves of Winthrop's FT acumen.

2007-03-16 13:12:35
138.   ToyCannon
So what was that about this game being a "gimmie". That looks like quite a rope around Winthrop's neck.
2007-03-16 13:12:42
139.   FelixP
arg. Wisconsin's in the Final Four of 4 of my 8 brackets. thankfully, not the one I have money on.

136. Being filled with hipster trash and being a brain are not mutually exclusive. The town could be void of people and the bats under the bridge would be more brain then the rest of the state.

2007-03-16 13:12:49
140.   Bob Timmermann
For those scoring at home, Holy Cross is another Jesuit school.

Notre Dame is not a Jesuit school, but rather run by the Society of the Holy Cross.

2007-03-16 13:13:08
141.   Voxter
Every time I see LBST up in the corner, I think "Lieberstein". I had a friend named Jonas Lieberstein in grade school; I keep thinking, "Wow, Jonas must have got good at basketball to score 54 points all by himself."
2007-03-16 13:13:30
142.   Greg Brock
Winthrop's defense is a sivv.
2007-03-16 13:13:45
143.   Bob Timmermann
Villanova is an Augustinian school. They're still trying to live down the fact that Martin Luther was an Augustinian.
2007-03-16 13:14:51
144.   El Lay Dave
ND down by 3. Wisconsin closed to 8 at the half.
2007-03-16 13:17:31
145.   El Lay Dave
Xavier, Gonzaga, Marquette, Creighton and BC are all Jesuit.
2007-03-16 13:17:44
146.   trainwreck
Come on Nevada. I have them beating Memphis in the next round.
2007-03-16 13:19:34
147.   Penarol1916
145. You forgot about the oldest, and best Jesuit school in the tournament.
2007-03-16 13:19:50
148.   Bob Timmermann
Yet, none of the three Loyolas that play in Division I made it to the tournament.
2007-03-16 13:20:32
149.   El Lay Dave
Oops, I forgot Georgetown.
2007-03-16 13:21:48
150.   Greg Brock
Great. Notre Dame takes the lead and gets the foul call.

I believed in you, Winthrop.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-03-16 13:22:15
151.   Bob Timmermann
Niagara is run by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.
2007-03-16 13:22:25
152.   trainwreck
Winthrop has the ball and the lead.
2007-03-16 13:22:47
153.   trainwreck
buries the three!
2007-03-16 13:22:57
154.   Greg Brock
I believe in you, Winthrop.
2007-03-16 13:24:03
155.   saltcreek
Dear CBS, the Tenn game is a Notre Dame!!!!
2007-03-16 13:24:43
156.   El Lay Dave
151 I wonder if they have those drop boxes for usable used goods all over campus.
2007-03-16 13:24:49
157.   trainwreck
Hahaha foul on ND that was debatable.
2007-03-16 13:25:30
158.   El Lay Dave
I picked Oregon to beat ND, so Go Irish!
2007-03-16 13:25:41
159.   trainwreck
It is over!
2007-03-16 13:26:06
160.   trainwreck
Winthrop ball up 6.
2007-03-16 13:26:26
161.   Johan
Some of the Bay Area contingent may know what I mean when I say that ND losing makes me happy purely because it makes Bob Fitzgerald unhappy.
2007-03-16 13:26:32
162.   El Lay Dave
2007-03-16 13:27:23
163.   El Lay Dave
And the state of Oregon weeps, for it will know not the great Bob Timmermann.
2007-03-16 13:28:11
164.   trainwreck
ND taking the most unbalanced ugly looking threes.
2007-03-16 13:28:14
165.   Greg Brock
161 If it would cause the Razor and Mr. T to develop laryngitis, it would be even better.

That entire station needs to be destroyed.

2007-03-16 13:28:57
166.   FelixP
for those of you joining the conversation in progress, we're in hour 2 of a roundtable discussion on "Papists in Higher Education"
2007-03-16 13:29:01
167.   saltcreek
dear cbs, thank you
2007-03-16 13:29:12
168.   trainwreck
If KNBR 680 is not airing a game, it is pretty much pointless to listen to.
2007-03-16 13:29:28
169.   saltcreek
2007-03-16 13:29:56
170.   ToyCannon
That ended well. Onto Creighton/Nevada
2007-03-16 13:30:42
171.   Bob Timmermann
I prefer to be called a "Romanist"
2007-03-16 13:31:14
172.   Sushirabbit
Gotta go check the bracket!
2007-03-16 13:32:14
173.   StolenMonkey86
come on Corpus Christi
2007-03-16 13:32:44
174.   Bob Timmermann
Again with the Catholicism!
2007-03-16 13:34:14
175.   blue22
173 - That would certainly help my UNLV pick next round. They look like they've got a 2nd half fold in them though.
2007-03-16 13:34:39
176.   StolenMonkey86
it's funny because I'm Presbyterian
2007-03-16 13:35:23
177.   Bob Timmermann
Winthrop beat Presbyterian this year.
2007-03-16 13:35:38
178.   El Lay Dave
Apparently 11 is the new 12.

