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College World Series Day Two
2007-06-16 20:56
by Bob Timmermann

Saturday at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, it was Pac-10 2, Orange County 0.

In the first game, #5 Arizona State beat newcomer UC Irvine, 5-4, on the strength of an Ike Davis home run in the eighth inning.

Later that evening, defending champion Oregon State edged Cal State Fullerton, 3-2. The Titans got the tying run to third base in the ninth, but OSU closer Eddie Kunz was able to get the save.

One of the Orange County schools will go home Monday after they face off in an elimination game at 10 am PT. ASU and OSU will face each other later that evening at 3 pm PT.

On Sunday, Louisville and Mississippi State try to avoid being the first team to be eliminated in a game that starts at 10 am PT. North Carolina plays Rice at 3 pm PT. The loser of the North Carolina-Rice game faces the winner of the Louisville-Mississippi State game on Tuesday. The winner of that game gets a day off until Wednesday.

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