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Metaphors can hurt
2007-03-24 21:34
by Bob Timmermann

In this case, they hurt my sensibility.

In this article from the Motley Fool site about the DirecTV deal, there are way too many  baseball metaphors used. One was funny. Two were cute. Three were annoying. When the count reached four, I tried to gouge out my eyes.


But as Jacobson touched first base, convinced he had legged out a hit for his subscribers, Bob DuPuy, baseball's chief operating officer, called a hearty "steeeerike." According to DuPuy, iN Demand's supposed home run offer had actually landed well inside the outfield, completely missing the requirements for carrying The Baseball Channel and sharing rights fees for "Extra Innings." An in-your-face argument quickly ensued at home plate. Jacobson huffed, "By rejecting this matching offer, Major League Baseball has proven it never intended for iN Demand to have a fair and equal opportunity to bid for Extra Innings." DuPuy retorted that the March 31 deadline for completion of a cable-baseball deal stands. There'll simply be no, um, extra innings.

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