1/2 the 11 seeds won in the opening round.

2007-03-16 13:36:15
179.   trainwreck
Tennessee is easily going to have the most points of any opening round game.
2007-03-16 13:36:35
180.   StolenMonkey86
George Mason was an 11
2007-03-16 13:37:05
181.   twerp
Apparently Bob celebrates in ways other than doing backflips online.
2007-03-16 13:39:12
182.   Bob Timmermann
There are now three people tied for first who have two misses each.
2007-03-16 13:40:20
183.   ToyCannon
LB will lose and still score the 2nd most points today.
2007-03-16 13:40:26
184.   StolenMonkey86
I picked Creighton, but I can't help feel uneasy that Nevada has M. Kemp as one of their leading scorers.
2007-03-16 13:40:55
185.   Greg Brock
Are there still Presbyterians? Those guys still around?

I always thought "Papist" was a pejorative term. At least, that's how I use it with my Catholic friends.

2007-03-16 13:42:17
186.   twerp
179. Hopefully Pearl can convince the Vols that Virginia is not Long Beach State. It can be dangerous to win a first-round game this easily.

Pearl is a pretty good motivator, or posterior-pounder, as needed.

Chance for a school scoring record.

2007-03-16 13:44:01
187.   El Lay Dave
185 You're right. My favorite, though, was being called a "ritualistic, cannibalistic, ring-kissing, Mary-worshipper"; now THAT'S perjorative!
2007-03-16 13:45:33
188.   Bob Timmermann
I fully expected Notre Dame to lose to either Winthrop or Oregon.

You can always count on Notre Dame to blow it in hoops. They've only been to the Final Four once.

2007-03-16 13:45:50
189.   El Lay Dave
Wisconsin closes to 4.
2007-03-16 13:47:14
190.   FelixP
I use "Papist" in a sarcastic sense, making fun of those who once used it in a perjorative manner. you know, like half the dialogue in 'Blazing Saddles'
2007-03-16 13:47:58
191.   Greg Brock
187 What's not to like? The flowing robes, the pageantry, the awesome outfits, the candles.

It's all so...fabulous!

2007-03-16 13:49:25
192.   Bob Timmermann
A friend of mine is a huge Notre Dame and is not Catholic and is pretty much agnostic with a dose of Buddhism tossed in.

I was raised Catholic and was taught by my family to dislike Notre Dame pretty much from the cradle. It was part of a strange behavioral experiment by my folks.

2007-03-16 13:49:33
193.   StolenMonkey86
185 - Yep. This guy's a Presbyterian.

Papist generally had a perjorative meaning. I was particularly amused that the Wikipedia article had a link to "Popery." Popery seems like a good name for a Jeopardy! category.

2007-03-16 13:49:40
194.   D4P
Wow. Tennessee scored 121 points.
2007-03-16 13:49:42
195.   El Lay Dave
191 The amazing accessories! Some chalices are simply to die for!
2007-03-16 13:50:39
196.   Bob Timmermann
121 is just the sixth highest single game total in NCAA tournament history.

LMU put up 149 against Michigan in 1990.

2007-03-16 13:53:39
197.   trainwreck
Still have to get Coach K commercials.
2007-03-16 13:53:58
198.   El Lay Dave
Fazekas picked up his fourth foul. I picked Nevada over Creighton, but Memphis to beat either one.
2007-03-16 13:54:19
199.   El Lay Dave
LMU is, of course, Jesuit.
2007-03-16 13:54:59
200.   Bob Timmermann
We oldtimers though like to call Loyola Marymount "St. Vincent's."
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-03-16 13:55:01
201.   El Lay Dave
Cheese-staters within 4, 11:00 to go.
2007-03-16 13:56:18
202.   Greg Brock
Ratface is a leader of men. A mentor. A teacher.

Wiscy ties the game against the Islanders of TAMCC

2007-03-16 13:56:58
203.   trainwreck
Nevada is coming apart.
2007-03-16 13:57:04
204.   Sam DC
Thanks all for the updates. Now, if I could only remember who I have in my bracket.

