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[ Day Five of the NCAA Tournament Open Thread ]
2007-03-22 10:38
by Bob Timmermann

It's the first day of the regional semifinals with games in the West and South regions set for play.

Monterey Chris doggedly maintains a 1 point lead over Suffering Bruin in the Griddle's NCAA tournament contest. And the esteemed Mr. Chris of Monterey has the potential to pick up four victories tonight.

The agenda (all times PT):

4:10 PM - #4 Southern Illinois vs #1 Kansas in the West Region in San Jose. Salukis have an advantage in that their mascot is a real animal. There is no bird called a jayhawk.

4:27 PM - #3 Texas A&M vs #2 Memphis in the South Region in San Antonio. The Aggies are home to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library. The Tigers were the favorite pick of James Carville this year.

6:40 PM - #3 Pittsburgh vs #2 UCLA in the West Region in San Jose. A matchup between two schools whose campuses I have visited! The Cathedral of Learning takes on Royce Hall in a battle of iconic buildings.

6:57 PM - #5 Tennessee vs #1 Ohio State in the South Region in San Antonio. I was thinking. How many times have these schools met each other in football? The answer, just once, in the 1996 Florida Citrus Bowl. Tennessee won 20-14. Ohio State has won all three meetings on the hardwood, including a 68-66 win back on January 13.

If you wish to compare yourself to others who entered Yahoo's contest, 85.9% of all entries picked Ohio State to make it to the Elite 8. Florida was tabbed by 83.3%

Butler received support from only 1.7% of all entries to make the Elite Eight. USC and UNLV only were named on 2.8%

Comments (241)
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2007-03-22 09:41:49
1.   Monterey Chris
Four times in a little over a week! And in this post, I get double billing!!
2007-03-22 11:59:58
2.   Xeifrank
My bracket(s) need UCLA, Tennessee and the Egyptian Hunting Dogs to win.
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 12:19:40
3.   trainwreck
Tubby Smith just accepted the Minnesota job.
2007-03-22 12:40:52
4.   bhsportsguy
1 I am heading up to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on my way to San Jose tommorrow, any recommendations for lunch?
2007-03-22 12:43:57
5.   Penarol1916
3. Seriously? Good for him if it is true.
2007-03-22 12:47:23
6.   trainwreck
There is Bubba's Shrimp Shack or whatever it is called. Based off the Forrest Gump character. It is pretty good for just a normal meal.
2007-03-22 12:49:27
7.   Voxter
5 - Here's a story:

Sounds like it's not definite yet, but the rumors are flying hot and heavy.

These people:

should be pleased.

2007-03-22 14:08:49
8.   Bob Timmermann
And Steve Alford is likely headed to New Mexico.

The cradle of ... something.

2007-03-22 15:16:29
9.   Steve
Everybody wants to coach in the MWC.
2007-03-22 15:17:34
10.   Bob Timmermann
The MWC has fun road trips!
2007-03-22 15:20:19
11.   Monterey Chris

I would eat at the Aquarium. The food is good there. They have both a full service restaurant and a cafeteria restaurant. I would go to the cafeteria. I think you will find the food to be quite good for a rather reasonable price. I often meet people there for lunch meetings (and then I go see the sharks on my way out).

2007-03-22 15:29:42
12.   Jon Weisman
If you're willing to take a small detour, no trip to that area is complete for me without eating at Katy's in Carmel and/or The Wagon Wheel in Carmel Valley.
2007-03-22 15:35:40
13.   trainwreck
I used to go to this place in Carmel called the Pelican Inn when I was a kid. I do not really remember how I liked the food, but my parents liked it.
2007-03-22 15:54:31
14.   ToyCannon
Isn't everything perfect in Carmel? Two honeymoons says it is so.
2007-03-22 16:03:39
15.   trainwreck
Great, SIU has injured players.

Come on Salukis!

2007-03-22 16:11:21
16.   twerp
3. Kentucky fans took to calling Tubby "TLT" a while back. For Ten-Loss-Tubby. Think he hit--or fell to--that plateau as many as 5 seasons. (Guess he finished this year and his Wildcat career as "ELT"--Eleven-Loss-Tubby.)

Not tolerated well by the Big Blue. The Kentucky basketball and Alabama football jobs may be the two worst going for ridiculous expectations.

Insane as it may seem, Kentucky has seemed to fall on recruiting hard times. Several schools just plain had more talent the last couple years. Kentucky's roster used to be dotted with high school All-Americas and NBA sure-shots and such. Not now.

