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[ Day Nine of the NCAA Tournament Open Thread ]
2007-03-31 10:00
by Bob Timmermann

The Big Boys have arrived in Atlanta for the last three games of the year in college basketball.

They need little introduction, but I will still introduce them because you come to this blog for witty intros to overhyped sporting events. You're all champing at the bit aren't you.

Game 1 will supposedly tip off at 3:07 pm PT in Atlanta between the East Region Champion and #2 seed Georgetown and the South Region Champion and #1 seed Ohio State. This game will be big. Literally. There are big guys playing in this game. Greg Oden and Roy (don't call me Julius) Hibbert are large men. Greg Oden may look like he's 35, but when he talks, he definitely sounds like he's 18.

In the Griddle's contest, if Ohio State wins, then the entries "it goes up to 65", "maligNED and beLITTLEd", and ToyCannon are eliminated.

If Georgetown wins, Suffering Bruin, Dodgergabe, sonic death monkey, and Trojan Ron all go down.

Game 2 should be starting around 5:47 pm PT between the West Region Champion and #2 seed UCLA and the Midwest Region Champion and #1 seed Florida. Oh, and Florida won last year. The Gators are doing their best to somehow make UCLA look like a sentimental underdog that people want to root for. That's really hard to do and is a credit to Billy Donovan and his fine upstanding group of young scholar-athletes. Nevertheless, a UCLA victory would be, in my opinion, a bit of a surprise as I picture Lee Humphrey raining down threes as he gets open as the Bruins try to double team Noah and Horford.

The only thing you can count on is Jim Nantz trying to be inoffensive and then wondering how sanctimonious Billy Packer be. How many more years will CBS inflict Billy Packer on America? I'm guessing that will be as long as Packer wants to stay.

I picture this scene when Packer dies.

Packer: Hey, St. Peter, well I'm ready for heaven.

St. Peter: Sorry, you didn't do well enough in life.

Packer: C'mon, I'm a good guy! I went to church every Sunday.

St. Peter: Yeah, but you should have asked the people who came up to me in airports to tell me about you.

As for the Griddle contest, a win by Florida would eliminate Dodgergabe, "maligNED and beLITTLEd", and "sonic death monkey." A UCLA win would eliminate Toy Cannon, Suffering Bruin (he would lose the irony tiebreaker too), and Trojan Ron.

There are just seven people who can win. Trojan Ron is the current leader by one point over Suffering Bruin. Sonic death monkey is presently in 13th place and would make the biggest leap if Ohio State beats UCLA on Monday. He would beat Trojan Ron by one point in that scenario.

If all the picks were weighted evenly, Suffering Bruin would be the leader with 50 correct out of the first 60 games.

And remember back to the early rounds when Monterey Chris ruled the roost and we were thinking of building a series of churches in his honor? He's tied for 66th and he proved to be the latest in a string of false gods that I've worshiped.

Comments (212)
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2007-03-31 12:18:21
1.   Suffering Bruin
I want to lose... I want to lose... I want to lose... this bracket.

Problem is, I think I'm going to win it. But...

I want to lose... I want to lose... I want to lose...

2007-03-31 12:34:20
2.   Andrew Shimmin
Once D4P was eliminated, I stopped worrying about who would win the pool. Well, I was never all that worried about it. The time has come for Georgetown and Florida to go home. So it is written, so let it be done.
2007-03-31 13:15:00
3.   trainwreck
I hope Bob has to end up going on a trip to Westwood.
2007-03-31 13:41:20
4.   bhsportsguy
I kind of feel like I did the morning of the UCLA vs. USC game last December, however the UCLA Basketball team is a much better team than the football team and Florida maybe even better than USC Football was that day.

If we were playing at home, it would be one thing. But we'll know in a few hours.

2007-03-31 13:49:37
5.   Greg Brock
At some point, we're going to have to throw some predictions out there for the UCLA/Florida game.

I'll give you a hint...The heart trumps the mind.

2007-03-31 13:49:39
6.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think Justin Hickman is suiting up for UCLA today.

He would match up OK with Horford I think.

2007-03-31 13:59:17
7.   trainwreck
Oh no. When Brock expects doom, we win. Brock is being optimistic...

