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Herb Carneal, 1923-2007
2007-04-01 10:43
by Bob Timmermann

Herb Carneal, who worked the radio play-by-play for the Minnesota Twins from 1962 through last season, passed away Sunday at his home in Minnetonka, Minnesota at the age of 83.

Carneal, who had been working part-time the last few seasons, died of congestive heart failure. Prior to joining the Twins, Carneal had worked for the Baltimore Orioles and the Philadelphia A's and Phillies. Carneal received the Ford C. Frick Award from the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996.

You can hear a tribute to Carneal on his 50th anniversary as a baseball broadcaster here with testimonials from Ernie Harwell (Carneal's mentor) and Vin Scully intercut with some of Carneal's calls.

It's unlikely that many of us ever got a chance to hear Carneal, but his passing is another reminder of how a great radio announcer can create a bond between the fans and a team. And how hard it is to find any radio announcer who can do that today.


2007-04-01 12:25:45
1.   TFD
Bob: I never post here, but let me say I grew up listening to Herb and developed my love for baseball through Herb, essentially. He was imperfect, but nicely suited for the upper-Midwest clan to which he broadcast; understated, dry, and committed.

Thanks for posting this, and thanks to Ken for those sidebars (!).


2007-04-01 13:04:10
2.   underdog
I like Garrison Keillor's nod to him in his Porch Song, as mentioned in the AP story on his death:
"Just give me two pillows and a bottle of beer/And the Twins game on radio next to my ear/Some hark to the sound of the loon or the teal/ But I love the voice of Herb Carneal."
2007-04-01 22:35:47
3.   das411
Thanks for finding the audio, Bob, some rather unbelieveable moments in Twins history in that clip montage.

RIP Mr. Carneal.

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