If it weren't for his national title in '98, Tubby would have been gone before now. (Of course, the rap on him for that is he did it with Pittino's players.) Um, he still did it.

Tubby is a class act. Minnesota did well.

2007-03-22 16:13:39
17.   Greg Brock
The next Kentucky coaching hire better be a grand slam. Methinks hiring Tom Crean is not going to placate the masses.
2007-03-22 16:15:20
18.   trainwreck
McDonald's All-Americans are overrated. Kentucky was a solid recruiter, just not Pitino level. The only really elite recruits are at UNC, Duke, and Ohio State.
2007-03-22 16:16:04
19.   trainwreck
Smith was a solid recruiter I meant.
2007-03-22 16:17:11
20.   trainwreck
Coach K has also been pretty bad lately at judging talent, even if they are highly ranked players.
2007-03-22 16:34:13
21.   Bob Timmermann
CBS Sportsline is abbreviating Southern Illnois as SILL.

It should be SIU.

Or even SIUC.

There's also an SIUE. And that E stands for...?

2007-03-22 16:36:15
22.   Bob Timmermann
CBS Sportsline lists Texas A&M as having 17 players on its bench.

I would imagine that they have fewer.

2007-03-22 16:37:14
23.   trainwreck
I forgot to add Kansas to the elite recruiting schools.
2007-03-22 16:38:17
24.   trainwreck
I looked up the E. I would not have guessed that.
2007-03-22 16:39:45
25.   Bob Timmermann
SIUE wants to move up to Division I.
2007-03-22 16:46:12
26.   Bob Timmermann
Does anyone know if any LA radio station is broadcasting either of the early games?
2007-03-22 16:54:15
27.   trainwreck
All I know is when I lived in SB, Westwood 1 had all the NCAA games.

I have no idea if that helps you.

2007-03-22 17:21:10
28.   Monterey Chris

No, unfortunately everything is not perfect in Carmel. I'm getting my haircut tomorrow in Carmel. There is only so much you can do with me and my hair, so it will not be perfect.

2007-03-22 17:24:11
29.   Bob Timmermann
Diane Firstman (dianagramr) is the highest ranking entry to pick SIU to win. She would move into a tie for first if the Salukis can pull the upset.

If Kansas wins, Monterey Chris stays in first if the Aggies win. If the Tigers win, then Suffering Bruin takes over the lead.

2007-03-22 17:26:01
30.   Monterey Chris
All these "if's". Do you have no faith in Monterey Chris?
2007-03-22 17:29:38
31.   Bob Timmermann
Monterey Chris has to stop talking about himself like he's Rickey Henderson.
2007-03-22 17:51:59
32.   Monterey Chris
Does Rickey Henderson have bad hair?
2007-03-22 17:56:32
33.   trainwreck
That's two calls involving the shot clock that SIU has gotten the short end of the stick.
2007-03-22 18:08:40
34.   Greg Brock
When you want to upset a Number One team, you don't get to blow two layups with 2:30 to go.

Sorry SIU

2007-03-22 18:10:57
35.   Greg Brock
And the rim out a three and miss another layup and keep fouling.
2007-03-22 18:21:25
36.   Greg Brock
And then throw the ball away.

Ooooh, so close for the Salukis. So close.

2007-03-22 18:24:39
37.   Uncle Miltie
Extremely stupid move by Kentucky. Tubby Smith did not deserve to be treated like this; he's a great coach. Huge gain for Minnesota. I'm actually surprised that Tubby accepted the Minnesota. I think Michigan would have been interested in him.
2007-03-22 18:34:33
38.   Bob Timmermann
Monterey Chris needs no ifs. He's still ahead with 59 points. Suffering Bruin tracking him like Inspector Javert with 58 points.

Mr. Chris has the Aggies. Mr. Bruin has the Tigers.

2007-03-22 18:37:55
39.   Greg Brock
Oh AC Law IV, you cannot miss layups.

Enough with the missing of the layups!

2007-03-22 18:38:15
40.   Greg Brock
Whoops, Acie Law IV
2007-03-22 18:40:25
41.   Bob Timmermann
That's a lot of missed shots there by Memphis.

A whole lot.