Bad sign.

2007-03-31 14:19:53
8.   Suffering Bruin
I'm with 5 which should surprise no one. There is no logical reason to pick UCLA to win. I never liked logic.

This is cool. Outside of the Dodgers, it's been a while since I was this emotionally involved in a sporting event. I'll be here at tipoff and hopefully able to stay all the way through.

2007-03-31 14:20:11
9.   Greg Brock
7 I know. This is bad news.
2007-03-31 14:39:38
10.   Greg Brock
I see that Willoughby no longer adorns The Griddle


2007-03-31 14:44:42
11.   Eric Enders
Adam Keefe scores in double figures today. The world is his oyster.
2007-03-31 14:46:40
12.   D4P
Once D4P was eliminated, I stopped worrying about who would win the pool

The joke's on you: I didn't even submit a bracket!

2007-03-31 14:47:11
13.   Eric Enders
Also, I hate Michael Roll. Like, really, really, hate him. Mostly because he looks like Mike McGlone, that really annoying guy who was Edward Burns' sidekick in "The Brothers McMullen."
2007-03-31 14:47:54
14.   Eric Enders
12 If you cannot afford a bracket, one will be appointed for you.
2007-03-31 14:48:46
15.   Greg Brock
13 That's a pretty random guy to hate.
2007-03-31 14:54:02
16.   Bob Timmermann
"Willoughby" has been taken down for reworking.

Trying to keep things fresh.

2007-03-31 14:54:18
17.   Greg Brock
I love Luther Vandross, but he's dead, and that song is terrible.

The Final Four song should be Dear Prudence. For no apparent reason.

2007-03-31 14:55:05
18.   Greg Brock
16 Fine. You're the boss.


2007-03-31 15:02:11
19.   Bob Timmermann
On CBS Sportsline there is a set of photos of one player from each of the Final Four teams on its front page:

Georgetown - Jeff Green
Ohio State - Greg Oden
Florida - Al Horford

UCLA - Russell Westbrook

2007-03-31 15:03:07
20.   Bob Timmermann
Stay tuned for "Ethnic Mismatch Comedy No. 17"!
2007-03-31 15:05:49
21.   Eric Enders
19 That is Roy Hibbert, not Jeff Green.
2007-03-31 15:09:40
22.   trainwreck
I hate Ohio State, but they are a better matchup for UCLA than Georgetown.
2007-03-31 15:21:02
23.   Eric Enders
21 I think they were just wanting to picture the starting center for each team, and they couldn't very well put Lorenzo Mata's mugshot up there because women and children might be reading.
2007-03-31 15:21:48
24.   nick
two on Oden...does anybody like that second call!? the refs have so much control over a college game--
2007-03-31 15:24:14
25.   Eric Enders
I like it... and I haven't even started watching the game yet!

Rooting hard for Georgetown.

2007-03-31 15:28:30
26.   Bob Timmermann
I remain nonpartisan.
2007-03-31 15:29:29
27.   trainwreck
They have been playing better without Oden in this tournament frankly.
2007-03-31 15:35:32
28.   Bob Timmermann
There is a 3-man crew for the radio broadcast.
Kevin Harlan
Bill Raftery
John Thompson the Elder
2007-03-31 15:44:25
29.   Greg Brock
Georgetown is terribly out of rhythm on offense. Call timeout and restart this thing.
2007-03-31 15:47:24
30.   Voxter
Stupid basketball keeps starting earlier than I think it's going to. Phooey.

To be honest, I'm having some difficulty brewing much enthusiasm for any of these games after the incredibly aggravating Oregon - Florida tilt last week. About the only pleasure I'm going to glean from today's games will be rooting hard against the Death Eaters -- er, Florida Gators. I guess I'll root for Georgetown, cos a friend of mine went there and their coach went to Princeton, which is weird.

If the final is Florida - Ohio State (as I expect), I don't think I'm going to watch.

