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The Ups and many Downs of Duaner Sanchez
2007-03-26 15:37
by Bob Timmermann

After missing the final months and the postseason last year with a separated shoulder suffered in a taxi accident in Miami, Mets reliever Duaner Sanchez will be out until midseason now with a fracture in his right shoulder. In between, Sanchez had been sent home from Mets camp for a day when manager Willie Randolph didn't think he was being serious about his rehab and had shown up overweight.

In other transactions:


The Padres are going to release second baseman Todd Walker, about a month after Walker won his arbitration case.

The Marlins acquired reliever Jorge Julio from Arizona in exchange for Yusmeiro Petit, who was, for a while, an "untouchable" prospect for the Mets. Apparently, Petit can now be touched.

Toby Hall will likely miss all season for the White Sox after tearing his right labrum.

2007-03-26 21:05:44
1.   das411
I know a certain DRaysBay'er who will be thrilled with this news Bob!

Toby Hall's uppance...has come!

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