2007-03-22 18:40:59
42.   Uncle Miltie
This game better not be decided at the free throw line...
2007-03-22 18:41:56
43.   Bob Timmermann
If this game goes to OT, it's unlikely that people in LA or Pittsburgh will see the end of it, since the UCLA-Pitt game is slated to start in 9 minutes.
2007-03-22 18:42:32
44.   Greg Brock
Failing to box out destroys my bracket.
2007-03-22 18:43:14
45.   trainwreck
I am about to lose my first Final Four team.

I really hope all the #1 seeds do not make the Final Four.

2007-03-22 18:43:20
46.   Uncle Miltie
Ridiculous, you don't call a foul in that situation unless it's a clear-cut foul
2007-03-22 18:44:43
47.   Bob Timmermann
Of course in baseball, we get perturbed when the team with the best record doesn't play in the World Series.

I'm looking at you, St. Louis Cardinals and Florida Marlins.

2007-03-22 18:46:11
48.   Bob Timmermann
During this delay, we should applaud Monterey Chris's mark of 43 out of 49 right.

Polite golf applause please.

2007-03-22 18:46:51
49.   Uncle Miltie
Any chance that the refs were paid off?
2007-03-22 18:47:05
50.   Bob Timmermann
Pass it to Belov! Pass it to Belov!
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-03-22 18:47:21
51.   Greg Brock
The amount of time they just pulled off the clock is insane. And Uncle Miltie is right, that foul was pretty debatable.
2007-03-22 18:48:08
52.   trainwreck

Now I really hope Tennessee beats Ohio State.

2007-03-22 18:48:52
53.   Uncle Miltie
Absolutely sickening how the refs took the game into their own hands in the last 30 seconds.
2007-03-22 18:50:27
54.   Bob Timmermann
Monterey Chris now with 63 points.
JKM 1927 moves into second with 59 points.

Not much love for Memphis among the leaders.

2007-03-22 18:50:44
55.   trainwreck
Basketball refs are just that bad.
2007-03-22 18:51:23
56.   Bob Timmermann
They should have passed it to Belov.
2007-03-22 18:54:24
57.   Greg Brock
I have a strong feeling we're going to lose this game, and I will not be devastated if it happens.
2007-03-22 18:55:32
58.   Bob Timmermann
The Griddle is officially nonpartisan.

OK, the Griddle is nominally nonpartisan.

I blog, you decide.

2007-03-22 18:56:39
59.   Uncle Miltie
57- trying the reverse jinx? ;)

I won't say anything because last time I did, it hurt UCLA.

2007-03-22 18:56:56
60.   Bob Timmermann
Monterey Chris' pick to click in this game: Pittsburgh
Second placer jkm1927 tabs UCLA.
2007-03-22 18:58:47
61.   Greg Brock
59 Naw, I just think you can only go so long with your best player in a huge slump before you lose to a good team.

We went to the final game last year. We're back in the Sweet 16. Kevin Love comes in next year. Can't really complain.

2007-03-22 19:00:11
62.   Bob Timmermann
Can't really complain

And you call yourself a UCLA basketball fan! I work with a guy who reminds everytime UCLA loses its third game of the season that they've lost more games than they did during his whole time as a student at UCLA.

2007-03-22 19:02:11
63.   D4P
Can you fire said guy?
2007-03-22 19:03:18
64.   Uncle Miltie
I just think you can only go so long with your best player in a huge slump before you lose to a good team.
Is there something wrong with Darren Collison?

Seriously, Afflalo really needs to step up tonight.

2007-03-22 19:04:50
65.   Jon Weisman
Probably no one cares tonight, but Kobe has 46 points with 11:30 to go.
2007-03-22 19:04:55
66.   Greg Brock
64 Collison hasn't exactly been ripping the bottom of the net either.
2007-03-22 19:06:23
67.   trainwreck
Guarding someone in the post might help the Bruins.
2007-03-22 19:06:42
68.   Greg Brock
62 If KD wasn't so enfuriating, I wouldn't sound like a maniac during football season, either.
2007-03-22 19:07:13
69.   Bob Timmermann
It's easier to wait him out. He's probably like an Oregon alum reminding you about how well the Tall Firs played back in the day.
2007-03-22 19:10:50
70.   D4P
an Oregon alum reminding you about how well the Tall Firs played back in the day