2007-03-31 15:52:53
31.   nick
#27--sorry, that's just not frank:

Memphis 64-38 28-38
Tennessee 40-26 45-58
Xavier 55-52 23-19
CCSU 60-39 18-18

2007-03-31 15:54:49
32.   Bob Timmermann
trainwreck doesn't need any fancy numbers. He just knows. ;-)
2007-03-31 15:59:07
33.   nick
#32--well, to be fair, today he's right so far...
2007-03-31 16:02:31
34.   Voxter
For your halftime edification, CMT is showing "Footloose" right now.
2007-03-31 16:04:28
35.   trainwreck
Well I based if off when I saw Ohio State play, clearly I saw a lot of the good parts. I still have that Xavier game stuck in my head.
2007-03-31 16:05:32
36.   D4P
Oregon was 2-2 against the Final Four teams
2007-03-31 16:06:53
37.   Greg Brock
Ohio State averages 74 points per game. UCLA averages 71 points per game. Georgetown averages 69 points per game.

I wonder why nobody is calling this a "Typical low scoring Ohio State game," or a "Typical low-scoring Georgetown game."

P.S. I put this in the DT thread! Whoops!

2007-03-31 16:09:05
38.   Greg Brock
I may have put it in the wrong thread, but at least I didn't double-post.
2007-03-31 16:09:13
39.   Greg Brock
I may have put it in the wrong thread, but at least I didn't double-post.
2007-03-31 16:09:44
40.   Voxter
36 - I have kind of a hard time wrapping my head around that.
2007-03-31 16:10:35
41.   Voxter
39 - Please tell me that was unintentional.
2007-03-31 16:11:50
42.   Greg Brock
41 No, it wasn't. But I thought it was pretty funny.
2007-03-31 16:14:13
43.   ToyCannon
Tell me again why Ogden is a once in a generation post player? Has the position fallen into such disarray that this imposter can really be compared to Bill Russel?
2007-03-31 16:14:35
44.   Voxter
Pretty funny, but it would have been funnier if you hadn't meant to do it.

Has Oden been in foul trouble in each of the last four games? That seems to be what I remember.

2007-03-31 16:19:26
45.   Greg Brock
Nice to see somebody else get destroyed by back door cuts for once.

Princeton offense can really hurt.

2007-03-31 16:19:30
46.   trainwreck
My gut tells me yes. And I only go by the gut.
2007-03-31 16:22:49
47.   Voxter
Georgetown will be starring in a "how not to play basketball in pressure situations" educational video this summer.
2007-03-31 16:27:41
48.   Voxter
Greg Oden's specialty seems to be fouling. Kind of like Kevin Duckworth's specialty used to be travelling.
2007-03-31 16:29:43
49.   Greg Brock
Georgetown looks much more disorganized than usual. They run such a precise offense, and it's not happening tonight.
2007-03-31 16:42:11
50.   Voxter
That was a very bad call.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-03-31 16:45:13
51.   nick
ok, now that's a terrible call against Green--should've been four on Oden.

Packer, you gutless wonder! It was CLEARLY the wrong call.

2007-03-31 16:45:50
52.   Bob Timmermann
So is this the time when Ohio State is supposed to start missing every shot?
2007-03-31 16:45:51
53.   Greg Brock
Garbage call against Georgetown. Dude is just standing there and gets run over on a missed dunk.

Total garbage.

2007-03-31 16:50:08
54.   nick
Oden's a better athlete, but Hibbert has way better hands...
2007-03-31 16:50:12
55.   Uncle Miltie
Awesome, 4 on Oden.
2007-03-31 16:51:25
56.   nick
It's like the refs are just trying to equalize fouls on the big guys, more or less--which given their seeming lack of ability to actually adjudicate fouls, may be the fairest decision...
2007-03-31 16:54:14
57.   Bob Timmermann
Is the Evil One starting to say Jerry Lucas's name over and over now?
2007-03-31 16:54:26
58.   Voxter
Well, it was fun while it lasted, Georgetown.
2007-03-31 16:54:48
59.   Uncle Miltie
I think that's the game. I want Conley on the Clippers next year.
2007-03-31 16:55:15
60.   Bob Timmermann
So was the offensive foul on Green justified?
2007-03-31 16:58:38
61.   Uncle Miltie
So who would you select with the first pick in the draft, Durant or Oden?
2007-03-31 16:58:49
62.   Bob Timmermann
And now the possible winners are down to four.

