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[ Day Three of the NCAA Tournament Open Thread ]
2007-03-17 02:00
by Bob Timmermann

Tip of the hat to contest leader Monterey Chris, who tabbed 29 of 32 first round winners. Wins in the second round are worth double, so the leader will likely fluctuate throughout the next couple of days. I'm starting the day tied for 94th and ahead of people who just guessed, flipped a coin, or chose teams on the basis of whichever one had a stronger mascot.

Today's agenda, all times are PT, and the second games of the day in each city just have approximate start times.

  • 10:10 am - #9 Xavier vs #1 Ohio State in the South Region in Lexington. In the old days, those of us on the West Coast never got to see the first game of the day on Saturday, but the East Coast people didn't see the last game of the day. But CBS has granted couch potatoes everywhere the chance to have a full day of basketball excess. Except for those of us who have to work today. Like me.
  • 12:20 pm - #5 Butler vs #4 Maryland in the Midwest Region in Buffalo. Butler plays in Hinkle Fieldhouse. Maryland used to play in Cole Field House, but now plays in the Comcast Center which is a much less interesting name. Butler's bulldog mascot is named Blue. Maryland's terrapin mascot is named Testudo. So, I think this game is a tossup.
  • 12:40 pm - #6 Louisville vs #3 Texas A&M in the South Region in Lexington. The Aggies are looking to advance to the Sweet Sixteen for the first time since 1980. The Cardinals are looking to do it for the first time since 2005. Fans of both schools find it a long drought.
  • 2:40 pm - #6 Vanderbilt vs #3 Washington State in the East Region in Sacramento - The Commodores will likely launch up three-pointers by the gross. The Cougars will set lots and lots and lots and lots of screens. Wazzu has never played in the Sweet Sixteen. They were runnersup in 1941, but the tournament just had eight teams then.
  • 2:45 pm - #7 Boston College vs #2 Georgetown in the East Region in Winston-Salem - Two Jesuit schools enter the Octagon. Only one may leave! The other has to stay and contemplate the nature of piety as exemplified by St. Ambrose. That should be 10 pages, not counting the bibiography.
  • 2:50 pm - #11 Virginia Commonwealth vs #3 Pittsburgh in the West Region in Buffalo - The Panthers last made the Final Four the same year Washington State finished second (see above.)
  • 5:10 pm - #7 Indiana vs #2 UCLA in the West Region in Sacramento - The Bruins first played in Sacto in 1948 against an AAU team called the Sacramento Senators. John Wooden never brought his team back to River City, nor did any other UCLA coach until the NCAA sent this year's squad to Cowtown.
  • 5:15 pm - #9 Michigan State vs #1 North Carolina in the East Region in Winston-Salem - The Spartans are the only team that wears green and is playing on St. Patrick's Day.

Comments (329)
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2007-03-17 09:44:56
1.   bhsportsguy
10:00 a.m. Greg Oden or Brett Tomko, I like to think of it as the return of Vin Scully and two less hours of hearing Jim Nance. "A Tradition Like No Other."
2007-03-17 09:58:39
2.   Monterey Chris
My name has now appeared in a Griddle Post. I can now die in peace.
2007-03-17 10:07:48
3.   Greg Brock
Gus Johnson doing Ohio State/Xavier.


2007-03-17 10:09:28
4.   Bob Timmermann
Talk about lowered expectations.
2007-03-17 10:11:29
5.   Steve
They had to start with this game.
2007-03-17 10:11:59
6.   Greg Brock
Just think about the eternal (read: one year) glory that awaits the ultimate winner of the bracket challenge.

Name...Sidebar...One full year. Amazing.

2007-03-17 10:14:42
7.   Marty
I'm working today and tomorrow so I won't see any action unless I wander into the newsroom. Not that I have anything to worry about with my bracket.
2007-03-17 10:21:12
8.   Bob Timmermann
The Griddle sidebar.

A tradition like none other.

At least I have audio of this at work. Which means I can actually do work, which is just as well.

2007-03-17 10:30:50
9.   Bob Timmermann
In the old days also, this early game would almost always involve Duke or North Carolina. I would have to check to see the last time this game featured a Big Ten team.

Not that I want to.

I think Kentucky may have played in it a few times.

2007-03-17 10:44:26
10.   Greg Brock
Airial coverage of arena's roof brought to you by Goodyear.
2007-03-17 10:53:41
11.   Greg Brock
Ohio State is practically begging Xavier to beat them.

Xavier is not obliging.

2007-03-17 10:55:15
12.   Steve
2007-03-17 10:57:39
13.   Greg Brock
If you're keeping track, that's three blown layups and 3-6 free throws for the Musketeers.


2007-03-17 10:58:16
14.   Bob Timmermann
I thought the enemy of your enemy was your friend?
2007-03-17 11:00:55
15.   Greg Brock
14 I'd just like to see upsets galore. Plus, the fewer high seeds there are, the better for the Bruins (same region or not).

I almost never root for the top seeds to win.

2007-03-17 11:07:01
16.   Andrew Shimmin
Maybe the best line from Martin Amis's new book: "whatever doesn't kill you doesn't make you stronger. It makes you weaker, and kills you later on."
2007-03-17 11:07:07
17.   Bob Timmermann
But I picked Ohio State to win it all. I want to see my name on the sidebar.

I think that prize may not be as valuable for me as it is for others.

2007-03-17 11:13:52
18.   Bob Timmermann
I've got my Washington State sweatshirt on now.

Not that I'm a big Cougars fan. My office is just really cold.

2007-03-17 11:15:59
19.   Greg Brock
The Willoughby motto is on the sidebar. That's all a man really needs.
2007-03-17 11:22:49
20.   Greg Brock
Maybe some the Xavier guys could explain to UCLA about passing into the high post against the zone.

It tends to work better than passing the ball around the three point line for 30 seconds and jacking up a three.

2007-03-17 11:24:18
21.   Andrew Shimmin
Maybe UCLA could explain to Xavier how to not walk on the baseline when you have the ball.
2007-03-17 11:28:23
22.   Steve
Maybe Xavier can explain to UCLA how to get through the metal detectors at an airport without setting them off. Or maybe how to get to the airport.
2007-03-17 11:28:37
23.   Bob Timmermann
The motto for Willoughby will still be there. The name will appear in a different part of the sidebar.
2007-03-17 11:30:35
24.   Greg Brock
Some brackets are definitely gonna get Schruted if Xavier pulls this off. I have Ohio State out in the Sweet 16.