That doesn't happen as often as you might think

2007-03-22 19:11:36
71.   Steve
I thought that was a good foul call, and I thought that was appropriate as far as the clock was concerned. The ball isn't dead until it's dead. The ball was in play until it went into the bench.
2007-03-22 19:12:54
72.   Greg Brock
Let's no throw transition lobs in this game, mmmkay Bruins?
2007-03-22 19:13:11
73.   Uncle Miltie
71- the clock doesn't start until the ball is touched.
2007-03-22 19:15:22
74.   Steve
The ball was touched by a Memphis player. The ball bounced once in play then into the air. The clock shouldn't stop until the ball is dead, and the ball isn't dead until it goes into the bench/stands or otherwise lands out of bounds.
2007-03-22 19:15:29
75.   Uncle Miltie
UCLA is such a defensive minded team that they even guard their own guys on the offensive end.
2007-03-22 19:17:48
76.   Bob Timmermann
Unrelated post up top.
2007-03-22 19:19:40
77.   Bob Timmermann
Whoops, I read the scores wrong.

Monterey Chris had the Aggies in the prior agme and Suffering Bruin has the Tigers.

So it's Suffering Bruin on top!

Monterey Chris is so 6:45 pm PT.

2007-03-22 19:20:51
78.   trainwreck
AA needs to stop taking outside jumpers.
2007-03-22 19:21:05
79.   Greg Brock
It was a good run, Monterey Chris.

We laughed
We cried
We envied your Griddle dominance.

2007-03-22 19:22:11
80.   Bob Timmermann
Someone tell Dick Enberg that Alfred Aboya isn't playing. He's confusing Aboya with Ryan Wright.

Who doesn't even look much like Aboya and wears a headband too.

2007-03-22 19:22:15
81.   Uncle Miltie
Ben Howland: "You're killing me smalls [Afflalo]!"
2007-03-22 19:23:20
82.   Steve
But it wasn't nearly as clearcut as that UCLA guy who just travelled in the lane.
2007-03-22 19:24:01
83.   trainwreck
Howland should be playing DC with Westbrook.
2007-03-22 19:26:26
84.   Bob Timmermann
So it's Suffering Bruin in the lead with 62.
Monterey Chris and jkm1927 with 59.

SB and jkm1927 have UCLA
Monterey Chris has Pittsburgh.

A Tennessee win over OSU would make things interesting.

2007-03-22 19:26:52
85.   Greg Brock
Steve is here to provide moral support to all the Bruins fans.
2007-03-22 19:28:28
86.   Steve
Now I can see why they don't like to dribble.
2007-03-22 19:29:39
87.   Uncle Miltie
Afflalo hits a jump shot with an arm in his face!
2007-03-22 19:30:36
88.   Uncle Miltie
Aaron Gray has Mata Hands™
2007-03-22 19:31:38
89.   Steve
Dribble, don't dribble, make up your minds!
2007-03-22 19:31:51
90.   Greg Brock
Josh Shipp doing his usual disappearing act. Except when he's turning it over.
2007-03-22 19:32:50
91.   Uncle Miltie
90- please keep it up...the reverse jinx is working!
2007-03-22 19:35:39
92.   Bob Timmermann
This game shaping up to be another test of Timmermann's Corollary to Lawler's Law. Team ahead when the combined score hits 100 wins!

It's the Corollary!

2007-03-22 19:36:55
93.   Bob Timmermann
Tennessee starts off 6 of 8 on 3s and 1 of 4 on 2s.
2007-03-22 19:38:05
94.   Uncle Miltie
Lakers are about to beat Memphis
2007-03-22 19:39:10
95.   Bob Timmermann
Which Memphis?

The pros or the "amateurs"?

2007-03-22 19:41:11
96.   Uncle Miltie
The amateurs...the Grizzlies
2007-03-22 19:41:54
97.   Xeifrank
Quick observation... UCLA is quite a bit better than Pittsburgh. I'm not too worried (knock on wood). vr, Xei
2007-03-22 19:43:33
98.   Uncle Miltie
97- trying to reverse Brock's reverse jinx, I see.

It's not going to work.

2007-03-22 19:44:03
99.   Greg Brock
Gee, thanks, Xeifrank.
2007-03-22 19:47:36
100.   trainwreck
Nice to see Keefe get extended minutes and produce. I wish Howland would play Westbrook more and sit Shipp and Roll who are doing nothing.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-03-22 19:48:58
101.   trainwreck
Well my Tennessee wish is coming true so far.
2007-03-22 19:51:09
102.   Steve
Does the college game still have three seconds?
2007-03-22 19:54:35
103.   Bob Timmermann
The highest ranked entry that has Tennessee advancing out of this round is Gobias Industries who is in a tie for sixth, six points behind Mr. Bruin.
2007-03-22 19:54:59
104.   Greg Brock
I can't be the only person in contention who picked the Vols to beat the Buckeyes. I'm sure a few other people did.