Trojan Ron
Suffering Bruin
Sonic Death Monkey

The first two need Florida to win. The second two need UCLA to win.

2007-03-31 16:59:07
63.   Greg Brock
60 Yes, it was a charge. But Oden's dunk was an obvious charge that wasn't called earlier. If you believe in makeup calls, it should have been called a block.

But it was a charge.

2007-03-31 17:04:23
64.   Bob Timmermann
Well, it read like a charge to me!
2007-03-31 17:06:29
65.   Greg Brock
Comparing Greg Oden to Lew Alcindor is so asinine it boggles the mind.

Greg Oden isn't even Patrick Ewing at this point.

2007-03-31 17:07:37
66.   Bob Timmermann
Updated standings:
Trojan Ron 127
Suffering Bruin 126
Dodgergabe 125

Sonic Death Monkey is in 8th with 112 but has the highest score among people who picked Ohio State to beat UCLA in the final.

2007-03-31 17:11:46
67.   Greg Brock
The tip-off for the UCLA/Florida game is 8:47.

That's 13 minutes till 9.

13 to 9. That has to mean something.

2007-03-31 17:15:04
68.   trainwreck
Actually Oden has put up better numbers then Ewing did in his freshman year.

Ewing 12.7 pts 7.5 rebs 3.2 blks .631FG%
Oden 15.4 pts 9.5 rebs 3.3 blks .616FG%

2007-03-31 17:15:23
69.   Bob Timmermann
The Griddle operates on Pacific Time and recognizes no other time zones.

The UCLA/Florida game tips off at 13 minutes to 6.

2007-03-31 17:15:52
70.   Greg Brock
And Ewing made three Final Fours.
2007-03-31 17:17:16
71.   Bob Timmermann
For old time's sake, Monterey Chris has jumped back to 34th place, one point behind Greg Brock.
2007-03-31 17:19:40
72.   trainwreck
What a terrible looking trophy and this might as well be an ad for Lowe's.
2007-03-31 17:19:49
73.   Uncle Miltie
This is hilarious watching Alando Tucker read off a teleprompter praising Lowe's.
2007-03-31 17:21:37
74.   Greg Brock
Yes, but The Griddle used to be a place where a man could slow down to a walk and live his life full measure.

If The Griddle can change its very essence, it can fudge time zones a little bit.

2007-03-31 17:27:35
75.   Bob Timmermann
Did you check the new tagline up top?
2007-03-31 17:29:02
76.   Greg Brock
75 Oh that is hilarious! Nice job.
2007-03-31 17:34:55
77.   Greg Brock
Dear God, please let the Bruins win this game. I'll stop taking your name in vein for an entire week, I'll even go to church...Once.

I'll take communion and everything.

2007-03-31 17:36:56
78.   trainwreck
I was hoping you were going to threaten not to watch this game. That seems to work.
2007-03-31 17:41:42
79.   Greg Brock
vein, vain, whatever...
2007-03-31 17:43:24
80.   Bob Timmermann
Stop mainlining God!
2007-03-31 17:44:57
81.   Greg Brock
Stop mainlining God!

Now that Willoughby is dead, I think that should be The Griddle's motto...

2007-03-31 17:45:53
82.   Marty
So Greg, do you have your game-face on?

I'm actually rooting for UCLA

2007-03-31 17:48:46
83.   Greg Brock
82 Greg Brock's current mood: Timorous
2007-03-31 17:49:04
84.   Andrew Shimmin
This swirly bird's eye thing for the tipoff makes me seasick.
2007-03-31 17:52:05
85.   Greg Brock
What a cheap foul. Bull----
2007-03-31 17:52:40
86.   trainwreck
Well that is not helpful.
2007-03-31 17:52:44
87.   Bob Timmermann
Enter Eric Enders' archenemy!
2007-03-31 17:53:55
88.   Greg Brock
Feel free to make a shot anytime this half, Bruins.

Swears...Lots of swears.

