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But the Braves do match another record
2007-06-23 16:30
by Bob Timmermann

Braves manager Bobby Cox, along with catcher Brian McCann, were ejected by home plate umpire Chad Fairchild today in the Braves 2-1 loss to the Tigers. It was Cox's 131st career ejection, tying the known record for ejections held by John McGraw.

The late Doug Pappas had done the research on McGraw's ejections, but had said that it was possible that further research would turn up more for McGraw, but for the time being Cox and McGraw share the mark.

2007-06-23 17:51:45
1.   Johnny Nucleo
The great thing about watching Cox argue with umpires is how the Atlanta fans get behind him when he's out there huffing and puffing. They really want him to set the record.
It's like cheering for someone to break the penalty minutes record in hockey. Although I think Dave "The Hammer" Schultz' record is safe for the moment.
2007-06-23 18:46:10
2.   Sammy Maudlin
Bud Selig needs to start attending Braves games, pronto.
2007-06-23 18:49:28
3.   Bob Timmermann
I assume you mean the single season record for penalty minutes.

Tiger Williams holds the career record.

2007-06-23 19:10:58
4.   Johnny Nucleo
4 I'm a good Canadian, I knew that.

Tiger ended up only about 40 PIM short of 4000 for the career. He should have come back for one more season, or at least one more grudge match. After scoring a goal, he used to do something called "riding the stick" as a means of gloating. Needless to say, he got under the skin of his opponents.

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