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Australia wins Cricket World Cup
2007-04-28 15:35
by Bob Timmermann

Or keeping in the spirit of our British brethren, should the headline be "Australia win Cricket World Cup?"

Regardless, Australia won the Cricket World Cup for the third straight time defeating Sri Lanka by 53 runs. Australia was 281 for 4 with 38.0 overs and Sri Lanka was 215 for 8 with 36.0 overs. Adam Gilchrist of Australia had 149 runs on 104 balls, a record for Cricket World Cup play.

2007-04-28 16:47:06
1.   berkowit28
And so ends an extremely long - sometimes tediously long - tournament. It's been going on almost every day since March 13. When international cricket is played in England, and sometimes elsewhere, you can hear it on BBC Radio online, at strange hours of the night. But this one (like the Ashes Test Cricket series played in Australia) could only be heard in the US if you payed some obscene charges - actually I don't know if even that was possible here.

However, you could follow it "as it happened", over by over, ("over" is a technical term in cricket meaning 6 consecutive bowls - pitches - by one of the two current bowlers), described by typically literate and witty narrators at I manged to follow a good portion of it, interspersed with zipping over to for light relief. Most of it took place in the normal morning and early afternoon hours PDT.

It's actually something of a relief to be finished. It was pretty obvious from the beginning that Australia were going to win yet again.

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