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The K Kings of the D-Rays
2007-04-22 12:55
by Bob Timmermann

James Shields of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays struck out 12 Cleveland batters in eight innings of work today. That tied the franchise record for most strikeouts in a game.

The other player to do it was Dan Wheeler, back in his rookie season on September 12, 1999 against Oakland.

Starting this season, D-Rays pitchers had hit double digits in strikeouts 17 times with Scott Kazmir accounting for eight of them. Kazmir is already the franchise leader in career strikeouts.

2007-04-22 16:32:40
1.   Vishal
hey bob, i've got a rules question i wonder you can help me with...

runners on 1st and 2nd, nobody out. line drive to the third baseman who dives and knocks it down (but doesn't catch it cleanly), steps on third, throws to first in time to get the batter. meanwhile, the runner that was ON first hasn't moved and is tagged. is it possible that this could be a triple play, and does it matter whether the runner was tagged before first base or vice versa? i guess what i'm asking is, does the runner on first HAVE to run to second?

2007-04-22 19:27:37
2.   das411
Is that the same Dan Wheeler who is currently the Astro closer? Because between he and Backe the 'stros have certainly chosen well who to swipe from Tampa Bay...
2007-04-22 19:44:20
3.   Bob Timmermann
As long as the umpire doesn't think the third baseman dropped the ball deliberately (if so, the batter would be out and the runners would not have to advance), then your play would be a force at third and the batter would be out at first. But under your scenario, the runner on first would be safe as the out at first removed the force.

The Devil Rays waived Wheeler before he went to Houston and he played for the Mets before he went to Houston.

2007-04-22 20:55:59
4.   Vishal
[3] okay, so that's what i thought. if the runner on first is tagged before the first baseman touches the bag, it's a triple play. if he touches the bag first, then it's a double play. thanks, bob!
2007-04-22 21:12:17
5.   Bob Timmermann
One of the most famous instances of the event you described (at least with the runner on 1st) was in the top of the 9th of Game 7 of the 1960 World Series.

singled; LONG BATTED FOR DEMAESTRI; Long singled to right
[Richardson to second]; HADDIX REPLACED FRIEND (PITCHING); Maris
popped to catcher in foul territory; Mantle singled [Richardson
scored, Long to third]; MCDOUGALD RAN FOR LONG; Berra grounded
out (first unassisted) [McDougald scored, Mantle stayed at
first]; Skowron forced Mantle (shortstop to second); 2 R, 3 H, 0
E, 1 LOB. Yankees 9, Pirates 9.

2007-04-22 21:18:49
6.   Vishal
[5] but if mantle stayed at first, he was a sitting duck. why didn't the first baseman just tag him and then step on the bag? that would then be a double play, right?
2007-04-22 21:27:03
7.   Bob Timmermann
Berra hit the ball very hard and the Pirates first baseman (Rocky Nelson) stepped on first right away. He may have already been on the bag. Mantle knew he would be dead at second and he dove back into first to prevent a series-ending DP.

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