21 Josh Shipp can't help anybody with that. dribble into corner, get trapped, turn ball over. Rinse. Repeat.

2007-03-17 11:53:34
25.   Greg Brock
This is insanity. I approve.
2007-03-17 11:53:46
26.   Steve
Ohio St. could use Chase Budinger to stand around and take outlet passes looking sullen right now.
2007-03-17 11:54:10
27.   Bob Timmermann
The outlook looked rocky for the Columbus Five this day...
2007-03-17 11:55:48
28.   Greg Brock
Now we just need the Mighty Oden to foul out...
2007-03-17 11:59:58
29.   Marty
Ha Ha. I just looked up my bracket. I have Ohio State winning the whole damn thing.
2007-03-17 12:01:38
30.   Greg Brock
This is not about brackets. This is about upsets, Goliath going down, the joy of March Madness, and the dream that lurks in the hearts of underdogs everywhere.

Also, this is really sweet for my bracket.

2007-03-17 12:03:09
31.   Andrew Shimmin
Kemp in for Pierre.
2007-03-17 12:03:20
32.   Andrew Shimmin
Damn. Sorry.
2007-03-17 12:03:58
33.   Bob Timmermann
Marty and I have the same score.
2007-03-17 12:07:01
34.   Greg Brock
Well, you knew it wasn't going to be easy.
2007-03-17 12:08:15
35.   Greg Brock
Gus Johnson is having a heart attack.
2007-03-17 12:10:12
36.   Bob Timmermann
I dislike Sportsline's description of fouls as "loose ball fouls." Those have a specific meaning in the NBA and they don't in college basketball.

Thank you.

2007-03-17 12:14:05
37.   Greg Brock
Oden fouls out by shoving a player four rows deep into the stands.
2007-03-17 12:15:50
38.   Andrew Shimmin
That was disappointing, but exciting.
2007-03-17 12:15:52
39.   Greg Brock
And we have overtime. You just knew that three pointer was going in.
2007-03-17 12:16:35
40.   Greg Brock
Make your euphemisms free throws, Xavier. Ack.
2007-03-17 12:19:09
41.   Bob Timmermann
Nothing like an OT battle between the Big 10+1 champ and the Atlantic 10+4 champ!
2007-03-17 12:19:55
42.   Bob Timmermann
Remember Timmermann's Law of Overtimes.

First to lead by four wins.

It's 1-0 in the NCAA tournament.

2007-03-17 12:19:59
43.   Greg Brock
2007-03-17 12:22:39
44.   Bob Timmermann
Timmermann's Law of Overtimes was 2-0 in the Pac-10 tournament also.

I believe three is a sufficient sample.

2007-03-17 12:24:36
45.   Steve
It's an inviolable law!
2007-03-17 12:27:21
46.   Bob Timmermann
Monterey Chris will still lead after this game no matter who wins as no one within 2 points of him picked Xavier.

However, he chose Butler. Second placer jtshoe has Maryland.

2007-03-17 12:29:02
47.   Bob Timmermann
There's also the Timmermann Corollary to Lawler's Law as applied to college basketball:

The team that is ahead when the combined score hits 100, wins!

However, I believe Xavier was ahead in this at that juncture.

2007-03-17 12:30:29
48.   Greg Brock
Two free throws. They just had to make two free throws to end the game in regulation.

One miss....What a debacle.

2007-03-17 12:31:45
49.   Steve
That sounds more like a rule of thumb than an inviolable law.
2007-03-17 12:32:16
50.   Bob Timmermann
Don't mess with Timmermann's Law of Overtimes!
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-03-17 12:33:09
51.   Scott Long
While I have Ohio State as my overall winner, Xavier wuz robbed. CBS never mentioned it, but Oden's last foul should have been called an intentional. This would have given the Musketeers the free throws and the ball. Game over in that situation.

This game reminded me some of a past NCAA tourney game when Xavier upset a Georgetown team featuring Mourning and Mutumbo.

2007-03-17 12:34:02
52.   Steve
Look, I buy the inviolability of the Law of Overtimes. The combined 100 point corollary sounds kind of shifty to me.
2007-03-17 12:34:09
53.   bhsportsguy
I will never understand why you don't foul in that situation, you have a three point lead and seconds to go, why not foul them in the backcourt, even if they make both, there will be just a few seconds left, they could never advance the ball far enough to score again.

I am positive its not something unsportsmanlike but coaches just don't want to do it.

2007-03-17 12:34:15
54.   Bob Timmermann
C'mon Greg, after this game isn't it clear that Ohio State was the better team. You just knew that....

(I'm going to ride that joke into the ground.)

2007-03-17 12:35:28
55.   bhsportsguy
51 Isn't a two-handed push in the chest a "natural" basketball act?
2007-03-17 12:35:35
56.   Bob Timmermann
I'm not too sold on the combined 100 point corollary either. It may come into play when Washington State plays today.
2007-03-17 12:37:32
57.   Greg Brock
53 I know. Foul the ball up by three. Coaches are terrified of doing it. It's the basketball equivalent of punting on fourth and one from the -40 yard line.

54 You just knew Bob was going to ride that joke into the ground...

2007-03-17 12:41:03
58.   Bob Timmermann
Of course in the 1974 National Semifinal between UCLA and NC State, the Bruins led by 7 in the second overtime with about 3 minutes left AND LOST.

In an era without a shot clock or a three-point shot.

That really sucked.

But only if you were a UCLA fan. Everybody else in the country was overjoyed I would imagine.

2007-03-17 12:42:05
59.   Bob Timmermann
That statement made about last year's Florida is the single most irritating thing I have ever read on Baseball Toaster.


And will remain so.

2007-03-17 12:51:28
60.   D4P
Russ Ortiz is a former All-Star and 20-game winner
2007-03-17 12:53:06
61.   Monterey Chris
Wow! People are actually racing to see who I picked. I feel so famous.
2007-03-17 12:53:59
62.   Bob Timmermann
Nope, not even close.

That's not an opinion either. That's a fact. It's a funny fact, but it's a fact.

Actually, it's two facts.

The other statement was an opinion presented with the force of conviction as if the person giving it was somehow blessed by God to have perfect hindsight.

2007-03-17 12:54:58
63.   Bob Timmermann
Sic transit gloria mundi.
2007-03-17 12:56:59
64.   Monterey Chris

I know...that is why I am commenting while I still can.

2007-03-17 12:57:11
65.   Greg Brock
Bob's been hitting the Latin pretty hard this week. Outstanding.
2007-03-17 13:01:34
66.   D4P
Facts can be irritating too. For example:

"The Los Angeles Dodgers signed Juan Pierre to a 5-year, 44 million contract"

2007-03-17 13:02:15
67.   Bob Timmermann
2007-03-17 13:04:12
68.   bhsportsguy
Punting I get but last night Lakers' game, sure Kobe has to hit a tough shot but he's made so many of those in his career why give it to him.

Of course if he makes the free throw, its a moot point.

