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CI - E2 mania!
2007-04-24 20:39
by Bob Timmermann

Darin Erstad of the White Sox reached first on catcher's interference to lead off the game in Kansas City. John Buck was the catcher who drew the error. According to his Retrosheet record, that was the 12th time Erstad has reached first on catcher's interference in his career.

Erstad in his 12th season, but has only reached on catcher's interference in three seasons before this one as he seems to like to bunch these up. Erstad had two CI in 1998, five in 2001, and four in 2005.

Roberto Kelly holds the major league record for most times reaching on CI in a season with 8 in 1992. Kelly reached on CI 17 times in his career. Pete Rose reached on CI 29 times. Dale Berra reached 18 times on CI. Bob Stinson reached on CI 16 times.

Edwin Encarnacion of the Reds led the majors last year by reaching on CI four times.

What do all these names tell us? I have absolutely no idea.

And what does this have to do with Paul Foytack?

2007-04-25 00:04:03
1.   joejoejoe
Bob Stinson also used to play guitar for The Replacements. He got kicked out of a band with his own little brother, Tommy Stinson on bass. It was the musical equivalent of Dom Dimaggio kicking Joe out of the baseball. It's possible (probable) that Gorrell Robert 'Scrap Iron' Stinson isn't the same guy as post-punk pioneer Bob Stinson but you never know.

OT: There's no Paul Foytack biography in SABR. Or Bunny Brief biography. Yet.

2007-04-25 00:24:07
2.   El Lay Dave
Bob Stinson had 12% of the PAs that Rose had, yet 55% of the CIs! (67% of Berra's PAs.)
2007-04-25 00:29:13
3.   El Lay Dave
1 Mark Knopfler fired his brother David from Dire Straits, but that would be more like Joe kicking Dom out of baseball.

Paul Foytack sounds like a bass player's name to me. "On the bass, Mr. Paul Foytack!"

2007-04-25 02:20:59
4.   EricNus
I'd argue that Joe Dimaggio has no place in this conversation. It's kind of like Vince kicking Dom out of baseball.

Calling Bob Stinson Joe Dimaggio is kind of like calling Paul Westerberg George Selkirk.

A good player and Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer (Minnesota is near Canada) but probably not vital to the team's success.

2007-04-25 02:29:40
5.   joejoejoe
4 I always forget Vince and Shemp.
2007-04-25 08:10:24
6.   dianagramr
All this Foytack talk reminds me of this great name in sports ...

2007-04-25 14:57:25
7.   joejoejoe
6 Nice 1970s doubles tennis reference. My Polish Aunt used to come over on Saturdays when I was a kid and and turn off the cartoons I was watching and put on tennis matches. Maybe she was looking for Wojtek Fibak.

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