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Mariners and Indians frozen out again
2007-04-08 08:14
by Bob Timmermann

The doubleheader between the Mariners and Indians at Jacobs Field today was postponed again because of cold weather and snow.

The forecasted high for Cleveland today is 33 (by the Weather Channel, Accuweather says it will hit 35!) with a 60% chance of snow.

The teams will try for another doubleheader tomorrow when the forecast calls for temperatures to reach 37 with just a 30% of snow.

On Tuesday the Mariners head to Boston where the temperatures should be in the 40s and 50s most of the time with no chance of snow.

2007-04-08 10:35:59
1.   Eric Enders
This is going to start getting interesting if they can't play tomorrow. I expect the Indians to be a big part of the playoff picture this year; if they are, MLB will probably be forced to delay the start of the playoffs by at least one day. I'm sure TBS will love that wrench being thrown into their schedule.
2007-04-08 11:39:48
2.   das411
Looks like I picked the right weekend to sit Ichiro!
2007-04-08 15:46:19
3.   StolenMonkey86
1 - they'll just show more "Drew Carey Show" reruns

I have to admit I was amused to see some snow flurries earlier this afternoon.

2007-04-08 15:50:12
4.   Voxter
This is going to kill my Scoresheet team. Grady Sizemore is supposed to be my #2 hitter. Also, I'm going a little crazy without the omnipresent mediocrity that is the Mariners.

On Friday, I was driving down to Eugene. It was 80 degrees. On the radio, Johjima Kenji was hit in the eye with a snowflake as Paul Byrd threw something like his thirteenth consecutive ball. The pitch was outside; Johjima fell out of the box like he thought it was going to hit him.

I rolled down the window and turned on the Who. I may miss the Mariners, but I was not sad about the weather.

2007-04-08 22:19:30
5.   bhsportsguy
1 You probably hear this a lot but saw your book in the store tonight, looks great, I will put on the list to buy soon.

Picked up a copy of the SABR record book so perhaps on off days, I will try to stump those not named Timmermann with a question like this, the answer is Eric Karros, Gary Sheffield, Paul LoDuca and Russell Martin.

What is the question.

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