59 I must have missed it, is it in the archives?

2007-03-17 13:04:28
69.   D4P
Oesday Igpay Atinlay ountcay...?
2007-03-17 13:04:29
70.   Bob Timmermann
I picked Maryland to beat Florida in the next round.


2007-03-17 13:05:37
71.   bhsportsguy
The irony of having Rick Pitino coaching Louisville at Kentucky is well, ironic.
2007-03-17 13:14:50
72.   Bob Timmermann
At 2:45 pm, the refs will bring the players out for the opening tip and then say:

"Dominus vobiscum"

2007-03-17 13:22:54
73.   Steve
66 -- Rem acu tetigisti
2007-03-17 13:44:53
74.   Greg Brock
During the World Cup, Bob had a short-lived rule regarding the use of profanity in foreign languages. I wouldn't want the Griddle to turn into a Navy drinking hole, but perhaps, should something remarkably good or bad happen, this rule can be reestablished.

I say this as I see the replay of the Ohio State game. "Euphemisms" just doesn't seem to get the job done.

2007-03-17 13:53:18
75.   Bob Timmermann
My lunch hour approaches. I have to hope that the nearby Carl's Jr. is showing the basketball games.

What a life of desperation.

2007-03-17 13:53:56
76.   Greg Brock
The committee might want to rethink the fairness of putting the Cardinals in Lexington.

I've heard the arguments why this is actually tough on Louisville, but I find them unpersuasive. Plus, the thousands of screaming Cardinals fans tend to make those arguments look pretty dumb.

2007-03-17 13:55:05
77.   Bob Timmermann
Overall there are 27 perfect sheets in the Yahoo contest.

That's nationwide.

2007-03-17 13:55:55
78.   Bob Timmermann
Maybe I'll just run up to Sacramento on my lunch hour and go root on the Bruins. I hear that it's very close to L.A.

Jay Bilas told me so.

2007-03-17 13:57:32
79.   trainwreck
Had to do a draft for my friend, because she was out of town. Could not get the draft room to work unless I closed all other windows.

So to sum up my feelings so far...

Ohio St are lucky @#$^&*

2007-03-17 13:58:23
80.   Greg Brock
And shame on Jay Bilas. The guy grew up in Rolling Hills.

He should know better.

2007-03-17 13:59:07
81.   Greg Brock
79 See, that would be so much funnier if it was written in Dutch.
2007-03-17 14:02:57
82.   trainwreck
I miss 10 people fantasy leagues.
These are her starting pitchers:

Johan Santana
Brandon Webb
John Lackey
Matt Cain
Erik Bedard
Derek Lowe
Bartolo Colon
Matt Garza
Chad Billingsley
Homer Bailey

2007-03-17 14:11:23
83.   Bob Timmermann
There's hoops at Carls Jr! O the joy!
2007-03-17 14:13:09
84.   trainwreck
Your Carls Jr has TVs?

And they actually show real shows?

How luxurious.

2007-03-17 14:17:45
85.   trainwreck
Will Steve Lavin get the Michigan job?
2007-03-17 14:18:02
86.   Bob Timmermann
If I wanted to, I get a beer here as well
2007-03-17 14:19:51
87.   D4P
2007-03-17 14:20:33
88.   Greg Brock
Well, let's see if this underdog can hit their free throws...
2007-03-17 14:20:52
89.   Bob Timmermann
They only serve real beer here.
2007-03-17 14:23:26
90.   Greg Brock
They cannot. But it may not matter.

And we go to the replay...

2007-03-17 14:23:54
91.   trainwreck
So you basically go to the greatest Carls Jr in the world.
2007-03-17 14:24:54
92.   trainwreck
I had Old D beating Maryland, so I feel I kind of got this one right.
2007-03-17 14:25:22
93.   Bob Timmermann
My burrito came on a Wedgewood dish.
2007-03-17 14:26:40
94.   Bob Timmermann
Monterey Chris stubbornly holds on to his lead.
2007-03-17 14:27:02
95.   trainwreck
Now you are just rubbing it in.

My Carls Jr does not even have a drive thru.

2007-03-17 14:28:07
96.   D4P
They only serve real beer here

And they only play real basketball at BYU

2007-03-17 14:29:20
97.   Greg Brock
Picking Butler helped me out a little bit.

Fear the bulldogs.

2007-03-17 14:29:39
98.   Monterey Chris

And you said it couldn't be done.

2007-03-17 14:30:22
99.   Bob Timmermann
I fear that Florida will slaughter Butler. This makes me sad. Very sad.
2007-03-17 14:32:29
100.   Greg Brock
Monterey Chris is a Golden God. He is the high priest of Bracketology.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-03-17 14:35:01
101.   Bob Timmermann
I can't check the leader's bracket from here. Does he have the Aggies or the Cards?
2007-03-17 14:36:08
102.   Greg Brock
He has TAMU going all the way to the elite eight.
2007-03-17 14:36:13
103.   Bob Timmermann
Is David Padgett related to Scott Padgett?
2007-03-17 14:37:46
104.   trainwreck
2007-03-17 14:39:06
105.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks. The two Padgetts don't look much alike.
2007-03-17 14:41:07
106.   Greg Brock
Note to headline writers (pending UL/TAMU):

The Butler did not do it
Louisville did not fight the Law and the Law won.

Please, please resist the urge. I beseech you.

2007-03-17 14:41:08
107.   trainwreck
I told my friend about Carls Jr serving beer. He went and researched it and found some review where they said it only cost $4.25 for a pitcher.
2007-03-17 14:50:21
108.   bhsportsguy
No mint green shakes at Carl's Jr. today?
2007-03-17 14:54:00
109.   Bob Timmermann
I had a Diet Coke.

Now I'm back in my office which is kept at a balmy 55 degrees. The only game I can watch online is BC-Georgetown. The games in Lexington and Sacto are both blacked out.

2007-03-17 14:56:16
110.   Gagne55
99 You don't have Florida in your elite 8? I have them winning the whole thing. Of course, I went a pathetic 23-9 in the first round. There's no way I'm winning my pool -Im in 9th place :(.
2007-03-17 14:56:30
111.   Bob Timmermann
In the early going, BC looks almost, but not quite entirely unable to keep up with the Hoyas. They can't get off shots.
2007-03-17 14:57:02
112.   Bob Timmermann
Sometimes it's personal.
2007-03-17 15:00:26
113.   Gagne55
If somebody had simply picked the higher seed for every game of the tourney, they'd have gone 27-5 in the first round. How typical of a record is that. It seems unusually strong for the favorites.
2007-03-17 15:07:15
114.   Greg Brock
How many times can I complain about Louisville playing in Lexington? I've only done it once so far, but I plan on doing it more, depending on the outcome of this game.
2007-03-17 15:08:58
115.   Bob Timmermann
In any year, the higher seeds are always going to win more than half the games. It's not like the teams are distributed randomly.