After an hour and a half on the tarmac, we've returned to the gate so people can "stretch their legs. I'm fairly sure this story ends w/me sputtering under a ticket counter somewhere and calling my cellphone Wilson.

Papists, Deists, Raelians, whoever - keep me in your prayers.

2007-03-16 13:58:35
205.   Steve
I repeat. Winthrop-Notre Dame was a gimme. I repeat three inviolable rules of Bracketology:

1) Pick against Notre Dame
2) Pick against low seeded PAC-10 teams
3) Pick against Bobby Knight

2007-03-16 13:58:44
206.   trainwreck
Miami of Ohio jumps out to a 3-0 lead.
2007-03-16 13:58:53
207.   El Lay Dave
200 LOL. NO one on this blog is THAT old! Some of us are old enough to sputter on the Marymount part, though.

I think Howard Hughes liked to refer to the papist spies up on the bluff.

2007-03-16 13:58:56
208.   trainwreck
Now 5-0.
2007-03-16 13:59:35
209.   Voxter
Mystery game has begun. Miami of OH has gone up 7-0 to start with Oregon playing like their heads are up their butts.
2007-03-16 13:59:40
210.   Bob Timmermann
I still like my degree from the State Normal School.
2007-03-16 13:59:41
211.   trainwreck
uh oh
2007-03-16 14:00:38
212.   Voxter
9-0 Miami. Jesus.
2007-03-16 14:00:41
213.   trainwreck
9-0 lol
2007-03-16 14:01:23
214.   El Lay Dave
204 Count your blessings; prior to the JetBlue incident, you'd still be on the tarmac!
2007-03-16 14:01:31
215.   trainwreck
NCAA conspiracy!!
2007-03-16 14:01:43
216.   ToyCannon
Oregon is starting out like Wisconsin.
2007-03-16 14:02:03
217.   Greg Brock
Wow...thanks for comin', Long Beach State.

Creighton needs to hold on to this win!

2007-03-16 14:02:51
218.   trainwreck
Come on Wolfpack!
2007-03-16 14:04:40
219.   D4P
The good news for Oregon is that their FG% (0.0) is likely to go up, while Miami's (100.0) is likely to go down
2007-03-16 14:05:29
220.   El Lay Dave
205 Bless me, Steve, for I have sinned. I did not break your second and third commandments, but I delayed following your first until the second round. Forgive me, Steve, I am heartily sorry for having offended thee....
2007-03-16 14:05:32
221.   Voxter
Oregon gets its first point on a free throw from Maarty Leunen, an actual Oregonian.
2007-03-16 14:05:53
222.   trainwreck
Did anyone get to hear Dickie V talk about the Duke game?
2007-03-16 14:06:14
223.   Voxter
Run-n-gunning now.
2007-03-16 14:08:11
224.   Steve
Say ten Fire Jim Tracys.
2007-03-16 14:10:58
225.   Voxter
And one. This is more like the game I expected. Aaron Brooks is better than anybody Miami can put on him.
2007-03-16 14:10:59
226.   Voxter
And one. This is more like the game I expected. Aaron Brooks is better than anybody Miami can put on him.
2007-03-16 14:11:20
227.   El Lay Dave
210 My brother-in-law is proud to have actually attended San Fernando Valley State College.
2007-03-16 14:11:41
228.   Greg Brock
If Creighton could grab a rebound, they would win. But they can't.
2007-03-16 14:12:14
229.   blue22
Wisconsin now up 4, 6 minutes to go...
2007-03-16 14:13:16
230.   El Lay Dave
224 Thank you Steve, you are truly merciful. I feared my penance would be to cheer aloud for every PA by Juan Pierre.
2007-03-16 14:13:40
231.   Greg Brock
Creighton with the ball, and a chance to win.

Tick tick tick...miss, rebound Nevada. Timeout with two and a half seconds or so.

2007-03-16 14:14:33
232.   blue22
Wisconsin suddenly up 8. Booo.
2007-03-16 14:15:33
233.   Greg Brock
Creighton/Nevada heads to OT
2007-03-16 14:15:50
234.   El Lay Dave
2007-03-16 14:16:47
235.   El Lay Dave
Fazekas has to play OT with four fouls.
2007-03-16 14:17:08
236.   Voxter
Mystery game knotted at 8. Moron color guy can't pronounce the word "Oregon".
2007-03-16 14:21:25
237.   Humma Kavula
Timmerman's law: Nevada will win.
2007-03-16 14:21:34
238.   Humma Kavula
Timmermann's. Sorry.
2007-03-16 14:22:05
239.   Voxter
Miami has 7 team fouls halfway through the first half and is now down 15-9. My panic is settling.
2007-03-16 14:22:48
240.   Voxter
2007-03-16 14:22:56
241.   El Lay Dave
Sam - you had UNLV, Winthrop as wins, but you lose on Albany and CSULB. You have Oregon, Wisconsin, Creighton in the currently active games.
2007-03-16 14:23:28
242.   trainwreck
Nevada is in trouble now.
2007-03-16 14:23:59
243.   D4P
I went to do the dishes with the score 9-0. I came back to a score of 17-9.
2007-03-16 14:24:25
244.   El Lay Dave
241 and you correctly had Memphis winning today.
2007-03-16 14:24:34
245.   Greg Brock
Bill Raftery complains like crazy becuase Fazekas fouls out. Because Fazekas fouls out, Raftery says that they should have called the foul on somebody else. Amazing.

