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Champions League Final Chat: Liverpool vs AC Milan, 11:45 am PT
2007-05-23 09:00
by Bob Timmermann

From the Olympic Stadium in Athens, it's the UEFA Champions league final between AC Milan, six-time winner of this competition and most recently in 2003, against Liverpool, a five-time winner and most recently in 2005.

People in the know call AC Milan, Rossoneri, which just means "the red and blacks."

Liverpool promises that you'll never walk alone.


Comments (61)
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2007-05-23 09:18:41
1.   Westernmost in Flavor
Morning, all
2007-05-23 09:19:16
2.   Westernmost in Flavor
And by all, I mean probably only Bob.
2007-05-23 09:26:13
3.   Bob Timmermann
And I won't be able to watch as I like being gainfully employed, but I figured others would enjoy.


2007-05-23 10:28:19
4.   avehoward
While lacking the star power of last year's Arsenal-Barca final, this has two driven squads...still, I'd take i Rossoneri most every day of the week
2007-05-23 10:35:40
5.   Robert Daeley
I'm taking off Friday for Star Wars Day, so unfortunately I shall have to depend on the BBC website for updates today.
2007-05-23 10:44:31
6.   Westernmost in Flavor
I'm pulling for Liverpool just because I love to watch Peter Crouch run.
2007-05-23 11:27:38
7.   Westernmost in Flavor
Boo, no HD
2007-05-23 11:46:18
8.   Greg Brock
Crouch starts the game on the bench.
2007-05-23 11:52:20
9.   Greg Brock
I hate that Kaka plays in Italy. What I wouldn't give for him to play in the EPL.
2007-05-23 11:58:41
10.   Westernmost in Flavor
It makes for better CL match-ups to have a little distribution of talent
2007-05-23 12:02:52
11.   Greg Brock
10 Yeah, but now that Zidane is retired Kaka is probably my favorite player, and I usually only watch EPL.

Of course, I didn't get to see Zidane that much, either.

2007-05-23 12:09:25
12.   Westernmost in Flavor
Is MLS still trying to get Zidane to come over too?
2007-05-23 12:12:15
13.   trainwreck
Who need this when you can see the Wizards vs the Dynamo?
2007-05-23 12:14:14
14.   Westernmost in Flavor
Do you remember the NHL style shootout that MLS used to have? That was so gimmicky but to be honest I liked it better than the penalty shootout.
2007-05-23 12:15:59
15.   Greg Brock
12 Lalas is trying to get him to Los Angeles. Zidane and Beckham are good friends. I doubt it will happen. I highly doubt it.

How could they afford both?

2007-05-23 12:18:58
16.   Westernmost in Flavor
How could they afford both?

Jersey sponsorship?

2007-05-23 12:20:05
17.   Greg Brock
I don't want great players over here. I want our great players to go over there.
2007-05-23 12:20:22
18.   Penarol1916
11. I'm the opposite, I watch the EPL as little as possible, any other league is fine by me.
2007-05-23 12:28:47
19.   Westernmost in Flavor
Landon Donovan and Eddie Johnson are probably the only players who could make a serious impact that aren't already playing overseas. But I would like to see more US players honing their skills in the better European leagues. Freddy Adu's development is going to stagnate (or already has) if he doesn't begin to face better competition.
2007-05-23 12:31:21
20.   Greg Brock
Landon Donovan tried playing overseas. Didn't work out too well.

Then again, I hate Landon Donovan.