I don't know if there is enough evidence to create what an expected winning percentage would be for a higher seed.

2007-03-17 15:11:08
116.   Bob Timmermann
Is Jay Bilas from Rolling Hills or Rolling Hills Estates? In other words, if you were a kid growing up with Jay Bilas did you have to make an appointment to go visit his house?
2007-03-17 15:16:30
117.   Greg Brock
116 Ha ha. I thought only the South Bay kids made those distinctions. Well played.

That's like asking if somebody grew up in PV, PV Estates, or RPV. I remember asking my Dad (who grew up in PV Estates) why we never moved up there. He said that commuting was a pain, and that he never wanted to go back to a place where people identified themselves so strongly within a small piece of land like the peninsula. My Dad hates Palos Verdes with the fire of a thousand suns.

2007-03-17 15:18:39
118.   Greg Brock
Being Gus Johnson has got to be exhausting.
2007-03-17 15:21:21
119.   Bob Timmermann
I merely just hate the Los Verdes GC.
2007-03-17 15:22:55
120.   Bob Timmermann
I have to listen to the end of the Louisville-A&M game. The video is blacked out online.
2007-03-17 15:23:12
121.   Greg Brock
Gus has mentioned the fact that Sosa is from New York eight times during this game.

Yes, I've been counting.

2007-03-17 15:23:38
122.   trainwreck
Totally helped Louisville to foul Jones on accident.
2007-03-17 15:24:02
123.   trainwreck
lol I was about to ask how many times he has mentioned it.
2007-03-17 15:24:18
124.   Bob Timmermann
BC has figured out Georgetown.

Wazzu is threatening to make Buster Olney sad.

2007-03-17 15:26:04
125.   Greg Brock
That's just how we brick three pointers in New York.
2007-03-17 15:26:33
126.   Bob Timmermann
So will A&M get a homecourt advantage playing in San Antonio?
2007-03-17 15:26:50
127.   Johnson
Is Gus Johnson the screaming guy? Because the screaming guy is really irritating.
2007-03-17 15:27:02
128.   Greg Brock
Steve would approve of TAMU's road victory.
2007-03-17 15:28:02
129.   trainwreck
2007-03-17 15:28:17
130.   Bob Timmermann
Monterey Chris's mojo has a powerful effect on the outcomes of games today.
2007-03-17 15:29:23
131.   Bob Timmermann
Google Maps puts San Antonio at 196 driving miles from College Station.
2007-03-17 15:31:17
132.   Greg Brock
I don't have a problem with a three seed, and top ten team, playing a Sweet Sixteen game relatively near home (TAMU).

A six seed, 45 minutes from home in the opening two rounds is just indefensible.

2007-03-17 15:33:08
133.   Bob Timmermann
Which city do the kids who play for Peninsula High's athletic teams live in since they all can't be the children of wealthy parents.
2007-03-17 15:34:53
134.   bhsportsguy
119 I do like the 11th hole but other than that, I agree with you.

116 He went to Rolling Hills High School, which became Palos Verdes Pennisula High School, among whose most famous alumni is Pedros Papadakis.

From Jay's owns words:
"No east coast bias here, as I grew up in Southern California and hated the idea that west coast basketball was "soft".

While I grew up in the "mean streets" of Rolling Hills, Calif., and never had to fight for food or shelter, I fought harder than many deprived inner city players for rebounds, and was tougher than many such players, as well.

Basketball isn't a regional sport, nor is success in the game determined by socio-economics."

2007-03-17 15:37:56
135.   bhsportsguy
133 Well Bob, maybe they do, maybe they do.

Peninsula High School, located at the corner of Hawthorne Boulevard and Silver Spur Road, Peninsula High serves the communities of Rolling Hills Estates, Rolling Hills, Rancho Palos Verdes and Palos Verdes Estates.

2007-03-17 15:39:26
136.   Bob Timmermann
I covered Petros Papadakis in high school for Peninsula High.

He played QB.

They ran the option.

2007-03-17 15:39:31
137.   Greg Brock
133 It depends on the sport. Peninsula is very particular about how they poach kids from around the area. Shameless, but very particular. Some from San Pedro, some from Torrance, and some from other places.

And it's changed now that the Sea Kings are back and have become the baseball school between the two. Plus, West Torrance is still around, and they're no slouch on the diamond either.

2007-03-17 15:59:06
138.   Greg Brock
South Bay Preptalk kills The Griddle.
2007-03-17 16:04:52
139.   Steve
I do. Particularly since I have TAMU going to the championship game, don't I? And winning it. Or not winning it. 78-70

A couple of years ago, Texas got a 6 seed and played in Houston or Dallas or somewhere. That was easy pickings that year.

2007-03-17 16:04:53
140.   Bob Timmermann
It was halftime. Some of us have to use the facilities.
2007-03-17 16:06:15
141.   Bob Timmermann
Steve's pick is Kansas for the championship.
2007-03-17 16:06:54
142.   Bob Timmermann
Oh, and I believe a BC win over Georgetown would really hash things up. I think Georgetown and UCLA are the most popular #2 seeds to make it to the Final Four.
2007-03-17 16:11:06
143.   Marty
Gah. All this South Bay prep talk has given me nightmares about my years at the Daily Breeze.
2007-03-17 16:13:12
144.   Greg Brock
143 And we didn't even talk about the athletic abyss that is Bishop Montgomery!
2007-03-17 16:15:41
145.   Marty
I used to have to park right next to Bishop Montgomery
2007-03-17 16:16:21
146.   Marty
I spent many an evening at the Bounty Room down the street.
2007-03-17 16:17:18
147.   Bob Timmermann
Vandy is raining death from above.

(It's not plagiarism when it's an homage.)

2007-03-17 16:17:19
148.   trainwreck
Come on Wazzu!
2007-03-17 16:21:03
149.   Bob Timmermann
Does anyone know why WSU is listed as playing Chris Matthews. I haven't seen him play much this year. Normally, Rochestie starts at the point and Hopson is the backup.

Man, I've seen way too much Washington State basketball this year.

Excuse me, I need to go set a screen.

2007-03-17 16:22:09
150.   Bob Timmermann
Remember that Monterey Chris picked Wazzu to win this game.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-03-17 16:26:30
151.   Greg Brock
I picked the Fighting Olneys (Hat tip: Bob for the great name).
2007-03-17 16:31:17
152.   bhsportsguy
Who else is having corned beef today, which I learned yesterday was not an Irish dish at all.

Similar to Teriyaki Beef Bowl and Chinese Chicken Salad.

2007-03-17 16:34:10
153.   trainwreck
I used to have corned beef, red potatoes, and cabbage every St. Patrick's Day.

Thankfully, that practice has stopped.

