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Eight for Omaha
2007-06-11 19:25
by Bob Timmermann

Defending champion Oregon State clinched a spot in the College World Series with an 8-2 win over Michigan in Corvallis.

The eight teams heading to Rosenblatt are: Oregon State, Cal State Fullerton, UC Irvine, Arizona State, North Carolina, Rice, Louisville, and Mississippi State.

The teams are divided into two groups and, by happenstance, the Western teams are all in one group with the four teams from the rest of the country making up the other side of the draw. There will be a double elimination tournament in each group. The winners of each group then play a best of three for the championship.

The games in Omaha start on June 15.

Conferences represented:

  • Pac-10:  2 (Oregon State, Arizona State)
  • Big West: 2 (Cal State Fullerton and UC Irvine)
  • Big East: 1 (Louisville)
  • ACC: 1 (North Carolina)
  • Conference USA: 1 (Rice)
  • SEC: 1 (Mississippi State)
UC Irvine and Louisville are making their first apperances in the CWS.
2007-06-11 23:07:38
1.   godvls
Go Devils! Saturday's ASU vs. UCI matchup should be interesting......outstanding pitching (UCI) going up against one of the best hitting teams in the nation in ASU. ASU also plays great defense. ASU lacks pitching depth so it is critical that we stay out of the losers bracket. It will be interesting to see who starts for the Devils on Saturday. Leake is the normal Friday starter, but Satow pitched a much better game in the Supers. It's good to see two Pac-10 schools in the CWS. There was a lot of speculation that OSU wouldn't even make the tournament due to there losing record in conference play.

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