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Fox and ESPN debate becoming All Barry Bonds networks
2007-06-14 20:37
by Bob Timmermann

Fox and ESPN are boosting coverage of the San Francisco Giants, and in turn Barry Bonds, as Henry Aaron's home run record looks to fall.

The Giants will be on Fox this Saturday at Fenway Park against the Red Sox, the second of three straight Saturdays the Giants will be appearing on the network. The Giants game at home against the Yankees will also be on Fox on June 23.

Then Fox will show the Giants on July 14 at home against the Dodgers and July 21 at Milwaukee. The Giants other scheduled Fox appearance will be on September 8 also at home against the Dodgers.

ESPN presently just has plans to show the Giants on Monday, July 16 at Wrigley Field and Friday, September 7 against the Dodgers. ESPN will try to break in to coverage of other games to show Bonds at bats as is Fox, although both are hampered by the problem that many of the Giants games don't start until after 10 pm on the East Coast.

Clay Davenport thinks the Cubs and Brewers series in mid-July are the likeliest places for home run 756.

It's also possible that a lot of people in America want to see Nate Schierholtz and Kevin Frandsen and Jack Taschner.

2007-06-14 22:17:21
1.   Suffering Bruin
Fox Sports President Ed Goren (from Bob's link: "Those who are rooting for him will watch. Those who are rooting against him will watch. You never know."

I won't be watching. When he hits it, I'll do my best to forget it ever happened.

2007-06-14 23:31:15
2.   Ryan Armbrust
1 I'll forget it just as easily as I forgot about No. 714. I only recall that Bonds hit it off of Brad Halsey because I'm an A's fan.

It should be pretty easy to ignore, though. Since ESPN became the Yankees-Red Sox network, and Baseball Tonight devolved into the John Kruk show, I haven't been turning to them for much in the world of baseball.

2007-06-15 00:11:58
3.   David Arnott
I played against Frandsen in high school (same year), and I don't remember him at all.

Bonds? In Fenway? That's a perfect storm if ever there was one for ESPN. Question for Steve Phillips: After advocating all last year that the Yankees should trade A-Rod, does he believe the Giants should trade Bonds? Reasoning requested.

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