2007-03-31 17:54:48
89.   Andrew Shimmin
The Bruins are raining death from above, tonight.
2007-03-31 17:55:04
90.   Greg Brock
Florida traveled twice in that possession.
2007-03-31 17:56:05
91.   Marty
Are you saying the Bruins are making it rain?
2007-03-31 17:56:48
92.   Greg Brock
Let's just foul the whole team out in the first half.
2007-03-31 17:56:56
93.   trainwreck
Feel free to quit the ticky-tack stuff.
2007-03-31 17:57:39
94.   Bob Timmermann
I expect that Ryan Wright will be making an appearance today.
2007-03-31 17:58:40
95.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA has made more field goals in this game than Florida!
2007-03-31 18:00:02
96.   Jon Weisman
Score pace at first time out: UCLA 40, Florida 20
2007-03-31 18:02:56
97.   Uncle Miltie
Florida is getting away with a lot right now. Noah just committed a foul.
2007-03-31 18:04:05
98.   Uncle Miltie
Great defense by Aboya.
2007-03-31 18:04:06
99.   Andrew Shimmin
Who's this Keefe character? I just assumed I was seeing Roll with double vision.
2007-03-31 18:06:00
100.   Greg Brock
I understand that Afflalo is going to get guarded closely. Where is Shipp?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-03-31 18:06:59
101.   trainwreck
I think it is time to unleash Russell Westbrook.
2007-03-31 18:07:03
102.   Eric Enders
Adam Keefe is, of course, the keeper of all that is good and right in the world. He will be scoring double figures in this game.
2007-03-31 18:08:08
103.   Greg Brock
99 Keefe was a McDonald's All-American last year. He just doesn't play much because of Mbah a Moute, Aboya, and Mata.

He'll be a good one next year, and the year after that.

2007-03-31 18:08:27
104.   Jon Weisman
Score pace at second time out: UCLA 30, Florida 25.
2007-03-31 18:09:27
105.   Uncle Miltie
Another BS call....unbelievable.
2007-03-31 18:10:14
106.   Jon Weisman
Adam Keefe in the Final Four? Cool!
2007-03-31 18:11:18
107.   trainwreck
Corey Brewer owns Afflalo.
2007-03-31 18:11:38
108.   Greg Brock
This is the closest I've ever come to swearing on The Griddle. Except for the time I actually did swear.
2007-03-31 18:12:42
109.   Jon Weisman
Florida still doesn't have a two-point attempt.

Bo Kimble played with four fouls. Leave Arron in!

2007-03-31 18:13:40
110.   Greg Brock
Foul on Noah. No call.
2007-03-31 18:15:30
111.   Eric Enders
102 Keefe is all-powerful, so it matters not what name we call him by. He owns them all.

I do wish Adam Keefe had played in the Final Four, though.

2007-03-31 18:18:33
112.   Greg Brock
Have we had a foul called on Florida yet?
2007-03-31 18:19:20
113.   Marty
Hey, they called a travel on Noah once already. What do you want?


2007-03-31 18:20:06
114.   Greg Brock
2007-03-31 18:20:12
115.   Marty
Emoticons are a must when teasing during a UCLA game.
2007-03-31 18:20:18
116.   D4P
Wow, I see the "Pac-10 POY" has 3 fouls already
2007-03-31 18:20:44
117.   Jon Weisman
Pace picking up: Florida 43, UCLA 40.
2007-03-31 18:23:55
118.   Greg Brock
Josh Shipp assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand
2007-03-31 18:25:58
119.   Jon Weisman
Has UCLA's Shipp come in?

Get it?

2007-03-31 18:28:16
120.   Greg Brock
Afflalo has to play. This is getting out of hand very quickly.
2007-03-31 18:28:31
121.   Greg Brock
Call a goddamn foul!
2007-03-31 18:28:33
122.   trainwreck
Shipp had to pass that ball.
2007-03-31 18:28:53
123.   Uncle Miltie
Yea...great "defense" by Florida.

I hope the refs are proud of themselves.