2007-03-17 16:34:32
154.   Bob Timmermann
I believe I will be eating corned beef and cabbage tonight on St. Patrick's Day for the first time in my life.

I will be wearing a UT sweatshirt though.

Just to be contrary.

2007-03-17 16:40:33
155.   trainwreck
Kyle Weaver got plowed over.
2007-03-17 16:41:04
156.   Greg Brock
My closest friend's family is about as Irish Catholic as it gets (if I told you their first names, you guys would laugh...Irish City). I used to roll over to their house every St. Patrick's day for dinner.

Dinner was decent. The evenings, however, were the stuff of legend.

2007-03-17 16:42:12
157.   Greg Brock
Also, if you roll into Boston on St. Patty's Day wearing a Navy uniform, you'll never have to buy a drink in your life. You may also die of alcohol poisoning.
2007-03-17 16:43:49
158.   trainwreck
Why do these players refuse to drive on the last possession? They always launch threes.

I am looking at you Darren Collison.

2007-03-17 16:44:52
159.   trainwreck
Last year the Navy rolled into Isla Vista.

They just got insulted constantly.

2007-03-17 16:46:10
160.   bhsportsguy
I have a friend flying back in to LAX at 5, she will be very happy that this game is going into overtime, probably means the UCLA game won't start until 5:30 at the earliest.
2007-03-17 16:46:31
161.   Steve
It's better if you think about it the way Bill Raftery would say it.


I really like Bill Raftery, and the Raftery/Lundquist team. Billy Packer is a clueless hack.

2007-03-17 16:48:36
162.   trainwreck
See Brock, you are the only one who likes him.
2007-03-17 16:48:54
163.   Greg Brock
159 Yes, but Isla Vista is a disease ridden cesspool of privileged little dirtbags.

I would expect IV kids to have any respect for anything...Except how many bong rips you can take.

2007-03-17 16:49:11
164.   bhsportsguy
WSU led 53-47 for Bob's Corollary.
2007-03-17 16:50:47
165.   trainwreck
More like how many beer bongs you can take.
2007-03-17 16:53:51
166.   Marty
Isla Vista was nuts when I had friends living there in the mid 70's.
2007-03-17 16:54:37
167.   bhsportsguy
Timmermann's law probably will not apply in the first OT.
2007-03-17 16:56:25
168.   trainwreck
People visiting IV are even worse than the people that live there. They get caught up in the environment.
2007-03-17 16:56:40
169.   Greg Brock
166 It's only gotten worse, as trainwreck can attest. When I visited my sister, she told me all about the IV "Walk of Shame" executed by the youngins as they walk home from wherever they happened to fall asleep. I thought she was kidding.

She was not.

2007-03-17 16:58:34
170.   Greg Brock
168 We just hung out and went to sleep at about midnight. Good times.

That place is biblical in its debauchery.

2007-03-17 17:00:39
171.   trainwreck
Actually it is not as bad as it once was, because they put a police station in IV. It just seems to have gained more notoriety because of Playboy, Princeton Review, and other publishers rating it high in terms of party schools.
2007-03-17 17:01:16
172.   Icaros
I spent one of the most depressing nights of my life in Isla Vista about 9 years ago.
2007-03-17 17:01:46
173.   trainwreck
It took a fraternity basically torturing a pledge to death to get a police station in IV.
2007-03-17 17:02:31
174.   trainwreck
Come on VCU!!
2007-03-17 17:04:49
175.   trainwreck
Oh well, so much for that.
2007-03-17 17:05:23
176.   trainwreck
2007-03-17 17:05:26
177.   Greg Brock
Lorenzo Mata on the line for VCU...
2007-03-17 17:05:47
178.   trainwreck
Well today has certainly made up for the bore of the last two days.
2007-03-17 17:07:21
179.   bhsportsguy
Timmermann's law to be tested.
2007-03-17 17:07:30
180.   Marty
I've got Pittsburgh going to the final four. Why you ask? Because my father grew outside of Pittsburgh.
2007-03-17 17:08:16
181.   Greg Brock
180 A tree grows in Pittsburgh...
2007-03-17 17:10:34
182.   bhsportsguy
I think today shows the parity of the state of college ball, I think this is how the rest of the tournament will go.
2007-03-17 17:10:50
183.   Icaros

You and I have really had our brainwaves crossed the last couple days. I'm glad I saw you before commenting this time.

2007-03-17 17:10:53
184.   Greg Brock
Lorenzo Mata on the line for Vandy
2007-03-17 17:11:43
185.   Greg Brock
183 When I'm not bad, I'm not that bad...
2007-03-17 17:11:48
186.   Bob Timmermann
Timmermann's Law is stronger than Monterey Chris.
2007-03-17 17:11:51
187.   bhsportsguy
Bob law's still in play.
2007-03-17 17:12:32
188.   trainwreck
That was like if Josh Shipp had the ball in his hands for the last possession.

Cannot let that happen.

2007-03-17 17:12:58
189.   bhsportsguy
186 Although, I do believe I have heard that law before but I will now credit you.
2007-03-17 17:13:50
190.   Bob Timmermann
Timmermann's Law invoked in Buffalo!
2007-03-17 17:14:02
191.   Greg Brock
I read about this on Bob Loblaw's Law Blog...
2007-03-17 17:15:41
192.   Marty
grew up geez
2007-03-17 17:15:59
193.   bhsportsguy
I can Rick Majerus say, see the Pac-10 is a weak conference.
2007-03-17 17:16:23
194.   Bob Timmermann
Monterey Chris had the Cougars in the Elite Eight.

I feel that it's a brand new ballgame!

2007-03-17 17:17:52
195.   Icaros

You weren't really incorrect.

2007-03-17 17:18:06
196.   Monterey Chris

You are a little too excited about my losses.

2007-03-17 17:19:01
197.   Bob Timmermann
I wouldn't worry too much about Rick Majerus' opinion. He couldn't handle coaching in the Pac-10 for longer than what, a week?
2007-03-17 17:20:22
198.   Bob Timmermann
Sic Gloria Transit Mundi
2007-03-17 17:20:48
199.   bhsportsguy
197 I thought it was less than that, I think it was a day.
2007-03-17 17:23:57
200.   Steve
197 -- Well, think about all the travel you have to do.
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2007-03-17 17:28:18
201.   bhsportsguy
3-0 today for Timmermann's law.
2007-03-17 17:29:20
202.   Bob Timmermann
USC played three nonconference games away from the Galen Center.

One at Kansas and two in a tournament in Las Vegas. Which were against two other teams from Kansas. They were 1-2, beating Wichita State while losing KU and K State.

2007-03-17 17:30:33
203.   Daniel Zappala
How is it that Bob is having so much trouble watching the games online when so far I have watched games via NCAA On Demand from Hong Kong, Narita (Japan), San Francisco, and now Provo?
2007-03-17 17:31:52
204.   Bob Timmermann
2007-03-17 17:32:03
205.   Greg Brock
203 Are you rockin' the ultra cool Mac?

