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Have a fun year, Mariners fans
2007-03-29 11:43
by Bob Timmermann

From the Seattle Times:

Ordonez on verge of making Mariners.

Yep, a 36-year old infielder, who hasn't played organized ball since 2004, with a career OPS of .599 (an OPS+ of 60! and that exclamantion point means shock, not "60 factorial")

And with the return of Russ Ortiz, it seems like baseball teams are recycling bad ideas and players like Hollywood enjoyed making "Police Academy" films.

The whole article about who is going to be on the Mariners 25-man roster would make me want to flee from Seattle up to Canada and seek asylum from Bill Bavasi.





2007-03-29 11:55:05
1.   scareduck
Lookout Landing has a series of posts (written as a future history) for each possible finish the Mariners could make in the AL West. Notice that they sweep the Angels in Los Angeles de Anaheim in all four scenarios:


2007-03-29 12:14:30
2.   D4P
A glimmer of hope for Mariner fans:

2007-03-29 12:52:33
3.   dianagramr

wow .... Manny for Ichiro .... THAT would be one to dissect for a while ...

one wonders if Coco Crisp is renting his home in Boston

2007-03-29 14:12:18
4.   blue22
I just moved to Seattle, and really I'm trying my best to adopt this team as my #2 but, man is it tough. Thank goodness for Felix Hernandez.

How does one team carry Betancourt, Jose Lopez, and Ordonez (especially when the DH is Jose Vidro)?

2007-03-30 13:50:23
5.   Voxter
4 - It took me a long time to adopt them as my #2, and I've lived in Oregon my entire life. Finally got there, though.

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