2007-03-31 18:29:43
124.   Uncle Miltie
Another great "block"

This is getting ridiculous

2007-03-31 18:29:52
125.   Greg Brock
Another foul. This is garbage. Blocks are NOT SLAPS ON THE WRIST.
2007-03-31 18:30:56
126.   Andrew Shimmin
Could be they're working on a quota system, and used up all their foul calls in the first forty seconds.
2007-03-31 18:31:21
127.   JoeyP
Florida is beating UCLA at their own game.
Blocks, slaps, hacking defense...
2007-03-31 18:34:07
128.   D4P
No offense, but, well, that's what UCLA has
2007-03-31 18:34:08
129.   Greg Brock
Dude, Ben...We're kind of getting our butt kicked. Afflalo has to play.
2007-03-31 18:36:31
130.   Uncle Miltie
Brewer is a mediocre shooter and he's already hit 3 3's. Maybe UCLA should consider guarding him on the perimeter rather than double-teaming Noah.
2007-03-31 18:36:59
131.   Greg Brock
Imagine how different this game would be if Michael Roll could hit a shot.
2007-03-31 18:37:14
132.   Uncle Miltie
How is that not a technical on Noah?
2007-03-31 18:37:19
133.   trainwreck
Can't believe Roll is our "shooter".
2007-03-31 18:37:45
134.   nick
T-up that whiny brat Noah, couldja?
2007-03-31 18:39:42
135.   Greg Brock
A foul call on Florida in the post. Be still my heart.
2007-03-31 18:41:06
136.   D4P
Aaron Brooks only scored 27 points against Florida. But then again, he wasn't the Pac-10 Player of the Year.
2007-03-31 18:41:57
137.   Marty
Well, only 6 down. UCLA is still very much in it.
2007-03-31 18:42:01
138.   JoeyP
Very similar to last year's game.
If UCLA gets behind by more than 10 in the 2nd half, its probably over.
2007-03-31 18:42:04
139.   Andrew Shimmin
There's still a rule against double dribbling, isn't there?
2007-03-31 18:42:17
140.   Greg Brock
All things considered, it could have been a lot worse this half.

136 Aaron Brooks is very good. I'll write him a very nice note. Maybe I'll send him a box of See's Candies.

2007-03-31 18:44:10
141.   trainwreck
Well Shipp has picked a good time to have his best game. Now he needs Collison and Afflalo to join him.
2007-03-31 18:52:56
142.   Bob Timmermann
Does anyone know who was the Pac-10 Player of the Year last year?

It's not exactly the most prestigious award.

2007-03-31 18:53:33
143.   D4P
I don't care one way or another who wins POY awards other than that I think they should make sense
2007-03-31 18:58:04
144.   Greg Brock
143 So Aaron Afflalo was worthy of being a First-team All-American, but not Pacific Ten Player of the Year?

Winning the conference usually helps with those things. If the Ducks grab the title, Brooks probably wins POY.

2007-03-31 18:59:32
145.   Bob Timmermann
Last year's Pac-10 player of the year was Brandon Roy, who was a first team All-America. Leon Powe had a monster year, but didn't win it. Mainly because Cal wasn't as good as Washington last year.
2007-03-31 19:02:20
146.   Uncle Miltie
142- Brandon Roy?
2007-03-31 19:02:59
147.   JoeyP
Afflalo isnt even starting the 2nd half?

Whats Ben thinking?

2007-03-31 19:03:14
148.   trainwreck
Well looks like we are going to have to count on Michael Roll.


2007-03-31 19:03:35
149.   Greg Brock
I don't understand why Afflalo is sitting. I love Ben, but I don't get it.
2007-03-31 19:04:19
150.   Uncle Miltie
148- Yea, looks like it :)

Michael Roll clubs baby seals

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-03-31 19:04:43
151.   Greg Brock
Well, if Humphrey and Brewer are never going to miss, we can't win. Not our fault.
2007-03-31 19:04:54
152.   trainwreck
We need to stop double teaming.
2007-03-31 19:05:06
153.   Bob Timmermann
Lowest field goal percentage in a Final Four game is 19.5% by NC State against Baylor in the 1950 consolation game.

I think that record will stand.

2007-03-31 19:05:38
154.   Uncle Miltie
151- see 152.
2007-03-31 19:07:34
155.   Greg Brock
I can take solace knowing that we'll be preseason #1 next year. That's nice.

I don't mind losing. But damn, I do hate the Gators.