But with Texas A&M getting beat, I'm in real trouble anyway.

2007-03-22 19:55:47
105.   Greg Brock
103 Well, that answers that question.
2007-03-22 19:56:14
106.   Bob Timmermann
What did you call your entry?
2007-03-22 19:57:46
107.   Bob Timmermann
My place can be summed up by what the name of Gale Sayers autobiography would be if he had real self-esteem issues:

I am 81st.

2007-03-22 19:58:14
108.   Greg Brock
I am the aformentioned Mr. Industries. But I didn't have a Yahoo! thingy, so I used a friend's Yahoo! account.
2007-03-22 20:01:05
109.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh, I see.
2007-03-22 20:01:18
110.   trainwreck
The Shadow never reveals his identity.
2007-03-22 20:03:25
111.   Bob Timmermann
I am also tied with bhsportsguy and xeifrank.

I am in esteemed company. I am honored.

2007-03-22 20:03:25
112.   Steve
The halftime guy agrees with me on the Memphis thing.
2007-03-22 20:03:40
113.   Greg Brock
110 The Shadow was Kent Allard or Lamont Cranston.

I have an inside source on this.

2007-03-22 20:04:45
114.   Bob Timmermann
Aha! Steve really is Seth Davis.

I knew it!

2007-03-22 20:05:53
115.   trainwreck
No, Steve Davis wrote a big article praising UCLA.
2007-03-22 20:06:14
116.   trainwreck
lol I mean Seth Davis.
2007-03-22 20:06:49
117.   Bob Timmermann
Did you? Did you really?
2007-03-22 20:09:36
118.   Andrew Shimmin
Josh Shipp is a golden god.
2007-03-22 20:09:48
119.   Uncle Miltie
Brock, please continue to trash Shipp.
2007-03-22 20:10:23
120.   Greg Brock
Josh Shipp killed John Kennedy.
2007-03-22 20:17:28
121.   Uncle Miltie
Aaron Afflalo = Jello Biafra?
2007-03-22 20:17:38
122.   Bob Timmermann
We're all wusses out here Jay.
2007-03-22 20:18:31
123.   Gagne55
Ohio State and Texas A&M going down has suddenly revived me in my pool. Good thing I wasn't drinking the Buckeye kool-aid.
2007-03-22 20:19:44
124.   Greg Brock
Aaron Afflalo needs to go sit in a corner for a while.
2007-03-22 20:20:15
125.   trainwreck
Give the starters some rest Howland, before Indiana happens again.
2007-03-22 20:21:56
126.   szill
I have six of my eight "great 8" picks left, all my "final four" picks left. My final four looks to be UCLA, Oregon, Tennessee and North Carolina.
2007-03-22 20:22:02
127.   Greg Brock
122 Jay didn't exactly grow up in Hollenbeck.

Growing up in Rolling Hills is not growing up in LA. They don't ride horses in Watts.

Do they ride horses in Watts? No? Okay.

2007-03-22 20:23:20
128.   trainwreck
Oh no, the King of Queens is ending.

America weeps.

2007-03-22 20:23:22
129.   Bob Timmermann
The only people riding horses in Watts are members of the LAPD.
2007-03-22 20:26:06
130.   Uncle Miltie
We're all wusses out here Jay.
I guess I'm not the only one who thought it was humorous to hear Jay Bilas talk about toughness. After all, Bilas wasn't exactly a Ruben Patterson clone when he played at Duke.
2007-03-22 20:26:21
131.   Greg Brock
128 Remember that time that the husband did something really dopey and the wife made a smart-ass remark?

I loved that episode.

2007-03-22 20:29:23
132.   trainwreck
And then Patton Oswalt is like, "What am I doing on this show?"
2007-03-22 20:30:59
133.   Uncle Miltie
Mbah a Moute is growing a pretty grizzly beard.
2007-03-22 20:31:00
134.   Greg Brock
It's a good thing our defense is so good because our offense is an absolute soup sandwich.

Josh Shipp kidnapped the Lindbergh baby.

