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Do pitchers from the South throw more brushback pitches?
2007-06-09 15:16
by Bob Timmermann

This link from the Work Matters Blog by Bob Sutton examines a study by Tennessee Tech professor Tom Timmerman (note the spelling, he's not my brother) about whether or not pitchers from the South are more likley to throw a brushback at a hitter who comes up after the previous batter has homered.

One of Timmerman's conclusions is:

"Pitchers from the South are not more likely, in general, to hit batters; but they are more likely than non-southerners to hit the batter who follows a home-run hitter. They are also more likely to hit a homerun hitter the next time he comes up to bat. They are also more likely to hit batters in retaliation for a hit teammate. Interestingly, though, southerners are more likely to hit White batters in these situations, not African Americans."  

Also note that Sutton is the author of a management book that uses a word that some people might object although I would guess that almost all of my readership, with the possible exception of my nephew, says the word everyday. 



2007-06-09 16:41:30
1.   Eric Enders
"he's not my brother"

Are you trying to imply he's heavy?

2007-06-09 16:52:58
2.   Bob Timmermann
It's glandular!

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