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What passes as big news regarding the Pirates
2007-03-30 16:50
by Bob Timmermann

The Pirates sent former All-Star Dan Kolb to their minor league camp and decided not to put Jose Hernandez on the big league roster.

And former Pirate manager Bill Virdon and Chuck Tanner are angry that next year, the Pirates spring training stadium, McKechnie Field in Bradenton, will have lights. Virdon and Tanner have voluntarily decided to have electricity removed from their homes I hear. And they won't use gasoline-powered cars, but rather travel around in horse-drawn buggies. Or rickshaws.


2007-03-30 16:59:01
1.   Humma Kavula

Faster, Kolb!


Pull harder, Hernandez!


2007-03-30 18:58:55
2.   xaphor
They are upset that their rousing game of guess the Pirate is ruined. How are they supposed to entertain themselves now?
2007-03-31 09:42:35
3.   das411
Didn't the county of Bradenton just spend several mil modernizing McKechnie Field? And they forgot to put lights on???

...and has there ever been any definitive answer to the question of whether teams that play all day games have poorer records than those who play at night? Maybe the folks at Cub Town could help us out with this one...

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