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All we need is two hits
2007-06-16 12:45
by Bob Timmermann

The San Diego Padres beat the Chicago Cubs today, 1-0. The Padres had just two hits in the game, an infield single by Marcus Giles in the eighth and a home run by Russell Branyan in the ninth.

This is the THIRD time the Padres have won a game this year with two hits.

On April 9, the Padres beat the Giants 1-0 with Matt Cain of the Giants giving up just a seventh inning double to Geoff Blum, who would score on a Jose Cruz sacrifice fly. Adrian Gonzalez singled against reliever Jonathan Sanchez in the eighth.

On June 5, the Padres beat the Dodgers 1-0. Blum singled off Jason Schmidt in the second and Marcus Giles singled in the 8th off of Rudy Seanez to score Branyan who had reached on a hit batter and stole second.

The last team to win three games in which they got two or fewer hits in a game was the 1965 Dodgers. May 15 against the Cubs, September 9 against the Cubs (I think that game was famous), and October 2 against the Braves.

I can only go back to 1957, but I could imagine some Deadball Era teams winning a few games with only two or fewer hits. 

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