Vern is calmly explaining how stupid that is.

2007-03-16 14:24:43
246.   Voxter
Ducks rule and Hawks drool! Ducks rule and Hawks drool!
2007-03-16 14:25:17
247.   Humma Kavula
242 Nevada win win. It's not just the law; it's Timmermann's Law.
2007-03-16 14:25:49
248.   Humma Kavula
That should say "will win."
2007-03-16 14:26:03
249.   El Lay Dave
Fazekas fouls out, so that hoary old cliche applies, someone has to step up.
2007-03-16 14:27:22
250.   Johan
The rest of the team will need to bring their 'A' game for the rest of OT.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-03-16 14:28:19
251.   El Lay Dave
I don't suppose anyone refers to Kyle Shiloh as The Virginian.
2007-03-16 14:28:55
252.   El Lay Dave
Nevada by 4 with 1:16 to go - Creighton ball.
2007-03-16 14:28:57
253.   trainwreck
Thanks for cutting from an OT game, to a game that has already been decided CBS.
2007-03-16 14:29:07
254.   Greg Brock
Wiscy has three guys with the names Kammron, Alondo, and Tyran.

Made up names are so awesome.

2007-03-16 14:31:30
255.   Greg Brock
Creighton trails by three. Nevada's ball with thirty seconds to go.
2007-03-16 14:33:41
256.   Humma Kavula
Creighton fought the law, but the law won.
2007-03-16 14:34:46
257.   Jon Weisman
Wisconsin score by halves: 19, 57.
2007-03-16 14:35:09
258.   Greg Brock
Creighton should have won :-( Alas, they did not.
2007-03-16 14:36:09
259.   D4P
And so it begins: Oregon 0-6 on threes
2007-03-16 14:36:58
260.   Sushirabbit
I had Creighton going past Memphis, too. Memphis can't take a good defense. Vols don't stand up against a strong post, and Vandy is up and down all the time. Ah well. I did better than last year!
2007-03-16 14:37:12
261.   saltcreek
2007-03-16 14:42:04
262.   saltcreek
um price is right? where is oregon?
2007-03-16 14:42:46
263.   Jon Weisman
Miami 9-0
Oregon 22-3
Miami 12-3

Is that right? The first half was three long runs?

2007-03-16 14:44:29
264.   StolenMonkey86
Corpus Christi in the second half turned into, well, a corpse.
2007-03-16 14:45:50
265.   El Lay Dave
263 Something like that, although Miami only has 22 points, total.
2007-03-16 14:58:59
266.   Jon Weisman
Miami 9-0
Oregon 22-3
Miami 10-3
2007-03-16 14:59:41
267.   StolenMonkey86
still only down by one sweet 16 team
2007-03-16 15:09:32
268.   Bob Timmermann
CBS Sportsline abbreviates Miami as "MIAOH".

I don't approve.

2007-03-16 15:10:39
269.   D4P
Only 3 players from MIAOH have scored thus far
2007-03-16 15:12:13
270.   Xeifrank
I've yet to lose a sweet 16 team, but probably more than half the contestants can say the same. vr, Xei
2007-03-16 15:19:57
271.   Bob Timmermann
The record for fewest players scoring in an NCAA tournament is 3.

It was by Utah State in 1964.

2007-03-16 15:20:33
272.   D4P
I'm hoping MIAOH ties the record
2007-03-16 15:24:03
273.   Johan
I pronounce it meow.
2007-03-16 15:32:06
274.   D4P
If the Ducks don't get their act together soon, I'm going to be pronouncing in Me-Ow
2007-03-16 15:32:39
275.   Greg Brock
Dick Vitale says that this is Coach K's greatest coaching job ever.
2007-03-16 15:35:19
276.   Bob Timmermann
Utah State lost that game 64-58.

