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It's just like watching a big league game!
2007-05-22 19:38
by Bob Timmermann

Although the Yankees and Red Sox sped through nine innings tonight, a high school game in Iowa took about 3:15 to play seven innings and included one inning that lasted approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The game was between Waverly-Shell Rock and Denver High Schools of Iowa.

According to the account in the Des Moines Register:

Denver started the inning with a 6-run surge, sending 12 batters to the plate and leading 12-3.

Being three outs away from having the 10-run rule end the game in the bottom half of the frame, Waverly-Shell Rock sent 21 batters to the plate, scoring 15 runs to take an 18-12 advantage.

Waverly-Shell Rock drew 12 walks in their half of the fifth inning, finishing with 17 walks and 11 hits.

Waverly-Shell Rock (the Go-Hawks!) held on for a 19-14 win over the Cyclones of Denver.

2007-05-22 20:07:54
1.   Scott Long
I grew up in Iowa and still have no idea where either of these towns are at.

Maybe this can be your second blog site, Bob.
You know, breaking down obscure high school box scores.

I hear that Waverly Shell Rock teaches a Moneyball system, valuing walks more than any other Class A schools in their conference. (insert smiley face)

2007-05-22 21:20:28
2.   Bob Timmermann
The strangest things come through Google News alerts.

Waverly looks to be about 20 miles north of Waterloo. Denver is a few miles SW of Waverly.

2007-05-23 06:06:10
3.   mehmattski
Why would the 10-run rule be invoked when the score was 12-3? Or is that some kind of fuzzy Iowan math?
2007-05-23 07:08:17
4.   Bob Timmermann
High school sports stories don't get the best copy editors.

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