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Seibu shown to be bribing amateur players and managers for decades
2007-04-04 21:50
by Bob Timmermann

A committee appointed by the Seibu Lions team under the direction of Japanese Professional Baseball (NPB) into allegations that the Seibu team had given an illegal bribe to an amateur player in order to entice him into signing with Seibu, has turned up evidence that the team has been engaged in such chicanery since the mid-1970s.

Nearly all of the under-the-table payments went to amateur team managers, at least 170 of them. Seibu was also shown to have given signing bonuses over the maximum amount to at least 15 players.

The Lions, without Daisuke Matsuzaka, whom I believe pitches for a team in the AL East, have started out with a 4-4-1 record in the Pacific League.

It would not surprise me too much that nearly all of the other teams engaged in such bribery, although some teams didn't have pockets as deep as Seibu.

2007-04-04 22:25:58
1.   Andrew Shimmin
The Red Sox paid Seibu about a hundred times as big a bribe to Seibu for Matsuzaka as Seibu did to all of the players and coaches (why bribe a coach?) put together. Epstein should hire their bribers and cut out the middle man.

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