2007-05-23 12:31:34
21.   Greg Brock
2007-05-23 12:31:52
22.   trainwreck
Can't say I am surprised AC Milan scores first.
2007-05-23 12:36:42
23.   Greg Brock
Nice to see Wynalda's ESPN suspension is over.
2007-05-23 12:37:25
24.   trainwreck
He was suspended? For his comments on Arena?
2007-05-23 12:37:33
25.   Westernmost in Flavor
I don't know if he was really given a chance to succeed. IIRC, I think he wanted to come back to play in the US because he didn't like Germany.
2007-05-23 12:38:48
26.   Westernmost in Flavor
He told Jim Rome to perform a fellatious act
2007-05-23 12:38:58
27.   Greg Brock
23 He got tired of Jim Rome ripping soccer, got liquored up at some function, and said that Jim Rome could fellate him. But not those words. Other words. Bad words.
2007-05-23 12:39:29
28.   Westernmost in Flavor
25 is about Donovan
2007-05-23 12:41:34
29.   trainwreck
Rome does have that effect on people.
2007-05-23 12:49:00
30.   Westernmost in Flavor
Well the Liverpool deficit means we likely get to see Crouch make an appearance
2007-05-23 13:06:38
31.   trainwreck
So close.
2007-05-23 13:06:46
32.   Greg Brock
Come On!
2007-05-23 13:22:35
33.   Greg Brock
Good thing they waited until the 77th minute to put Crouch in.

Makes zero sense.

2007-05-23 13:23:46
34.   Westernmost in Flavor
I don't get it either
2007-05-23 13:24:37
35.   trainwreck
Right through the legs. What a boob.
2007-05-23 13:26:29
36.   trainwreck
2007-05-23 13:26:29
37.   Westernmost in Flavor
2007-05-23 13:26:37
38.   Greg Brock
2007-05-23 13:28:29
39.   Greg Brock
Here come the Italians. Get up, jerk.
2007-05-23 13:29:39
40.   trainwreck
And Crouch almost scores.
2007-05-23 13:30:29
41.   Greg Brock
It's been a good year for Italian footie. That bothers me.
2007-05-23 13:32:07
42.   Westernmost in Flavor
Where's the karma?
2007-05-23 13:32:41
43.   Westernmost in Flavor
2007-05-23 13:33:01
44.   trainwreck
Keep toying with us Liverpool.
2007-05-23 13:33:03
45.   Greg Brock
Uh oh...

42 Seriously.

2007-05-23 13:34:20
46.   Westernmost in Flavor
Milan gave up a 90th minute goal to Man U in the semis
2007-05-23 13:34:40
47.   trainwreck
3 minutes...
2007-05-23 13:35:05
48.   Greg Brock
Come on you stupid Liverpudlians!

Three minutes!

2007-05-23 13:37:16
49.   Greg Brock
2007-05-23 13:37:24
50.   trainwreck
Not so injured now are you.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-05-23 13:38:00
51.   Westernmost in Flavor
He probably got some magic spray
2007-05-23 13:40:19
52.   Westernmost in Flavor
Benitez: So when's the second leg? Wait...what!?
2007-05-23 13:40:34
53.   Greg Brock
I will not watch any Serie A in protest.
2007-05-23 13:42:41
54.   Westernmost in Flavor
I will uphold my 22 year long protest as well
2007-05-23 13:44:11
55.   trainwreck
I blame Ned Colletti. Damn Italians.
2007-05-23 13:48:58
56.   Penarol1916
In the imortal words of Nelson Munce, "Ha, Ha."
2007-05-23 13:51:32
57.   Greg Brock
56 Nice.

Score one for divers and cheaters. This is a victory for estrogen and villainy.

2007-05-23 13:53:34
58.   Bob Timmermann
I like my villainy with extra estrogen!
2007-05-23 13:56:28
59.   Greg Brock
58 Maybe that's our next Open Chat at Screen Jam. Greatest female villain.

Can't think of a lot off the top of my head. Barbara Stanwyck is one.

2007-05-23 14:10:09
60.   trainwreck
I hope Daniel does not read this thread.
2007-05-23 15:05:20
61.   xaphor
I was expecting Liverpool to be on the back foot all night hoping to sneak in a couple good plays and lucky breaks resulting in a lead to hold on for the win. Replace Liverpool with Milan and that was the game. Liverpool was the continual aggressor and dominated the game but for the scattered few Milan chances. I'm glad they got one at the end as a 2-0 score line would have been a slap in the face on top of the loss. I had resigned myself to a Milan victory before the match started, but the way the game played out this one still stings a little.

Ah well, congrats to all involved and hooray for months of speculative rumors. Maybe Liverpool can use some of that American dosh to get a world class striker.

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