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Mr. Schilling likely hates your local sports columnist
2007-04-27 10:05
by Bob Timmermann

On his own blog, 38 Pitches, Curt Schilling weighed in on the case of Gary Thorne v. The Bloody Sock of 2004.

Take Gary Thorne, John, Jack Joe or whatever his first name is, Heyman, Karen Vescey, Woody Paige, CHB, Jay Marriotti, Bill Plaschke, and a host of other people that litter the media landscape, and put them all on an island somewhere.

Does anyone stop reading their newspapers? Watching the shows they appear on? The answer to that is no. Instead of using the forums they participate in to do something truly different, change lives, inspire people, you have an entire subset of media whose sole purpose in life is to actually be the news, instead of report it. They have little to no talent at what they do and other than a mastery of the English language their skill sets are non-existent.

Watching Woody Paige or the plastered made up face of Jay Marriotti spew absolutely nothing of merit on sports, day after day, makes it easy to understand how Gary Thorne could say something as stupid, ignorant, and uninformed as he did the other night.

Wow, Schilling goes after at least one columnist in each of the four time zones. You've got to appreciate the thoroughness.

King Kaufman in (you might have to watch a brief ad) wonders how come he can't just go and report a second-hand rumor and report it as fact. Oh, that's because he's not on TV.

Fortunately, I live in Southern California and my biggest complaints about TV and radio coverage are wondering if Vin Scully really likes mooning over all the little kids in the stands, if Charlie Steiner can judge a fly ball, if Rick Monday will tell me the score, if Rex Hudler will say "dude" fewer than 75 times during a broadcast, and if Terry Smith and Rory Markas won't make me doze off and drive my car over a drawbridge that's up.

2007-04-27 10:26:53
1.   Xeifrank
Good job Curt! Go for the jugular next time.
vr, Xei
2007-04-27 11:02:43
2.   scareduck
I don't get the criticism of Markus and Smith. At this point, the Angels have a better radio team than the Dodgers. They're reasonably knowledgeable, make the game exciting when it needs to be, and don't insert themselves into the action. Charlie Steiner isn't horrible, but he has enough annoying tics ("En-kuh-nar-see-own") that I want to jettison him at the first opportunity. Ditto for Rick Monday. It was noteworthy that a lot of the Smith/Markus calls were what ended up in the 2002 video, rather than those of the TV crew.
2007-04-27 11:07:39
3.   rbj
Anybody who hates CHB, Mariotti and Plaschke can't be all bad in my book, even if he is a Red Sox.
2007-04-27 11:22:49
4.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Anybody who hates CHB, Mariotti, Woody Paige and Plashke can't be all bad in my bood, even if he is a Red Sox.


2007-04-27 11:39:29
5.   rbj
4 I more pity Woody Paige than loathe him. Might be worth it to check out Around the Horn this afternoon.
2007-04-27 13:15:19
6.   mintxcore
i am amused that someone named "Curt" has a hard time remembering the name "Jon".
2007-04-27 22:37:26
7.   Voxter
Strong work, Curt, calling George Vecsey a girl. Inspired. You certainly make the case that they are the problem, and you are blameless.

While I agree, to some degree, with Schilling's point that alleged reporters who want to make the news as oppose to cover it suck, you gotta do better than calling George Vecsey "Karen".

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