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Authorities finally rule that cricket coach died of natural causes
2007-06-12 09:21
by Bob Timmermann

The Jamaican police, in conjunction with the medical examiner, have finally declared that Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer, was not murdered, but rather died of natural causes. There will be no further investigation into Woolmer's death.

Originally, the Jamaican police suspected foul play after Woolmer was found dead in his hotel room in Kingston on March 18 after Pakistan was upset by Ireland in an opening round match of the Cricket World Cup.

The Pakistan team was suspected as well as possibilities that gambling was suspected.

But as former Pakistan capitan Imran Khan was quoted on the BBC website:

"Bob Woolmer had diabetes, he had blood pressure, an enlarged heart, he had respiratory problems. On top of it, the depression of losing and then he drank a bottle of champagne. They should have first ruled out natural causes before this whole drama about the murder,"


2007-06-12 18:05:15
1.   Zak
This is so shady. First they found fingerprints around his neck and bruises in the back of his neck... there was talk of suffocation. Then there was something where there might be poison in his bloodstream. They asked members of the Pakistani team to come back to assist in the investigation. Now it's natural causes?? Hmm!

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