Wayne Estes scored 21 points, but came in to the game averaging 29.

The next season, a couple hours after a game in which Estes scored 48 points, he walked into some live power lines and was electrocuted.

2007-03-16 15:38:03
277.   D4P
The ESPN ad banner at the top of my screen says

"Can Kobe and Kwame keep the Lakers winning without Luke and Lamar?"

2007-03-16 15:48:11
278.   D4P
Oregon is choking! I've been waiting for this all year.
2007-03-16 15:51:52
279.   StolenMonkey86
Remember, Oregon has a different Aaron Brooks than this one:

2007-03-16 15:52:13
280.   Jon Weisman
278 - I guess you were enjoying that moment while you could.
2007-03-16 15:53:28
281.   D4P
The Ducks win the pennant!
The Ducks win the pennant!
The Ducks win the pennant!
2007-03-16 15:53:58
282.   Daniel B
"Taj Gibson Domination" in very good position right now!!

Except for Marquette. Damn you Marquette!!

2007-03-16 16:20:14
283.   trainwreck
I would expect nothing less from Dick Vitale.

Come on Niagra!!!

Oh great, I have to watch Arizona.

2007-03-16 16:23:15
284.   trainwreck
And Arizona is wearing their ugly new jerseys. Forget my bracket, I hope they lose.
2007-03-16 16:29:18
285.   Steve
284 -- The inviolable rules have spoken.
2007-03-16 16:33:32
286.   Daniel Zappala
My wife has lost only two games so far, and is of course doing much better than I am. She picked three brackets -- this one is the one where I told her not to pick so many upsets, and so at this point things are looking nice for her.
2007-03-16 16:33:50
287.   Bob Timmermann
Still two people tied with 22 of 24 correct.
2007-03-16 16:37:47
288.   Steve
Although Rule 4 is "Never pick a Big 10 team without the word 'State' in its name," so that's a problem.
2007-03-16 16:41:03
289.   Jon Weisman
I thought the lesson, which I agree with, was that some things are bigger than bracket picks. Sometimes, the right thing to do is to root against your bracket.
2007-03-16 16:47:30
290.   Greg Brock
Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line...
2007-03-16 16:47:31
291.   Steve
The inviolable rules exist so that one can be at peace with one's bracket.
2007-03-16 16:50:42
292.   trainwreck
New Mexico St could ruin a lot of brackets.
2007-03-16 16:56:04
293.   Monterey Chris

Thank you for noticing. I need to quickly comment now while I am still in the lead.

2007-03-16 17:06:34
294.   Bob Timmermann
I proudly share 97th place with luminaries such as Marty and bhsportsguy.

The three of us will thank God that people like Daniel Zappala entered. He's in a tie for 103rd.

2007-03-16 17:11:31
295.   Humma Kavula
292 Or Kevin Durant could score 92,195 points in the second half.
2007-03-16 17:18:11
296.   Greg Brock
By the by, I'm about 99.999% sure that the name "Spanarkel" is totally made up.


2007-03-16 17:20:03
297.   Greg Brock
Chief Illiniwek is missing out on this game.

Did everybody pick Illinois as their 12/5 game?

2007-03-16 17:22:05
298.   bhsportsguy
294 Not for long, I had Long Beach State making the Sweet 16.
2007-03-16 17:23:41
299.   Steve
2007-03-16 17:25:06
300.   trainwreck
Old Dominion was mine.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-03-16 17:29:07
301.   Steve
I OD'd on OD
2007-03-16 17:30:05
302.   D4P
Daniel Zappala entered. He's in a tie for 103rd

Did he and Steve have BYU winning it all...?

2007-03-16 17:34:40
303.   Bob Timmermann
Steve's winner was:

End of transmission

2007-03-16 17:35:13
304.   Steve
I'm losing my faith. If there was a God, he would have had us play Arizona.
2007-03-16 17:38:01
305.   Bob Timmermann
From the CBS sportsline glogger:

"Once again, Arizona is starting the half with a lax attitude..."

That pretty much sums up Arizona's year.

2007-03-16 17:38:47
306.   Bob Timmermann
There was a kid who asked us at the library (via e-mail) for pictures of Santa Cruz and Santa Fe.

Not the cities. The "people."

