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The 1957 All-Star Game comes to Japan
2007-07-02 07:30
by Bob Timmermann

Fan voting for the All-Star Series (there are two games) in Japan was completed and the Rakuten Golden Eagles, a third year expansion team playing in Sendai, got EIGHT players named to the team. (They could only find seven guys for the photo.)

The Golden Eagles are presently in fifth place in the six-team Pacific League with a record of 31-39-2 and are 10 games out of first. But the team does have a loyal fanbase apparently.

No one is calling for Japanese officials to change the roster as Commissioner Ford Frick did in 1957 when Cincinnati fans stuffed the ballot box and got seven Reds chosen for the eight available positions. Eventually, Frick ordered Gus Bell and Wally Post to be replaced as NL starters by Willie Mays and Hank Aaron.


2007-07-02 16:13:29
1.   Deanna
I was noticing how retardedly skewed the fan voting seemed to be for the ASG a few weeks ago. I mean, I kinda cheer for Rakuten since they're the underdogs and all, but of the guys who got elected there the only ones who are really legitimate all-stars are Yamasaki and Fukumori and Tanaka (and Darvish is better than him). Maaaaaybe Isobe. Shima can't even hit a baseball with a bat, there's no reason Lotte's Satozaki shouldn't be the starting PL all-star catcher. There's no reason the Fighters' Hichori Morimoto shouldn't have beaten out Isobe and Teppei, for sure, too.

I guess I had a longer rant about this a few weeks ago, mostly because I think it'd be a crime if the Dragons' Morino doesn't end up on the all-star team. Japan is dumb. Wait, why am I moving there again?

2007-07-02 21:48:25
2.   Bob Timmermann
I would also guess that NPB didn't mind the voting since they really want Rakuten to be successful for the overall health of the league.

The Eagles are one of the few teams that has any idea how to market itself.

2007-07-02 23:42:55
3.   Saburo
The Golden Eagles also have the BEST theme songs in the league.

OK I'm biased; tuff.

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