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Baseball stadiums and their Representatives
2007-03-29 23:07
by Bob Timmermann

The New York Times and CQ Press matched up each major league park with its House Representative and discovered, not surprisingly, that all but three of them are represented by Democrats. The exceptions are Toronto (for obvious reasons), Cincinnati, and Texas. As the article points out, baseball stadiums are almost all in cities (especially downtowns) and they are almost all in Democratic areas (which tend to be the big cities.)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has AT&T Park in her district and Rahm Emanuel has Wrigley Field.

However, unlike those slackers at CQ and the New York Times, I go the extra mile. Rogers Centre in Toronto is in the constituency of Olivia Chow, a member of the New Democratic Party.

2007-03-30 07:43:20
1.   D4P
Democrats represent baseball stadiums.
Republicans represent Walmarts.
2007-03-30 14:14:51
2.   Greg Brock

Democrats tax and spend for outrageous gov't subsidies for stadiums
Republicans support efficient private enterprise.


Democrats invest in infrastructure and city development
Republicans support mega corporations that line their own pockets.

Pick sides, everybody!

2007-03-30 16:53:40
3.   D4P
Sports stadiums are huge economic boosters that draw millions of fans to the community each year


Sports stadiums are huge economic busts that merely provide existing residents with an alternative spending option

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