2007-03-16 17:43:29
307.   Andrew Shimmin
Did you send him a picture of a Juan Pierre critic, and a picture of somebody who believes in Juan Pierre?
2007-03-16 17:52:17
308.   Daniel Zappala
290 A truer comment has never been typed. You should especially watch out for Sicilians when they are in 103rd and being mocked by Bob.
2007-03-16 17:54:59
309.   Bob Timmermann
But I'm in the 16th percentile! Daniel is in the 11th percentile!
2007-03-16 17:55:13
310.   D4P
Come to think of it, my wife's father's side of the family is from Sicily. I had never thought of that in this context before, but now that I do, it makes a lot of sense.
2007-03-16 17:59:28
311.   Daniel Zappala
Let's see, which of my cousins lives nearest to downtown LA?
2007-03-16 18:00:36
312.   Bob Timmermann
Daniel is going to meet me in an old restaurant. In the bathroom, the bowl is up on the top and there's a chain you pull.
2007-03-16 18:01:00
313.   Steve
PAC-10 fans, who is the Larry Bird wanna-be with the bad perm who thinks he's a basketball player?
2007-03-16 18:01:11
314.   Andrew Shimmin
Never saw one like that before.
2007-03-16 18:01:22
315.   Bob Timmermann
Budinger, Chase Budinger.
2007-03-16 18:01:56
316.   trainwreck
When shots like that get made, it is just not your day.

Or season for that matter.

2007-03-16 18:02:10
317.   Steve
He came up yesterday. What year is he?
2007-03-16 18:03:12
318.   Bob Timmermann
Budinger is a freshman and could possibly jump to the NBA next year for reasons that are unfathomable to me.

I think that with a lot of work he could be sort of as good as Casey Jacobson.

2007-03-16 18:03:49
319.   Johnson
The penitent man...the penitent man will pass...the penintent man is humble before God - the penitent man is on his KNEEEEEEES!
2007-03-16 18:03:50
320.   Greg Brock
Chase Budinger is a Freshman. One and done guy.
2007-03-16 18:05:31
321.   Steve
You're kidding me.
2007-03-16 18:06:53
322.   Johnson
As a UCLA fan, I do not want to see Budinger jump to the NBA. I'd rather he stay at Arizona for a long time. Three more years! Three more years!
2007-03-16 18:07:47
323.   Steve
He seems very effective at running into traps and throwing the ball away.
2007-03-16 18:09:06
324.   Greg Brock
323 I know. But he's projected to go between 10-15 in June's draft.


2007-03-16 18:09:59
325.   Steve
Does he have 10 rebounds on the season, or does he just stand around waiting for outlet passes?
2007-03-16 18:10:43
326.   Greg Brock
I can't imagine living in Arizona with Budinger's pigment issues.
Bad things, man. Baaaad things.
2007-03-16 18:12:30
327.   Steve
He's not even in the game now, is he?
2007-03-16 18:13:36
328.   Steve
I would have taken a 12th seed to play Arizona.
2007-03-16 18:15:32
329.   bhsportsguy
I have to believe there are Longhorn fans who thought Durant and Augustin could blow out New Mexico by themselves.
2007-03-16 18:16:10
330.   Greg Brock
From everybody's cute Final Four team to losing in an 8/9 game against PURDUE.

Tough year for the Mildcats. Maybe they should try running, you know, plays and stuff. Some defense would help a little bit too...

2007-03-16 18:18:22
331.   bhsportsguy
330 Lute and Coach K going out make Greg a happy guy?
2007-03-16 18:20:54
332.   Steve
The inviolate rules are asserting themselves with a vengeance. USC should be very afraid.
2007-03-16 18:22:17
333.   Greg Brock
I don't know what to make of Lute anymore. I used to like him a lot. He just seems like Bitter Q. Bitterman these days. And he keeps taking some shots at the Bruins, which kind of bothers me.

Ratface losing is just fine by me. As Bob said, Duke delenda est.

2007-03-16 18:23:55
334.   Greg Brock
I had two great upset picks today, and both teams blew the game. Creighton and Illinois could have really helped me out, and they made a poopy in the final minutes of their games.

I guess they weren't such great picks.

2007-03-16 18:23:58
335.   bhsportsguy
333 Ratface, man sometimes you just crack me up.
2007-03-16 18:26:33
336.   Greg Brock
I can't take credit for that name. I don't know who coined it. In fact, I think it's a really mean-spirited thing to say.

But then, I remember that I'm me, and he's Mike Kryzelkjdsafsjlkjpoin, and that's what I do...and I make peace with it.

2007-03-16 18:29:03
337.   StolenMonkey86
Virginia Tech and Illinois played possibly the worst game of the tournament, with Illinois blowing it right at the end. My bracket won, but I shake my head in disgust nonetheless.
2007-03-16 18:34:05
338.   StolenMonkey86
Yeah, AZ couldn't come back form that deficit in NBA Jam.
2007-03-16 18:36:41
339.   trainwreck
For what it is worth, Budinger said he is staying at Arizona another year.
2007-03-16 18:38:41
340.   Greg Brock
Well, this afternoon/early evening has been a football in the groin for my picks. Not the total bloodbath I suspected, but the best is yet to come.
2007-03-16 18:43:18
341.   Greg Brock
And then I look at my bracket and realize that I had Winthrop losing, even though I KNOW I picked them to win the game. I must have hit the wrong button or something.


