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Marlins callup from minors says 'Alstublieft'
2007-04-10 08:45
by Bob Timmermann

The Florida Marlins put pitcher Ricky Nolasco on the disabled list with elbow tenderness and called up 22-year old Dutch righthander Henricus (Rick) Vanden Hurk. Vanden Hurk is a converted catcher and a native of Eindhoven, Netherlands, which is in the southeastern part of the country.

Back in the Netherlands, they're saying Van den Hurk start dinsdag in Major League,which isn't particularly hard to translate if you think about it. Except the Dutch are putting a space in his name in a different place.

According to, Vanden Hurk will be the seventh major leaguer to come out of the Netherlands.

There have also been three major leaguers who were born in Holland, Michigan and two who were born in Zeeland, Michigan, most notably Jim Kaat.



2007-04-10 09:23:51
1.   underdog
Wow, John Houseman was more multi-talented - and old - than I'd imagined.
2007-04-10 09:40:27
2.   Bob Timmermann
Here's a dime, go outside to the phone, call your parents, and tell them that you are not going to become a baseball player.
2007-04-10 10:41:05
3.   mehmattski
Doesn't Andruw Jones technically count as being from the Netherlands? Since Curacao is still a colony and all? Do players from Guam not count as being from the US?
2007-04-10 10:43:47
4.   mehmattski
3 In addition, according to the article you linked to, it seems like the Netherlands considers Jones to be "Na hem volgden nog twaalf spelers met een Nederlands paspoort." They also list Sir Sidney Ponson (Aruba) and Randall Simon (also Curacao)
2007-04-10 11:03:45
5.   Josh Wilker
Hensley Meulens is another Curacao-born guy.

Does anyone know if there's pro baseball in Holland? (I'm heading over there this summer for a couple weeks and am always on the lookout for a ballgame.)

2007-04-10 11:18:53
6.   underdog
5 There's Honkbal Hoofdklasse, basically the Dutch major leagues.

2 That bad huh? Can I still play amateur(ish) soccer?

2007-04-10 12:12:51
7.   Bob Timmermann
Curacao (properly Netherlands Antilles) is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It has its own government, but the Dutch handle defense and passports and stuff like that.

France treats all of its overseas possessions (such as French Guiana or those little islands near Quebec) as if it were France.

2007-04-10 12:20:10
8.   Eric Enders
Going to a Honkbal Hoofdklasse game is a must, if only for the name. Hopefully Josh finds some Dutch baseball cards there which he can write about after he gets home.
2007-04-10 12:30:17
9.   Bob Timmermann
The big Dutch tournament is in Haarlem in July, but they only hold it every other year and there won't be one until July 2008.

They need to work on their PR:

2007-04-10 14:27:18
10.   thelarmis
gene kingsale was another aruba born player.
2007-04-10 14:29:10
11.   thelarmis
randall "sausage" simon is also from curacao.

5 hensley "bam-bam" meulens! always love a 'bam-bam' reference. : ) wish you had a bb card of his to post...

2007-04-10 15:28:39
12.   Deanna
Henricus Vanden Hurk is like the coolest name ever. It has flavors of Johnny Vander Meer and of the Big Hurt, and even a pinch of Spartacus. You simply can't go wrong there.
2007-04-10 23:45:51
13.   Linkmeister
The young man also has the distinction of being the first graduate of the recently reconstituted Hawai'i Winter Baseball League to make it to the Show, or so I'm told by our local sportscaster.

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