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One, but not done?
2007-03-16 20:00
by Bob Timmermann profiles Adam Greenberg whose major league career (with the Cubs) so far consists of one plate appearance and one pitch, a 92 mph fastball from Florida pitcher Valerio de los Santos. The pitch hit Greenberg in the back of the head.

Greenberg would suffer from severe headaches and vertigo which hampered his comeback chances with the Cubs and Dodgers organizations. Greenberg now is in the Royals organization.

De Los Santos has been out of the majors since 2005 as he says he has had nightmares about the pitch.

There is a companion piece about Fred Van Dusen of the 1955 Phillies who is the only other player whose only time in the majors consists of one plate appearance in which he was hit by a pitch. Van Dusen wasn't hurt by the pitch however.

Five other players have an HBP in their only plate appearance in the majors, although they have played in the field or pitched:

Ham Wade
Charles "Victory" Faust
Harvey Grubb
Cy Malis
John Rheinecker

Rheinecker is still active, although he is an AL pitcher.

2007-03-16 21:19:22
1.   Peter
How exactly did Charlie Faust earn the "Victory" nickname? Shouldn't he have won a game first?
2007-03-16 21:27:04
2.   Peter
Never mind. It all makes sense now, thanks to Wikipedia.

2007-03-16 21:35:28
3.   Bob Timmermann
Get yourself a copy of "The Glory of Their Times."
2007-03-16 23:56:34
4.   El Lay Dave
2 Great story. And despite his back story, Faust has a better career ERA and WHIP than Mark Hendrickson.

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