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Pope changes rule for the REAL Veterans Committee
2007-06-26 12:06
by Bob Timmermann

Pope Benedict XVI has changed the rules for electing any future popes by reinstating the requirement that a pope must be chosen on 2/3 of the ballots by the College of Cardinals (not affiliated with any St. Louis sports organization.) A change by Pope John Paul II allowed the College to use a simple majority in case of a deadlock.

The rule change was put into place because it was felt that too many friends of Frankie Frisch were being named pope.


2007-06-26 12:13:29
1.   Philip Michaels
Now Ron Santo will never get selected.
2007-06-26 12:16:19
2.   Greg Brock
This is going to make for a lot of ballots. And a lot of black smoke.


2007-06-26 12:20:08
3.   Bob Timmermann
Supposedly Pope St. Pius X wasn't chosen on every ballot because one cardinal believed that if St. Peter didn't get a unanimous decision, no one should.
2007-06-26 12:23:01
4.   BlueMamma
Who was the dissenting voter in Peter's case, then?
2007-06-26 12:26:31
5.   Bob Timmermann
Some guy from Thessalonia. That was always a tough precinct.
2007-06-26 13:00:53
6.   dianagramr
Thanks .... now I'm remembering (for the first time in decades), Father Guido Sarducci's "Find the Popes in the Pizza" skit from SNL.

As an aside, I wonder what Bruce Benedict thinks of all this ...

2007-06-26 13:01:11
7.   Johnny Nucleo
Bring back the Antipopes!
2007-06-26 13:07:33
8.   El Lay Dave
There are no "what hat does the inductee wear" controversies here.
2007-06-26 13:16:56
9.   El Lay Dave
Before the induction ceremonies, do teams of monsignors and top prospect priest conduct an exhibition mass?
2007-06-26 13:50:33
10.   dianagramr
8, 9

double play turned nicely Dave!

2007-06-26 13:56:13
11.   dianagramr
From the article: "... decision to let an absolute majority of cardinals decide on the next pope if they remained deadlocked after 33 rounds of balloting."


33 rounds of balloting .... isn't that about as long as the last time the Vet's committee elected someone?

2007-06-26 14:02:59
12.   Bob Timmermann
There used to be a provision where the Cardinals could elect a Pope by acclimation if they all got together and the Holy Spirit moved them to say the name of one person at the same time.

This provision was dispensed with. I don't believe it had ever been used.

2007-06-27 10:54:09
13.   El Lay Dave
12 Did they have to become accustomed to the temperature and humidity level in the room first?

It was tried recently but no one was sure if they were saying different names or mumbling mulitple mispronunciations of Karol Józef Wojtyła.

Pope REG-gie, REG-gie.

10 Thanks. An 8-9 DP would be very weird.

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