2007-03-16 18:45:40
342.   Bob Timmermann
Monterey Chris stands alone at the top with a 26 of 28 mark.
2007-03-16 18:47:33
343.   Bob Timmermann
Today's OED word of the day:


Nope, it doesn't have any other meaning other than what you would think it means.

2007-03-16 18:49:46
344.   Bob Timmermann
Monterey Chris has Florida, SIU, Villanova, and USC.
2007-03-16 18:50:49
345.   trainwreck
Report this morning that Brook Lopez may be going pro.
2007-03-16 18:57:24
346.   natepurcell
budingers awesome, i dont get all this budinger picking. is it because hes an albino? for what its worth, hes coming back next year so we will see a backcourt of bayless and budinger for at least one year.

oh well, bad game, arizona cant play defense and they make horrible decisions with the ball. thank god mustafa is out of here.

2007-03-16 18:58:17
347.   D4P
Report this morning that Brook Lopez may be going pro

He has nothing left to accomplish at the college level...

2007-03-16 18:59:45
348.   StolenMonkey86
I still have only lost one sweet 16 team. The biggest threat to that is Arkansas, as I have them in the final 4.
2007-03-16 19:01:17
349.   Greg Brock
is it because hes an albino?

I have nothing against albino people, or albinism in general. Budinger just shoots too much, doesn't rebound enough, and doesn't play great defense. But he's a really talented kid and only a freshman. I don't mind Budinger.

But dude is soft serve. He needs some man muscles.

2007-03-16 19:05:39
350.   Bob Timmermann
This is not 1994 or 1995.
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2007-03-16 19:06:49
351.   Andrew Shimmin
Nobody really celebrates Albino-American achievements. For all the hullabaloo that attended Nancy Pelosi's rise, nobody said boo when Dick Gephardt became the highest ranking albino in American political history.
2007-03-16 19:09:20
352.   D4P
nobody said boo

I was saying boo (urns)...

2007-03-16 19:10:44
353.   Bob Timmermann
So what should I see in Burns when I visit?
2007-03-16 19:12:09
354.   trainwreck
Doesn't play great defense is the understatement of the year. Arizona had to play a lot of zone just to cover how bad he was defensively.
2007-03-16 19:12:44
355.   trainwreck
Come on Jackson St!! Keep hope alive. Totally destroy my bracket. I will not care.
2007-03-16 19:13:29
356.   D4P
As Oregon's gateway to the scenic Steens Mountain, Burns has much to offer the outdoor enthusiast. Burns is a friendly cowboy town located at the heart of Oregon's wide open range lands in Harney County. Burns, Oregon can rightfully claim the title of the most "away from it all" town in the nation, since Harney County, the ninth largest county in America, is bigger than many eastern states.
2007-03-16 19:17:33
357.   Andrew Shimmin
Burns is good for driving through.
2007-03-16 19:22:25
358.   D4P
Eastern Oregon is unique, and worth visiting. The coast is also can't miss. The problem, of course, is that the major cities are all more or less along I-5, so there's no convenient path for seeing it all.
2007-03-16 19:26:48
359.   trainwreck
Jim Clausen (Jimmy's dad) went door to door to every home across from Touchdown Jesus to ask if he could buy their house.

He kept bothering people till they actually opened the door. I can see why Bob hates this family.

2007-03-16 19:28:38
360.   Greg Brock
So conflicted about this game. Picked USC, want the Pacific Ten to do well, don't want to hear how overrated the conference is. However...

Hate Tim Floyd, hate Southern Cal, Taj Gibson went to 16 schools, Nick Young has perpetual NBA smile (grin when you mess up or get called for a foul).

Right now I'm just watching the game, with zero enthusiasm either way.

2007-03-16 19:32:35
361.   Bob Timmermann
The week in Oregon trip would also depend if my girlfriend wanted to come along. I would have to do quite a sales job to say I wanted to go away for a week to Oregon with her (instead of her preferred destination, the Bay Area) for a week because of a bet that is very hard to explain.

So I might have to to by myself. I've got a lot of vacation time.

How would the weather be in Oregon at the end of October, beginning of November?

How hard is it to get football tickets to see a game at Autzen Stadium?

