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'Why can't you be like the other commissioners, Bud?'
2007-05-23 19:22
by Bob Timmermann

That seems to be the question asked by Mark Kriegel of Kriegel has already deemed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to be great at his job and Bud Selig should follow his lead.

While it's easy (beyond shooting fish in a barrel) to find fault with Selig, I'm not sure that Goodell has done much beyond suspending Pacman Jones and establishing "whistleblower" protection for trainers and players who feel they are being rushed back into play after injuries. The second plan has merit, but no one knows if it will work.

And is Goodell solely responsible for the changes? Did Paul Tagliabue just not care about such matters? Would a different type of commissioner other than Selig treat problems relating to PEDs and amphetamines differently? Would such a person ever been hired by MLB's owners?


2007-05-24 06:16:01
1.   mehmattski
So, presumed guilt is a thing to be praised, then, Mr. Kriegel? Let's see what happens with Vick (a league icon), and even moreso, what happens the next time a white player gets in trouble, before we give Goodell flying colors...

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