2007-03-31 19:09:42
156.   Bob Timmermann
I miss the consolation game.
2007-03-31 19:09:51
157.   Uncle Miltie
Nice foul by Horford.
2007-03-31 19:15:14
159.   Uncle Miltie
158- they haven't won 2 yet....
2007-03-31 19:18:31
161.   Greg Brock
JoeyP is just here to enjoy the Florida victory.

It's about half a step below being a troll. It's not quite troll behavior, but it's close.

2007-03-31 19:19:27
162.   Bob Timmermann
I have zero tolerance.
2007-03-31 19:20:15
163.   trainwreck
This is really going to be Afflalo's last game?
2007-03-31 19:20:58
164.   Uncle Miltie
What a dirty play by Florida
2007-03-31 19:21:24
165.   Greg Brock
Afflalo can leave. I just hope he doesn't have any illusions about being a first rounder.

He's not.

2007-03-31 19:22:35
166.   Uncle Miltie
All I ask for is for someone on UCLA take out Noah. Anyone.
2007-03-31 19:22:48
167.   Uncle Miltie
2007-03-31 19:23:39
168.   trainwreck
I am just broken down. I cannot even hate Noah with a passion right now.
2007-03-31 19:24:08
169.   Bob Timmermann
Do you mean "take out" in a social sense?
2007-03-31 19:24:32
170.   Uncle Miltie
And after that brutal foul, Florida gets the ball back. Nice.
2007-03-31 19:25:50
171.   Uncle Miltie
169- No, I'm not talking about dinner and a movie. Just no.
2007-03-31 19:27:15
172.   Greg Brock
Aaron Afflalo can feel free to show up for a big game any time in his Bruin career.

Really. Any time.

2007-03-31 19:27:26
173.   Bob Timmermann
Well, dinner and a movie would be cheaper.
2007-03-31 19:29:35
174.   Bob Timmermann
If JoeyP were a UF alum, I would welcome his gloating. He's not. He's merely acting as an agent provocateur.

So, I do not welcome him to the Griddle.


In perpetuity.

Including any offspring of his.

2007-03-31 19:32:45
175.   Uncle Miltie
174- my Aunt went to UF. I won't be talking to her for a long time.
2007-03-31 19:32:46
176.   Greg Brock
Just shoot the ball. I don't care if we lose the game. Just put the ball up. Don't turn it over on passes. Come down, two passes, and put up a shot.

The odds are against us. Might as well go down swinging.

2007-03-31 19:33:25
177.   Greg Brock
We have been absolutely bitched in the post.
2007-03-31 19:33:37
178.   Uncle Miltie
I don't blame Afflalo. When that basket doesn't go in, nothing will.
2007-03-31 19:36:27
179.   Greg Brock
The entire team is 1-12 from beyond the arc.

Imagine if we were 4-12. The game would be very different.

Hit a damn shot.

2007-03-31 19:37:39
180.   Uncle Miltie
A good call!
2007-03-31 19:38:08
181.   Greg Brock
Afflalo has been the death of us.
2007-03-31 19:38:20
182.   Greg Brock
And a missed call.
2007-03-31 19:38:24
183.   Uncle Miltie
Haha, even the announcers will admit that that was a bad call.
2007-03-31 19:40:29
184.   Greg Brock
Afflalo fouled on the three.
2007-03-31 19:40:32
185.   Uncle Miltie
Afflalo was just fouled on a 3 point attempt.
2007-03-31 19:40:33
186.   Bob Timmermann
I'm thinking that my championship game thread will get very few comments.
2007-03-31 19:42:16
187.   Uncle Miltie
Noah pushed off Shipp to gather the rebound.

The officiating in this game has been comical.

2007-03-31 19:42:29
188.   Greg Brock
I can't believe how terrible we've been with defensive rebounding. Embarrassing.
2007-03-31 19:43:20
189.   Greg Brock
Kevin Love can't get here soon enough.
2007-03-31 19:46:21
190.   Uncle Miltie
I'm really frustrated right now. Not only have I been really sick for the past two weeks, but UCLA is going to lose to Florida.

I'm thinking about taking it out on Noah's wikipedia page.