2007-03-22 20:34:45
135.   trainwreck
Dick cannot tell who anyone on UCLA is.
2007-03-22 20:35:08
136.   Steve
So your excuse for this scintillating last 150+ minutes of UCLA basketball is "good defense?"
2007-03-22 20:35:22
137.   Uncle Miltie
Ben Howland needs to institute a mandatory beard policy.
2007-03-22 20:35:22
138.   trainwreck
I was worried about Ramon.
2007-03-22 20:40:55
139.   Uncle Miltie
Mata obviously did not grow up in the suburbs, right Jay?
2007-03-22 20:41:28
140.   Bob Timmermann
Technically, Huntington Park is a suburb of Los Angeles.
2007-03-22 20:41:38
141.   Xeifrank
at what point do they starting cutting away to show snippets of the Ohio State comeback?
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 20:42:34
142.   Bob Timmermann
In L.A., they won't go to the other game for good until the UCLA-Pitt game is over.
2007-03-22 20:43:41
143.   Xeifrank
142. is that young girl Bill Walton's wife or Woody Allen's?
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 20:44:34
144.   Bob Timmermann
That is the second Mrs. Walton.
2007-03-22 20:45:06
145.   Xeifrank
144. he's done himself pretty well.
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 20:45:57
146.   Bob Timmermann
She is obviously not Luke Walton's mom.
2007-03-22 20:46:22
147.   Xeifrank
146. perhaps his classmate though. vr, Xei
2007-03-22 20:46:40
148.   Uncle Miltie
Is Bill Walton's wife younger than Luke?
2007-03-22 20:47:10
149.   trainwreck
Arron, please stop shooting threes.
2007-03-22 20:47:51
150.   Xeifrank
Great free throw shooting certainly is helping the Bruins tonight. vr, Xei
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-03-22 20:49:37
151.   Xeifrank
148. prolly not, but she looks young on tv. When i first saw her, i thought she was adopted.
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 20:49:43
152.   Steve half of 100! UCLA fans rejoice, because the Corollary is yours!
2007-03-22 20:50:20
153.   Greg Brock
Josh Shipp was in charge of reactor #4.
2007-03-22 20:51:28
154.   Uncle Miltie
151- I thought Bill was sitting with a UCLA student. Then I saw his arm wrapped around her and remembered that he has a young wife.
2007-03-22 20:51:51
155.   Xeifrank
Looks like Tennessee is having a Dominican appendectomy. vr, Xei
2007-03-22 20:52:27
156.   Uncle Miltie
Howland needs to bring in Michael Roll
2007-03-22 20:52:34
157.   Bob Timmermann
The Corollary comes into play when the COMBINED score reaches 100.

It's just at 96.

2007-03-22 20:52:55
158.   Greg Brock
155 Yeah, what a nightmare. I guess jacking threes up there only works for so long.
2007-03-22 20:53:40
159.   Xeifrank
I am going to miss the rest of the tournament from friday evening on. I hope there is a chinese version of the Griddle.
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 20:54:11
160.   Steve
But isn't another way of stating the Corollary just that the first team that gets to (actually) 51 wins?
2007-03-22 20:55:04
161.   Steve
If we just concede UCLA the championship, can we keep them off TV from now on, at least?
2007-03-22 20:55:07
162.   Bob Timmermann
Don't get all algebraic on the Corollary.
2007-03-22 20:55:20
163.   Xeifrank
wow, 1 pt lead for Tennessee. vr, Xei
2007-03-22 20:56:19
164.   Greg Brock
Aaron Afflalo is officially killing this basketball team.
2007-03-22 20:56:22
165.   Xeifrank
afflalo needs to make those layups.
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 20:56:24
166.   Bob Timmermann
Ohio State is not even making up the biggest halftime deficit in the NCAA tournament. I think UNLV came back from 20 down to Iowa.

Maryland lead Duke by 22 a couple years ago.

2007-03-22 20:56:35
167.   Uncle Miltie
No reverse jinx is going to help Afflalo make a layup.

Bring in Roll!

2007-03-22 20:57:15
168.   Greg Brock
Aaron Afflalo shot Amelia Earhart down.
2007-03-22 20:58:23
169.   trainwreck
Bring in Westbrook!
2007-03-22 20:58:32
170.   Bob Timmermann
I saw Arron Afflalo and Billie Jo McAllister throw something off the Tallahatchee Bridge.
2007-03-22 20:58:46
171.   Uncle Miltie
Darren Collison needs to be more aggressive on the offensive end.
2007-03-22 20:58:59
172.   Bob Timmermann
2007-03-22 20:59:10
173.   Xeifrank
ok, lets keep the ball in the hands of our good free throw shooters. vr, Xei
2007-03-22 20:59:54
174.   Steve
Maybe DIRECTV will save us with an exclusive deal to show all UCLA games for $100 a year. Starting tomorrow.
2007-03-22 21:00:27
175.   Greg Brock
Oh for the love of God.
2007-03-22 21:00:40
176.   trainwreck
This always happens, because Howland never rests the starters in the second half.
2007-03-22 21:01:44
177.   Steve
They're just setting up the five-point victory. I thought you guys liked this team. I assume you've been watching them all year.
2007-03-22 21:01:46
178.   Greg Brock
Aaron Afflalo built the Johnstown Dam.
2007-03-22 21:01:53
179.   Uncle Miltie
Aaron Afflalo is related to Robert Hanssen.

