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Checking back in with Gameday
2007-05-26 10:03
by Bob Timmermann

Courtesy of Rob McMillin, I had been using "Classic" Gameday, but because I was using a different computer a few days ago, I thought I would give the "Expanded" Gameday another try.

And it appears that the gang has tried to make the application a bit more streamlined and less of a CPU processing hog. The 3D view doesn't make my computer crash anymore.

The parks with the fancy pitch tracking software still have the "Break" and "pFX" figures, which baffle most people except this guy, but I've learned to ignore them.

The text play-by-play on the left side of the application tends to update faster than the center part of the application. Also the boxscores are a little easier to navigate, although it is still a pain to figure out which available reserves each team has.

The feature where you could watch the pitch trajectory from six different angles was dropped down to just two. You can either watch from the batter's view or the pitcher's view. You don't get to watch from an angle and I never could figure out why anyone wanted to. It's not as if you could actually watch the pitcher throw from a certain angle or a certain release point.

I can still get the Classic Gameday, more or less, on my BlackBerry, and it works pretty well although the web browser there drains the battery fast so I don't want to do that for too long.

Now about that ad in the bottom right hand corner. You know.  The one that sometimes has sound. And is really big and intrusive. I believe that's a permanent part of the landscape.

Also, I believe the RSS feed is working again. Thanks for your patience and thanks to Ken for fixing it. Let this be a lesson to all of us. Be careful with our use of the Greek alphabet.

2007-05-26 13:19:27
1.   DXMachina
About the ad, if you use Firefox with the adblock extension you can block it. Then you'll just have a big black hole in the lower right corner rather than annoying, flashing, noisy, unholy ads infringing on your personal liberties.

Me, I'm just going to keep using retro.

2007-05-27 00:18:44
2.   das411
ESPN's GameTracker actually shows you a little ball being thrown from mound to plate and occasionally hit to a position or beyond the outfield wall.

Take that, MLBAM!!

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