Bob is...And reaping the whirlwind (exaggeration).

2007-03-17 17:34:40
206.   Daniel Zappala
I'm doing this with a laptop running Linux. From hotels and airports. Took me only 48 hours to get home, but I finally made it. Amazingly, not one person in an airport or hotel stopped to ask me any scores. All these heathen would rather watch soccer and cricket.
2007-03-17 17:34:48
207.   Bob Timmermann
1) I have a Mac
2) CBS has weird blackout rules
2007-03-17 17:35:13
208.   Greg Brock
Suffering Bruin, while persona non grata, is doing quite well in our pool.

That makes me happy.

2007-03-17 17:35:28
209.   Bob Timmermann
I never knew cricket was so popular in Provo.
2007-03-17 17:36:20
210.   trainwreck
Ireland did barely beat Pakistan today.
2007-03-17 17:36:32
211.   Daniel Zappala
This inviolable law must be messing up the weather because it is 75 degrees in March in Utah.
2007-03-17 17:37:46
212.   Bob Timmermann
I have two new dollar coins. Ones with George Washington on them.

They have "In God We Trust" on the side though.

I will make them another choice of prize for the winner.

They really don't look like coins, but more like glorified Chuck-E-Cheese tokens.

2007-03-17 17:38:10
213.   Daniel Zappala
209 There is nothing so frustrating as being in a hotel room, flipping the channels, and finding 3 soccer games and 2 cricket matches on, including one shown on "ESPN", yet no NCAA tournament. The only equivalent I can think of is being manager of the Dodgers and being forced to play Juan Pierre.
2007-03-17 17:38:32
214.   Andrew Shimmin
207- If it's like last year, you just need to find a free proxy server in Belize (or wherever) to defeat their blackouts. Haven't tried it this year, though.
2007-03-17 17:43:08
215.   Greg Brock
The Columbia link I sent Bob might help. Then again, it may not. For any of you with MMoD problems, I'll post it again:

2007-03-17 17:48:23
216.   Bob Timmermann
That link made it easier to get the audio to come up, but it didn't work around blackouts.
2007-03-17 17:50:17
217.   trainwreck
Do we really need aerial coverage of a game indoors?
2007-03-17 17:53:23
218.   Andrew Shimmin
If I were Indiana's coach, I'd send one of my disposable players in to punch Collison in the snout for that little behind the back garbage. Basketball needs a beanball counterpart.
2007-03-17 17:54:26
219.   Bob Timmermann
Talk to Isiah Thomas about that.
2007-03-17 17:55:04
220.   trainwreck
Glad Andrew is not coaching against UCLA.
2007-03-17 17:58:08
221.   Bob Timmermann
The CBS Sportsline scoreboard says that the UCLA-Indiana game is being played at Pauley Pavilion.
2007-03-17 18:00:34
222.   Andrew Shimmin
The proxy server thing does work. It might violate your acceptable use policy at work, so, I take no responsibility for what you do with it. But, I've got the UCLA game streaming via port 8080.
2007-03-17 18:01:48
223.   Steve
Hey, nice play UCLA! I got that called on me once when I was 7.
2007-03-17 18:08:36
224.   Greg Brock
223 Are you rooting against the Bruins, or are you just taking pot shots against the team?

Not that the two are mutually exclusive.

2007-03-17 18:09:25
225.   Steve
I just care about the score. I took the under at 68.
2007-03-17 18:11:09
226.   Steve
Does Sting know that the referee is wearing his hair?
2007-03-17 18:12:52
227.   trainwreck
Aboya with three fouls already.
2007-03-17 18:13:34
228.   Daniel Zappala
Does UCLA always play this ugly of a game?
2007-03-17 18:13:43
229.   Greg Brock
I root for BYU. Steve roots for the under.

I see how it is.

2007-03-17 18:14:23
230.   trainwreck
Yeah, pretty much.
2007-03-17 18:14:48
231.   Steve
7-34 so far. It's the kind of clinic one would expect when the PAC-10 and Big 10 get together in a Tournament throwdown.
2007-03-17 18:14:50
232.   Greg Brock
228 No. They're actually a pretty good offensive basketball team. A lot of that boring defense stuff is overplayed. We score points.

Just not right now (grrrr)

2007-03-17 18:15:18
233.   trainwreck
This tends to happen when we face teams that also can defend well.
2007-03-17 18:15:25
234.   Greg Brock
230 Infidel!
2007-03-17 18:15:32
235.   Andrew Shimmin
229- That should be in the past tense. You rooted for BYU.
2007-03-17 18:15:50
236.   trainwreck
Though, there has been a lot of missed layups.
2007-03-17 18:16:32
237.   trainwreck
Look at 233.
2007-03-17 18:18:04
238.   Steve
UCLA Game:

20:00 -- Game tips

19:00 -- Collison bricks a three.

15:00 -- UCLA 5, Opponent 4

12:30 -- Random forward has three fouls

10:00 -- UCLA 8, Opponent 7

5:00 -- Ben Howland whines about a blocking call

HT -- UCLA 23, Opponent 19, combined 26% shooting

20:00 - 10:00 -- UCLA goes on 35-0 run.

10:00- 0 - UCLA calls it a night, wins by 5.

2007-03-17 18:21:47
239.   Greg Brock
238 You're either pushing my buttons because you hate me, you like me, you just hate UCLA, or you just like being the Ninja.

It may be some combination. Don't answer the question.

2007-03-17 18:23:45
240.   trainwreck
Well that was just plain insanity.
2007-03-17 18:24:42
241.   Greg Brock
I've said it before and I'll say it again...

The shot clock era is so overrated.

2007-03-17 18:24:47
242.   Daniel Zappala
Bob, you're totally overreacting. No way UCLA scores 23 by halftime.
2007-03-17 18:26:50
243.   trainwreck
CBS must love this game.
2007-03-17 18:28:22
244.   bhsportsguy
I watched some games from last year's tournament and I remembered how excruciating they are to watch.

But they are back to playing 35 seconds on defense.

2007-03-17 18:28:24
245.   Daniel Zappala
In high school, the powerhouse Catholic school I attended employed a stalling half-court set that was a beauty to watch. Players would cut through the key, handing off the ball every time, time after time ... until they didn't, and someone went in for the score on a defender that was lulled to sleep. Very low scoring games, but highly effective. They won a lot of games that way. Pre-shot-clock era, of course. Man, I'm old.
2007-03-17 18:29:13
246.   bhsportsguy
243 The difference between NCAA tournament and NBA, this is a 7th game every game so close is better.
2007-03-17 18:30:34
247.   Jon Weisman

Halftime score, 3/14/96: UCLA 19, Princeton 18

2007-03-17 18:33:36
248.   Greg Brock
I am so hesitant to get mad at Jon. However...