How is Afflalo the player of the game?

2007-03-22 21:02:35
180.   Greg Brock
I'm doing all I can here, Aaron. At some point you have to pick up the slack.
2007-03-22 21:02:46
181.   Uncle Miltie
Roll! Yes!
2007-03-22 21:02:52
182.   Steve
Seems to me like Bill Walton is the Player of the game.
2007-03-22 21:03:00
183.   Xeifrank
Huge! Big Bill is happy.
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:03:25
184.   Uncle Miltie
Howland must have been reading the Griddle during the timeout.
2007-03-22 21:03:45
185.   Bob Timmermann
22 points is the bigggest deficit overcome in an NCAA touranment game. It was by Duke against Maryland in the National Semifinal in 2001.
2007-03-22 21:03:57
186.   Xeifrank
i think vegas had the Bruins as only a three point favorite. vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:04:26
187.   Xeifrank
don't you hate late whistles.
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:05:06
188.   Uncle Miltie
Why didn't they give the ball to Collison?
2007-03-22 21:05:43
189.   Xeifrank
Nice to see we have four decent free throw shooters in down the stretch. vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:06:23
190.   Xeifrank
na na na na
vr Xei
2007-03-22 21:06:40
191.   Greg Brock
Well, my season is complete. I don't really care what happens now.
2007-03-22 21:07:26
192.   Steve
Why, because they finally made it to 60?
2007-03-22 21:07:29
193.   Uncle Miltie
Clutch free throws by Afflalo...
2007-03-22 21:08:00
194.   Xeifrank
Now over to the Dominican appendectomy.
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:08:17
195.   Greg Brock
Final Four followed by an Elite Eight. That doesn't happen very often.

And Kansas is beatable.

2007-03-22 21:08:34
196.   trainwreck
We did outscore Kansas.
2007-03-22 21:09:16
197.   Bob Timmermann
Suffering Bruin keeps a 3 point lead on jkm1927.

Both have the Buckeyes in the last game of the night.

2007-03-22 21:09:16
198.   Bob Timmermann
Suffering Bruin keeps a 3 point lead on jkm1927.

Both have the Buckeyes in the last game of the night.

2007-03-22 21:09:18
199.   Uncle Miltie
After watching about 20 seconds of the UT/Ohio State game, I can see why Tennessee is losing. They are shooting 15 foot floaters.
2007-03-22 21:10:38
200.   Bob Timmermann
It's my blog and I can double post if I want to!

UCLA is 4-0 against Kansas in the NCAA tournament.

Past results are no guarantee of future performance.

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2007-03-22 21:11:05
201.   Marty
Have fun in China Xei. Which provinces are you visiting?
2007-03-22 21:11:29
202.   Xeifrank
pretty exciting game. UT/OSU
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:12:35
203.   Xeifrank
202. Mostly Hebei Province (borders Beijing to the southwest), a couple days in Beijing and perhaps a quick visit to Shandong province. Be gone for three weeks.
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:13:39
204.   Marty
Aah, sounds fun. I've got a friend from Hubei province.
2007-03-22 21:14:29
205.   Steve
We did outscore Kansas.

And violated broadcast decency standards (again) in doing so. Watching UCLA is like watching an NBA game. Yuck.

2007-03-22 21:14:42
206.   Greg Brock
203 Have a great time and stay safe.
2007-03-22 21:15:35
207.   D4P
Are there movie theaters in China...?
2007-03-22 21:16:23
208.   trainwreck
But they play no defense in the NBA and they run basic offensive sets.
2007-03-22 21:17:03
209.   Uncle Miltie
Bob, are you rooting for Tennessee even though it would (probably) screw up your bracket?

At this point, I'm so far behind that I'm rooting for the teams I actually want to win.

