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He won't name names
2007-05-13 01:03
by Bob Timmermann

Chad Curtis was asked some questions by investigators for former Senator George Mitchell's PEDs investigation, but he apparently wouldn't name names, according to a Stamford Advocate story.

It would have helped if Mitchell hadn't sent Jim Gray over to ask the questions.

Curtis thinks his career was prematurely shortened by his outspokenness:

If Curtis hadn't been so outspoken, he probably could have extended his career. He was very vocal about his Christianity, and he essentially earned his ejection from the Yankees when he publicly scolded Derek Jeter after Jeter joked around with then-Mariner Alex Rodriguez during a 1999 bench-clearing brawl.

He also got into a fight with former Met Kevin Mitchell while both were with the Indians in 1997, and he nearly fought current Blue Jay Royce Clayton during their time together with the Texas Rangers.

There's that and maybe there was the problem of Curtis not being all that good.

2007-05-13 09:20:51
1.   Westernmost in Flavor
Looking at his retrosheet page, I have no recollection of Curtis on the Dodgers. I feel like I probably didn't miss much though.
2007-05-14 14:18:57
2.   Voxter
A scrub really oughtn't to get on the case of an All-Star in such a situation. I suspect that "outspokenness" might mean "insufferable inability to keep his mouth shut". Which is something about which I know a little bit, myself.

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