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The final push for the Final Man
2007-07-05 10:09
by Bob Timmermann

The voting for the "Final Man" for the All-Star team ends today at 2 pm PT.

And one of the candidates really wants to go:

But even if Neshek doesn't win, he can just wait for the inevitable injuries that will knock out players. In the NL, John Smoltz became the first player to officially withdraw.

Alex Rodriguez is likely to drop out.

Not that either of these players would open up a spot for Neshek. Smoltz's spot will definitely open up a spot for the Tall Chris Young, who is likely going to win the vote anyway. (The spot was taken by Roy Oswalt.) A-Rod's absence would require another third baseman unless Jim Leyland wants to stick one of his shortstops (none of whom are named Orlando Cabrera) at third base. Or possibly Casey Blake. Or maybe we can get nine innings of Mike Lowell.

2007-07-05 12:21:48
1.   Gagne55
The funny thing is when the final ballot was announced, Neshek's name was the one that made me go "who?"
2007-07-05 14:04:51
2.   Daniel Zappala
Not a good day for Neshek today. Gave up a game-winning 2-run homer to the Yanks.

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