2007-03-31 19:48:10
191.   Uncle Miltie
Too little, too late, Arron.
2007-03-31 19:49:53
192.   Marty
So, I had 3 of 4 final 4 teams in my bracket, yet didn't come close to the lead. Now it looks like I've got the two finalists and still won't be close.
2007-03-31 19:52:29
193.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA is not getting anywhere near the record for biggest combined margin of defeat in Final Four games (not counting consolations)

In 1967, UCLA beat Houston by 8 and then in 1968, UCLA beat Houston by 35.

Houston did win the 1967 consolation game by 22 over North Carolina in between.

2007-03-31 19:55:49
194.   Greg Brock
The idea that the University of Florida prevented UCLA from winning back to back NCAA titles really bothers me.
2007-03-31 19:56:50
195.   Bob Timmermann
So Monday, although it will be Florida vs Ohio State, it will be the Lexus Gauntlet instead.

Trojan Ron will win if Ohio State beats Florida.
Suffering Bruin will win if Florida beats Ohio State.

2007-03-31 19:57:45
196.   Greg Brock
Finals last year, semi-finals this year. God, anybody but an athlete factory like Florida.

And they play Ohio State on Monday. Academics be damned, I guess.

2007-03-31 20:00:16
197.   Bob Timmermann
Florida has 16 NCAA championships to date:
1 in men's basektball
4 in men's golf
2 in women's golf
1 in women's soccer
2 in men's swimming
1 in women's swimming
4 in women's tennis
1 in women's indoor track

Ohio State has 21
1 in men's basketball
1 in men's baseball
1 in men's fencing
1 in coed fencing
2 in men's golf
3 in men's gymnastics
11 in men's swimming
1 in men's outdoor track

2007-03-31 20:00:51
198.   Marty
My advice Greg is to play some poker.
2007-03-31 20:02:19
199.   Uncle Miltie
197- football isn't a sport?
2007-03-31 20:02:19
200.   GoBears
197. Um, Florida? Football? 2007? Or do BCS championships not count? I can respect that - just asking.
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2007-03-31 20:02:24
201.   Greg Brock
198 We need to sit down at a table together at some point. On the internet, or at a casino.

When Marty and Brock get together to play cards, I predict good times.

2007-03-31 20:03:22
202.   Greg Brock
The NCAA doesn't count football championships.
2007-03-31 20:03:27
203.   Bob Timmermann
As the NCAA website states:
The NCAA does not conduct a championship for the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (Division I FBS - formerly Division I-A). Instead, these teams participate in a national championship system developed by the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) organization.
2007-03-31 20:04:05
204.   Marty
I'm in a little $2 tournament now. I think I'm going to Las Vegas this Thursday and Friday. Mainly for a steak dinner, but there's a craps table in my future too.
2007-03-31 20:05:17
205.   Bob Timmermann
If Ohio State wins, Marty would finish third!

The Griddle contests awards third prize in a "Glengarry Glen Ross" manner.

2007-03-31 20:06:20
206.   Uncle Miltie
203- ok, anything to make USC look like a weaker sports program is fine by me.
2007-03-31 20:08:44
207.   Marty
I already have steak knives!
2007-03-31 20:09:27
208.   Bob Timmermann
USC also loses out on a lot of track and tennis championships from the time before the NCAA sponsored championships.

USC officially has 84 NCAA championships, third most, behind UCLA (99) and Stanford (93).

The most by a school not in the Pac-10 is Oklahoma State with 48, 34 of them in wrestling.

2007-03-31 20:09:59
209.   Bob Timmermann
Steak knives were second prize.
2007-03-31 20:10:29
210.   Uncle Miltie
I am one point behind 1st place in another bracket. If Ohio State wins, he wins, if Florida wins, I win.

I'm rooting for Ohio State.

2007-03-31 20:10:41
211.   Marty
If I had just picked UCLA over Pittsburgh, I'd be sitting pretty right now.
2007-03-31 21:14:43
212.   Gagne55
Is this the firat time that the same two schools will play in both the football and basketball championships in the same year?
2007-03-31 21:16:22
213.   Bob Timmermann
2007-03-31 21:26:51
214.   Daniel Zappala
I'm disappointed UCLA lost so badly today. Sounds like both games had bad officiating.

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