This is The Griddle, and not DT. And Jon just brought up the Princeton game.

I need a ruling on how angry I can get.

2007-03-17 18:34:48
249.   Jon Weisman
Since you're team is still playing in the tournament, I don't know how angry you can get. But if it helps, feel free to mention Siena or Gonzaga and we'll be even.
2007-03-17 18:35:02
250.   Jon Weisman
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-03-17 18:37:00
251.   Greg Brock
"The Band is on the field" is overboard. I can't go there for a second round tournament game. But bringing up Princeton...Not cool.

I thought we was friendly, Philosopher King!

2007-03-17 18:38:22
252.   trainwreck
I just pretended that post never existed.
2007-03-17 18:39:00
253.   Bob Timmermann
I'll be leaving soon, but I would add that my 8th grade team at De La Salle Elementary School beat Guardian Angel of Pacoima, 57-56, in a game with 6 minute quarters.

I believe my line in that game was 1 minute played, 0-0 FG, 0-0 FT, 0 Reb, 0 Asts, 0 steals, 0 blocks, 0 turnovers, 1 foul.

I feel my lack of playing time was the key to victory. It was a big upset win for us.

2007-03-17 18:40:12
254.   Bob Timmermann
The Princeton-UCLA game is OK by me.

Hey, it happens.

UCLA basketball fans have no business feeling put upon.


2007-03-17 18:40:45
255.   bhsportsguy
253 Way to get that foul, Bob.
2007-03-17 18:41:10
256.   bhsportsguy
254 Agreed.
2007-03-17 18:42:17
257.   bhsportsguy
BTW, is it agreed that Jay Bilas is from Rolling Hills, so that is like lower middle class in that area?
2007-03-17 18:42:28
258.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Monterey Chris will still be the leader at the end of the day with Suffering Bruin and a bunch of others including my brother hot on his heels.
2007-03-17 18:43:13
259.   Greg Brock
254 Actually, that game falls into the three year rule. If your team wins the National Championship/Super Bowl/World Series, you lose the right to complain for three years. The Princeton game doesn't raise my dander.

I was just shocked that the PK would bring it up. It seemed very un-PK like.

2007-03-17 18:44:01
260.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Rolling Hills has one of the highest per capita incomes in the state.
2007-03-17 18:46:54
261.   Bob Timmermann
I was the statkeeper for the team most of the time. I only played when the game got out of hand or someone got hurt. In this case, our power foward (he was about 5'8") turned his ankle and I (about 6') went in for a free throw. One the miss, I went over the back of the other team. Despite having inside position on the free throw!

The other guy got better really fast. He ended up with something like 15 rebounds in the game.

Guardian Angel was considered unbeatable because they were ... um ... how do I phrase this without sounding racist?

2007-03-17 18:47:51
262.   bhsportsguy
I know Bob mentioned this on another thread, if you ever get a chance to buy one of the Fireside baseball books, buy it because it will become one of your favorite collections in your baseball library.
2007-03-17 18:48:23
263.   Greg Brock
I played on some traveling baseball teams with kids from Rolling Hills. Mostly, I was amazed how oblivious they were about how wealthy their families were.

Not their fault, but it was pretty hilarious. I was the kid from Torrance, and they thought we were poor. We weren't poor.

2007-03-17 18:49:55
264.   bhsportsguy
261 If they were made up of the residents of Pacoima, I know what you are saying since I worked in Pacoima for 2 1/2 years. On the other hand, I could get a cheeseburger, fries and a drink for under $3.00 which wouldn't buy me a tuna fish sandwich in Century City.
2007-03-17 18:50:42
265.   bhsportsguy
263 But you lived down the hill, north of PCH.
2007-03-17 18:51:26
266.   Bob Timmermann
Rolling Hills has a per capita income of over $111,000.

That means that little Susie Rolling Hillser who is two weeks old has that much money as do Ma and Pa and Bro and Sis.

2007-03-17 18:51:35
267.   trainwreck
2007-03-17 18:53:05
268.   Bob Timmermann
Enjoy the rest of the game, tell Justin Medlock to stay ready. He may be needed!

I'll be watching, but in a social setting!

2007-03-17 18:54:29
269.   Greg Brock
265 How funny is that? I used to tell them my Dad grew up in PV Estates, and they'd act like our family was a fall from grace. "From PV to Torrance? What a disaster!" Dad just hated PV and didn't want to go back.

I mean, Southeastern Torrance is not exactly Compton. But the kids thought it was!

2007-03-17 18:56:54
270.   Jon Weisman
I just thought it was interesting that there could be a lower-scoring half than in the Princeton game. That's all.
2007-03-17 18:58:53
271.   trainwreck
CBS is doing it to me again!!

Are you kidding me?

I want to watch UCLA!!

2007-03-17 18:59:18
272.   bhsportsguy
269 This was before the car dealerships on PCH and the shopping centers.
2007-03-17 18:59:24
273.   Jon Weisman
Usually, if you have twice as many points as your opponent in the second half, you win. But this should be interesting.
2007-03-17 18:59:46
274.   trainwreck
We are just joking, Jon. Well, I think Brock is.
2007-03-17 19:00:46
275.   Greg Brock
There are probably three times a decade I can give you a hard time. I went for it.

I don't think you should be worried about my devotion to the Philosopher King.

2007-03-17 19:01:28
276.   Johnson
I don't want interesting. I want to see the Bruins play in their road uniforms next weekend.
2007-03-17 19:03:03
277.   trainwreck
At the moment, I would just like to see UCLA play.

CBS has it out for me. I blame Clark Kellog.

2007-03-17 19:03:48
278.   Johnson
I blame being in the Bay Area, but yeah.
2007-03-17 19:05:20
279.   bhsportsguy
where do you live trainwreck?
2007-03-17 19:05:42
280.   trainwreck
East Bay.
2007-03-17 19:06:27
281.   bhsportsguy
And they are showing you the NC/Michigan State game?
2007-03-17 19:06:40
282.   bhsportsguy
And they are showing you the NC/Michigan State game?
2007-03-17 19:07:14
283.   trainwreck
In reality I should blame my friends for not wanting to go to bars so early.

Oh my poor liver. Waaaa. Waaaa.

2007-03-17 19:08:16
284.   trainwreck
Yeah. Cut from UCLA game to show it. They also did this in the first half of UCLA's game against Weber State.
2007-03-17 19:12:19
285.   Johnson
I'm sure they'll cut away from the UCLA/OSU final to cover some nasty traffic on the Bay Bridge.
2007-03-17 19:13:41
286.   Greg Brock
"Neither teams on track from a points standpoint"

Other than the abuse of the English language, that's a pretty good point. I'd even call it an UNDERSTATEMENT

2007-03-17 19:17:40
287.   Greg Brock
"Nothing easy is UCLA allowing"

Wow...James Brown is Yoda.

