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Making up is hard to do
2007-04-25 11:17
by Bob Timmermann

The Pirates and Giants agreed to make up their rain/snow/really freakin' cold postponed pair of games with a doubleheader in Pittsburgh on Monday, August 13. The Pirates and Giants will have just finished a three-game set in San Francisco on August 12, before they fly back out to Pittsburgh for the doubleheader.

The Mariners and Indians have still not settled on how to make up their four rain/snow/really freakin' cold postponed games from earlier in the month. The Mariners don't visit Cleveland again. The Indians aren't too keen on making up the games in Seattle. The Mariners aren't all that happy about the situation either. The Mariners were also rained/tornado warninged out in Texas yesterday. That game will be made up in July on the Mariners' next trip to Texas. The Mariners are making a trip to Boston on May 3 (aka next Thursday) to make up a rainout there.




2007-04-25 13:41:20
1.   standuptriple
I can't help but wonder if Hargrove did the wrong thing by not letting that one game go 5, even though it would have meant a loss.

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