2007-03-16 19:39:10
362.   D4P
How would the weather be in Oregon at the end of October, beginning of November?

The weather at the beginning of football season is usually very nice, sunny and temps in the 70s. By the end of football season, it's cold, rainy, and foggy.

How hard is it to get football tickets to see a game at Autzen Stadium?

It is probably harder than it used to be. Course, I always got student tickets, so that's different. eBay is always a good option for sports tickets.

2007-03-16 19:43:52
363.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Ndiaye was not allowed in the game right away because he had a red undershirt showing along with a white jersey.

The undershirt and jersey have to be the same color.

2007-03-16 19:46:31
364.   trainwreck
Looks like Jackson St. blew its wad.
2007-03-16 19:50:22
365.   Bob Timmermann
If you seriously thought Jackson State could hang with Florida, you were sadly deluded. They were the worst team in the tournament and would have been in the playoff game if the Selection Committee wasn't hesitant about matching two historically black colleges.
2007-03-16 19:50:28
366.   trainwreck
Maybe I spoke too soon...
2007-03-16 19:51:53
367.   trainwreck
Probably not though.
2007-03-16 19:56:15
368.   Xeifrank
I have the Salukis in the final four, hopefully they open up their lead a bit.
vr, Xei
2007-03-16 20:11:16
369.   Jon Weisman
345 - If that's true, his mother is gonna kill him.
2007-03-16 20:15:41
370.   Steve
Now that Chase Budinger and Brook Lopez have taken the PAC-10 by storm, it's on to the NDBL!
2007-03-16 20:16:36
371.   Greg Brock
Just the thought of Jackson State winning, and the fact that they're only down six at halftime, makes me all warm inside.

Final score
Florida: 6 quadrillion
J State: 48

2007-03-16 20:20:16
372.   Greg Brock
And just like that the dream is dead.
2007-03-16 20:22:39
373.   Bob Timmermann
My Firefox browser crashed while trying to access the Texas Rangers website. But I refuse to close it as I have hope I can resurrect my post about Adam Greenberg.

But I'm afraid it's dead.

I hate the Texas Rangers website.

2007-03-16 20:23:14
374.   StolenMonkey86
and if you change the channel, Bananas is on
2007-03-16 20:29:51
375.   Greg Brock
And there's a documentary on the Wood Man after Bananas.

If The Toaster had avatars, Woody dressed up as a, uh, "swimmer" from "Everything you wanted to know" would be mine.

Or it would be Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets. Tough call.

2007-03-16 20:30:26
376.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, whadda ya know? The Firefox extension saved the information I had typed even though I had never saved it. It just appeared back on the screen when I reopened Firefox.

That's pretty nifty.

2007-03-16 20:37:29
377.   Bob Timmermann
None of the people with 24 to 26 correct entries have picked Kentucky to Villlanova.
2007-03-16 20:38:39
378.   StolenMonkey86
That is nifty.

Now ordinarily, I would be discouraged by Arkansas being down 12, but after watching Illinois and Tech, I am confident that anyone can blow it.

2007-03-16 20:46:46
379.   Bob Timmermann
has some preposition problems. Replace "to" with "over"
2007-03-16 20:47:56
380.   Bob Timmermann
Was anyone able to get the streaming video to work on a Mac?
2007-03-16 20:48:54
381.   Greg Brock
380 I read somewhere that if you have a Mac, just forget it. It's not going to work properly.
2007-03-16 20:56:48
382.   Bob Timmermann
I am attempting to bludgeon my computer into obedience.
2007-03-16 21:03:13
383.   Bob Timmermann
I got my computer to go from saying "File not found" to just displaying a white screen when I tried to load the video.

That's progress!

2007-03-16 21:06:39
384.   Greg Brock
Bob, see if this helps:

2007-03-16 21:20:32
385.   Bob Timmermann
I'll try Sunday and see if it makes a difference.
2007-03-16 21:24:11
386.   StolenMonkey86
well, that's the first round. The 5 seeds prevailed.
2007-03-16 21:27:05
387.   Greg Brock
About as close to chalk as you can expect for a first round. Not a shocker among them.
2007-03-16 21:27:33
388.   Bob Timmermann
Monterey Chris holds on to the top spot with a 29-3 record in the first round.

Your esteemed host was 21-11.

2007-03-16 22:45:06
389.   Voxter
356 - Fairly certain my family owns the newspaper in Burns. If not, we certainly own the papers in Baker City and La Grande, both (relatively) nearby.

All that said, I've been to Burns. Don't go. It's like a Larry McMurtry novel without all the sex. And you know what that's like.

Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.