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Lost in translation? (Korean edition)*
2007-05-25 15:01
by Bob Timmermann

This story from the Korean website, mainly about Dae-ho Lee's home run hitting, has this paragraph at the end that I don't believe was translated correctly:

At the Cheongju match, Hyundai defeated Hanwha 8-4, breaking its recent eight-game losing streak. Jeon Jun-ho added five hits, bringing his personal total to 6,295, which broke the previous record of 6,292 held by Jang Jong-hoon (Hanwha coach). Kim Soo-gyeong who claimed his fourth victory, surrendering four points during six innings, crossed the 1100 strike-out level for the 17th time.

I'm pretty sure that this story wasn't originally written in English and I'm just curious as to what the proper totals should be for the numbers that I bolded.

The Korean paragraph appears to have the same numbers:

현대는 청주 경기에서 한화를 8-4로 꺾고 최근 8연패의 수렁에서 벗어났다. 전준호는 5타수를 추가해 개인 통산 6295타수로 장종훈(한화 코치)이 보유하고 있던 종전 기록(6292타수)을 경신했다. 6이닝 4실점으로 4승(2패)째를 챙긴 김수경도 통산 17번째로 1100탈삼진 고지를 넘어섰다. LG와 두산의 잠실 경기는 우천으로 취소됐다.

Update - Thanks to a Korean-speaking coworker, I have learned that Jun-ho Jeon broke the record for at bats, not hits. And Jong-hoon Jang has 1100 career strikeouts.

2007-05-24 19:33:55
1.   DXMachina
Is it so hard to believe that Jeon is the greatest hitting machine of all time?
2007-05-24 21:44:31
2.   Knuckles
Yeah, don't you remember that old Teddy Ballgame story:

Ted Williams once said that all he wanted was to be able to walk down the street and hear people say, "There goes the second best hitter who ever lived."

2007-05-25 16:30:58
It clearly says in korean "at bats" and not hits. The 1100 career k's apparently makes him the 17th player to do so.

Korean media by far exaggerates more so than any media in America.

ex. In reference to his very good job as the closer for the dbacks way back when, the headline from the Korean Times read:
"BK(byunghunkim) to the rescue against Yankees in World Series!!" - we all know how that turned out.

2007-05-25 16:32:32
i also didn't realize having the most at-bats was something newsworthy...note-worthy maybe, but not news-worthy.
2007-05-25 16:43:05
5.   Bob Timmermann
Does anyone remember when Pete Rose passed up Hank Aaron on the all-time AB list?

I believe it was in 1981.

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