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The precipitation of the the precipitating event
2007-06-29 09:07
by Bob Timmermann

The date: August 13, 1978.

The place: Baltimore's Memorial Stadium

The situation: Top of the seventh, Orioles lead the Yankees 3-0 after scoring three times in the bottom of the sixth off of Ed Figueroa. The Yankees come up to bat in the top of the seventh and score five times against Scott McGregor. Mark Belanger comes to bat in the bottom of the seventh when a hailstorm hits, stopping the game.

The umpires ruling: At the time, uncompleted innings were not allowed and the score went back to the last completed inning and that was after six with the Orioles up 3-0.

The upshot: Yankees manager Bob Lemon was angry. Many thought that the loss would keep the Yankees from ever catching up to the Red Sox AL East. Those fears were groundless.

The aftermath: They changed the rule the next year.

2007-06-29 13:48:46
1.   Gen3Blue
I bet he WAS mad!

There's Hydrogen and Helium and Lithium berylium....need I go on.

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