2007-03-17 19:18:42
288.   trainwreck
2007-03-17 19:21:03
289.   Greg Brock
"Stepped out of bounds, UCLA did."

Somebody get James out to the Degobah System.

2007-03-17 19:26:04
290.   Steve
What part of that review of a typical UCLA game was wrong? I forgot to add that the box score always says Los Angeles, CA, but that's about it.
2007-03-17 19:26:16
291.   trainwreck
Tom Izzo is determined to not let this game end.
2007-03-17 19:26:38
292.   Johnson
So...Michigan State has conceded the game, but we're still not at the UCLA game, we get to watch commercials. Through TWO timeouts.

Did I mention that MSU has conceded the game?

2007-03-17 19:29:14
293.   trainwreck
I would pay CBS back by stop watching their shows, but I do not watch a single show on their channel to begin with.
2007-03-17 19:37:32
294.   Bob Timmermann
Complaining about which game you are seeing: a tradition like none other.
2007-03-17 19:46:52
295.   Steve
And here comes the part where we don't care
2007-03-17 19:48:12
296.   D4P
Bank you very much
2007-03-17 19:50:01
297.   Bob Timmermann
Thank God there are no timeouts left in this monstrosity.
2007-03-17 19:52:45
298.   Bob Timmermann
Time for Timmermann's Corollary to Lawler's Law?
2007-03-17 19:53:32
299.   Greg Brock
What a disaster.

I just wanted to get to the Elite Eight.

2007-03-17 19:53:35
300.   D4P
D4P's Law:

First team to 50 wins

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-03-17 19:55:27
301.   D4P
Can someone compare Afflalo's stats with those of Aaron Brooks and explain why the former was chosen for "Pac-10 Player of the year" over the latter...?
2007-03-17 19:55:48
302.   Bob Timmermann
Cue Johnny Most
2007-03-17 19:56:26
303.   Greg Brock
Dear UCLA:

Hit your free throws. I am near your dorm with explosives and nothing to live for.

I await your response.

2007-03-17 19:56:27
304.   Steve
....then they win by 5...
2007-03-17 19:56:43
305.   trainwreck
UCLA won the regular conference title. That is the only reason AA won.
2007-03-17 20:00:26
306.   D4P
D4P's Law is inviolate
2007-03-17 20:02:59
307.   bhsportsguy
I think Oregon having that slump in the second half of the Pac-10 conference season destined Aaron Brooks to the fate.
2007-03-17 20:04:13
308.   D4P
Not that I really care who wins POY, but after just comparing their stats, Brooks came out ahead virtually across the board. To be fair, though, he also played more minutes.
2007-03-17 20:05:13
309.   trainwreck
Fans around the country cannot wait to see Pitt vs UCLA.
2007-03-17 20:08:29
310.   Greg Brock
308 Maybe if the team hadn't collapsed and lost the conference, He'd have won POY. Not that you really care about POY, but you do.

Brooks was good. The team cost him POY.

2007-03-17 20:17:18
311.   Greg Brock
If Illinois and Creighton didn't choke, I'd be ahead of the almighty and glorious Monterey Chris.


2007-03-17 20:19:34
312.   D4P
Maybe Matt Lee should have won POY. He played for the conference champion!
2007-03-17 20:26:36
313.   Greg Brock
312 You'll always have Steve Prefontaine.


2007-03-17 21:02:27
314.   Greg Brock
Monterey Chris is a Golden God, but my word, Suffering Bruin is right there.

I don't know how my pick ended up Notre Dame over Winthrop, but it's costing me. I am a sad panda over that pick (Wha happen? I know I picked the Magenta Cavaliers of Winthrop!).

Bob's brother is hanging tight. This is shaping up to be a make or break Sunday.

I just felt like giving a bracket challenge summary...For no good reason.

2007-03-17 21:14:30
315.   Suffering Bruin
Monterey Chris is a Golden God, but my word, Suffering Bruin is right there.

Missing Brock, missing the sites... I'm number 2? I'd enjoy it if I were not so very, very inebriated. That UCLA game took much out of me.

I'll check in. Then again, it appears I'm luckier if I don't check in. Before I say goodnight, I want to echo what so many have already said...

I'm only in this for the sidebar trophy!

2007-03-17 21:17:39
316.   Daniel Zappala
I have this to say ... although my picks for this group are terrible, I have four other brackets at Yahoo, and one of them has me in the 92nd percentile.

And yes, my picks for this group really are "terrible".

2007-03-17 21:20:28
317.   Daniel Zappala
My wife is 99.2 percentile on ESPN.
2007-03-17 21:22:30
318.   Greg Brock
316 If it makes you feel better, I laughed out loud when I saw your bracket name. Awesome.

315 SB showing up makes me a happy panda. SB being productive instead of hanging out at the Toaster does not make me a happy panda.

2007-03-17 21:24:09
319.   D4P
I laughed out loud when I saw your bracket name

Two Times Eight is Enough...?

2007-03-17 21:28:54
320.   Greg Brock
319 Where have you been? Today was missing 37.9% of Snark. Andrew made the occasional appearance, which boosted it...But where were you? Yeah, you chimed in, you were around, but it just seemed like you had other priorities.

Let me guess: Ooh, I have a wife, I have responsibilities, I was picking out China patterns and drapes and what not.


2007-03-17 21:31:57
321.   D4P
I have a wife, I have responsibilities, I was picking out Chi...oh wait, never mind.
2007-03-17 21:40:19
322.   Steve
[potted plant, called margin of victory]
2007-03-17 21:44:14
323.   Greg Brock
322 I figured you'd be around when UCLA was blowing the lead.

You probably had family commitments, like D4P. If UCLA would have lost, and the Ninja showed up, I probably would have been banned from The Griddle.

David Mamet would have been overwhelmed by my swears.

2007-03-17 21:47:19
324.   Steve
UCLA fans, always gracious in victory and defeat.
2007-03-17 21:49:21
325.   Greg Brock
324 I fully expected to lose this game tonight.

And I fully expected you to be in peak form when it happened.

2007-03-17 21:53:24
326.   bhsportsguy
So far 33 out of 40 higher seeded teams have won, last year at this time, 29 out of 40 higher seeded teams won.
2007-03-17 22:12:05
327.   StolenMonkey86
don't know if this was mentioned earlier, but reports that JJ Putz has only a "mild flexor pronator strain."

2007-03-17 22:32:13
328.   Gagne55
326 So it's not just my imagination then.
2007-03-17 22:39:14
329.   Steve
I fully expected them to win by 5.

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