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Ryans' Hope in DC?
2007-05-06 20:10
by Bob Timmermann

The Washington Nationals had a lineup today at Wrigley Field that featured three straight Ryans: Langerhans in center field, Zimmerman at third base, and Church in left field. And in the fourth inning, all of them were on base at the same time. But only Langerhans scored.

The losing pitcher for the Nationals was Ryan Wagner.

The pitcher who got the save for the Cubs? Ryan Dempster.

Cubs second baseman Ryan Theriot sent the game to extra innings with an RBI single.

I remember back to August 1, 1992 when the Dodgers sent out a lineup with three consecutive Erics: Young, Karros, and Davis.

So the question is: can the Nats top the Dodgers 63-99 mark in 1992?

Also on July 4, 2005, the Dodgers had three straight Jasons (not even cheating with Jayson Werth) when they went with Jason Phillips at catcher, Jason Grabowski in right field, and Jason Repko in center. Jim Tracy tried it again on July 6.

Thanks to Sam DC, the Griddle's Capitol Hill correspondent.


2007-05-06 20:22:03
1.   Eric Enders
Don't forget the all-Ja(y)son outfield. Although they only played in the outfield at the same time in a handful of games, iirc.
2007-05-06 20:40:58
2.   Vishal
you could have an entire team of ryans...

ryan howard - 1b
ryan freel - 2b
ryan theriot - ss
ryan zimmerman - 3b
ryan church - cf
ryan langerhans - rf
ryan klesko - lf
ryan doumit - c
ryan franklikn - sp

and a bullpen of dempster, wagner, madson, and bj ryan

2007-05-06 21:03:49
3.   Eric Enders
1 So, was that paragraph in the post about the Jasons added later on? Or was I just blind?
2007-05-06 21:07:52
4.   Bob Timmermann
I added it later.
2007-05-06 21:59:12
5.   das411
Who else knew that he (or at least Bob Brenly) actually pronounces it Ryan "The_Riot"?
2007-05-06 22:48:49
6.   underdog
I wonder - has Chris Berman used Ryan "The Isle of" Langerhans yet? Not that it'd be all that funny mind you, um, but just wondering.
2007-05-06 22:58:12
7.   Bob Timmermann
I've called Langerhans "Pancreas Man", but it's never caught on.

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