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Tragic turn of events at Cricket World Cup
2007-03-22 19:10
by Bob Timmermann

After Pakistan was shocked in its opening match of the Cricket World Cup by Ireland in Montego Bay, Jamaica back on March 17, Pakistan's coach Bob Woolmer was found dead in his hotel room.

And now Jamaican police say that Woolmer was murdered. The police have no suspects and no one has been arrested although the Pakistan team was interviewed.

BBC coverage.

Despite Woolmer's death, the competition has gone on.

2007-03-22 19:37:23
1.   Hugh Jorgan
This one won't come as too much of a surprise for anyone who knows cricket. The international betting rings have been lingering around cricket for decades and many players over the years have been in strife for taking payoffs to throw matches and associating with bookies. Pakistan has had many players implicated over the years and it was thought that Woolmer was going to blow the lid on this after they lost(again) to a team that shouldn't really be on the same pitch with short it looks as if they threw the match.
2007-03-22 20:32:09
2.   Mark T.R. Donohue
1 Dang, why can't they all just do steroids like our enlightened American athletes?
2007-03-22 21:31:12
3.   Hugh Jorgan
Actually 2 Pakistan players did get pinged for PED's about 6 months ago, but the ICC were going to let them play anyway. However, they mysteriously were no-shows when the English, South African, Australia and Indian media chucked a wobbly about it.
Cricket in Asia has always been rife with match payoffs and gambling associated innuendo so this is really nothing new.
2007-03-22 21:36:15
4.   Bob Timmermann
There's match payoffs, but murder is a whole other thing.
2007-03-22 21:55:06
5.   grandcosmo
Forget it, Bob. It's Pakistan.
2007-03-22 22:29:42
6.   trainwreck
As soon as I heard he died, I expected this. I immediately thought of the Columbian futbol team. I got family from Pakistan and I know how much cricket means to them.

I am amazed they initially thought it was a heart attack, when they found blood and vomit all over his room.

2007-03-22 23:18:28
7.   Bob Timmermann
What did the DA have you do in Montego Bay?

As little as possible.

2007-03-23 04:46:57
8.   DXMachina
"The deputy commissioner of the Jamaican police, Mark Shields, said this might now be a hunt for more than one killer, and urged the perpetrators to hand themselves in."

I can see where the commissioner might want to avoid authorizing overtime, but somehow I just don't think he ought to get his hopes up too high this time.

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