2007-03-22 21:18:01
210.   trainwreck
I do that from the beginning.
2007-03-22 21:19:03
211.   Bob Timmermann
I'm mathematically eliminated. I was starting the day. So I just want to have fun.
2007-03-22 21:19:07
212.   Steve
It's not defense to watch the other team miss shots. I think it would be kind to call what UCLA runs an "offensive set." I'm sure Howland sends in an "offensive set."
2007-03-22 21:20:52
213.   Xeifrank
206. Thanks, I will. The challenge will be keeping my 2.75 year old safe with all the crazy car, moped and bike drivers.

207. Yes. And I didn't see any western movies at the theaters there. Though I take a 5 hour bus ride and the movie they showed was the one where all the tornadoes wiped out LA. It was kind of funny because it was shown in english with no chinese subtitles and some of the guys on the bus were complaining about that. My wife and I were the only ones who could understand what they were saying, which considering the movie, wasn't necesarily a good thing. vr, Xei

2007-03-22 21:22:46
214.   Xeifrank
212. It looked like to me the UCLA defense was making it very difficult for Pitt to get off easy shots... thus the misses. I really liked the way UCLA started switching on the screens, once Pit started hitting those late threes. Brilliant. Too bad the Lakers can't learn that. vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:23:06
215.   Xeifrank
This is a great game. Can't wait for the finish. vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:23:56
216.   Uncle Miltie
That 3 by Lofton was just ridiculous.
2007-03-22 21:24:24
217.   Bob Timmermann
Bill Raftery has said "onions!" for years.

I have understood why.

2007-03-22 21:26:18
218.   Bob Timmermann
I should say I have NEVER understood why Raftery yells out "Onions!"
2007-03-22 21:26:59
219.   Bob Timmermann
I hope this question does not trouble me as long as the mysterious "Celery stalks at midnight."
2007-03-22 21:28:12
220.   Xeifrank
not sure about that call. vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:28:39
221.   Xeifrank
38.7 seconds and Bob is opening veggie chat.
vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:29:33
222.   trainwreck
Another game to be decided by free throws.
2007-03-22 21:29:46
223.   Uncle Miltie
Smart move to drive, the refs were definitely going to call a foul there.
2007-03-22 21:31:41
224.   Uncle Miltie
I feel sick and the announcers aren't making me feel any better.
2007-03-22 21:31:53
225.   D4P
Please tell me Tennessee had no timeouts left there...
2007-03-22 21:32:56
226.   Steve
Now, that was basketball.
2007-03-22 21:33:12
227.   Xeifrank
225. They don't advance the ball in college do they? If not, I think they did the right thing. vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:34:06
228.   Bob Timmermann
And Suffering Bruin hangs on to the lead by 3 points.

He has 70.

jkm1927 has 67.

However the two leaders both have guaranteed losses. SB has two and jkm1927 has one.

2007-03-22 21:34:06
229.   Xeifrank
time to flip over to espn for all the high lights. vr, Xei
2007-03-22 21:35:31
230.   Greg Brock
Well, that stinks. And my bracket is pretty dead. But who cares, that just stinks.
2007-03-22 21:35:40
231.   Gagne55
Well the end of the Ohio State/Tennesse game sure did suck.
2007-03-22 21:36:07
232.   Uncle Miltie
Highest paying job for a 30 year old college graduate?

a. Investment banker
b. Engineer
c. College basketball referee

2007-03-22 21:36:41
233.   Steve
[Just realizing the Pride of the MWC plays D4P's Oregon Ducks tomorrow]
2007-03-22 21:37:58
234.   D4P
Yep. Pride of the MWC vs. Pride of the Pac-10.
2007-03-22 21:38:04
235.   Bob Timmermann
That game will be shown in 6% of the country.
2007-03-22 21:39:09
236.   Bob Timmermann
That 6% of the country apparently being the states of Oregon and Nevada.
2007-03-22 21:40:59
237.   D4P
We're going away for the weekend, so I won't be able to watch the game. Which is probably just as well.
2007-03-22 21:42:56
238.   Steve
They just showed Darren Collison traveling again. Good times.
2007-03-22 21:44:38
239.   D4P
I thought UCLA never travels...
2007-03-22 21:47:30
240.   Greg Brock
It was interesting to see Coach Howland get choked up talking about Pitt. He described it as a "surreal experience" coaching against Jaime Dixon.
2007-03-23 06:09:50
241.   Vishal
i just need oregon to win and florida to lose. that's not too much to ask for, is it?

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