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Walking, yes indeed they were walking
2007-05-18 22:23
by Bob Timmermann

In Oakland's 15-3 win over visiting San Francisco, Giants pitchers combined to walk 13 Athletics batters. That was the first time the Giants had walked that many batters in a 9-inning game since the second game of a doublheader on May 4, 1975 at Candlestick Park, a 12-8 loss to the Astros.

However, the Giants missed their franchise high for walks given out in a 9-inning game. That is 17 and that was done way back in the first game of a doubleheader on May 30, 1887 when New York lost to Chicago 12-11. New York led 11-6 going to the bottom of the ninth (they had opted to bat first), but pitcher Bill George walked four straight batters to start the ninth and then a pair of doubles and a pair of errors lead to six runs and a win.

And it took some effort to walk 17 batters in 1887 since batters had to get five balls for a walk then. On the other hand, in 1887, batters were given credit for a hit when they drew a walk, although not if they reached on a hit batter. Chicago was credited with 26 hits, although today they would only have been credited with nine.

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