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What to name the baby?
2007-05-30 17:03
by Bob Timmermann

Orioles pitcher Jamie Walker and his wife Natalie have named their newborn son James Leyland Walker.

Walker pitched for the Tigers last year, but did not name the baby after his old boss.

The lad is actually named after Jamie's dad, James Walker, and his wife Natalie's grandfather, Leyland Estes.

"They both fought in World War II and the baby was born on Memorial Day," Walker said. "We both liked the name, so we thought what the heck."

He knows everyone will assume he named his son after his former manager.

"I'll catch a lot of flack for that. But that's fine," he said. "Jim Leyland's a good man. My wife loves Jim Leyland, loves the guy to death. He's a great manager and a great guy. If people want to think we named the baby after him, let them."

I'm so glad my dad wasn't named Frank and my grandfather wasn't named Robinson.

2007-05-30 18:10:16
1.   Ken Arneson
When I saw this title, I assumed it was about me. This is the #1 unresolved issue in my life. I'm open to suggestions, but I kinda think my wife won't go for naming our daughter Robert Geren Arneson.
2007-05-30 18:27:54
2.   El Lay Dave
James Walker? Dy-No-MITE!
2007-05-30 18:29:38
3.   Bob Timmermann
Tony La Russa Arneson?
Jackie Moore Arneson works for both genders!

Richard Williams Arneson?

Alvin Dark Arneson?

Robert Kennedy Arenson?

2007-05-30 18:36:12
4.   Ken Arneson
I suppose we could name her Jackie Moore Arneson, but I don't think I really want my daughter to yell at me a lot.
2007-05-30 18:39:00
5.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh, so you already know it's a girl? I guess all of Ken's bullets have an X on them.
2007-05-30 21:25:24
6.   Daniel Zappala
I foolishly thought this was about Bob and his girlfriend having a baby.

Names for girls that we liked but didn't use: Lucia and Madeline. I think both Lucy and Madeline would go well with Arneson.

2007-05-30 21:55:27
7.   Ken Arneson
6 Thanks, but those names are already taken by relatives of mine. Which is a bit odd, since I myself have very few relatives, and part of our problem is that my wife is one of nine, and her father was one of 13, which means she has 100 gazillion aunts and uncles and first cousins, and so the unused names that remain are not particularly appealing.
2007-05-30 21:58:19
8.   underdog
I saw this right after I watched VH-1's countdown of the silliest celebrity baby names (my g/f made me watch it! Er...) Nothing will be as goofy as Jason Lee's kid Pilot Inspektor(!) or Jermaine Jackson's kid Jermajesty ("Anything else I can get you, Jermajesty?" and then you have to do the regal hand wave) or Heaven or Prince I and II and Dixie Dot and god, these poor kids are going to grow up even more disturbed and abused than their parents.


2007-05-31 05:34:45
9.   Murray
How about Rickey?
2007-05-31 08:33:29
10.   El Lay Dave
Emily Rachel Arneson, or any other "E" and "R" name.

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