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Five GIDPs and no two of them are alike
2007-07-05 19:31
by Bob Timmermann

The Arizona Diamondbacks lost to the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium tonight, 3-2. The D-Backs grounded into five double plays in the game, including one by Miguel Montero to end the game.

The five DPs went:

  1. 6-3 (Ryan to Pujols)
  2. 5-4-3 (Rolen to Miles to Pujols)
  3. 3-6-3 (Pujols to Ryan to Pujols)
  4. 1-6-3 (Wainwright to Ryan to Pujols)
  5. 4-6-3 (Miles to Ryan to Pujols)

This is the first time a team had grounded into five DPs (in a 9-inning game) that all were scored differently since April 21, 1989 when the Red Sox did so at Kansas City. Those five were:

  1. 6-3 (Stillwell to Buckner)
  2. 6-4-3 (Stillwell to White to Buckner)
  3. 5-4-3 (Pecota to White to Buckner)
  4. 5-3 (Pecota to Buckner)
  5. 4-3 (White to Buckner)

Other teams have had five different combinations of players turn ground ball double plays in a game, but that happened because of substitutions.

The most GIDPs in one game by one team in a 9-inning game is 7 by the San Francisco Giants at Houston on May 4, 1969. The Astros had six different permutations of DPs in that game with only 6-4-3 appearing twice. The Astros even had a  3-4 DP.

2007-07-05 21:19:14
1.   thelarmis
bob - i've gotta say, i love when you come up with factoids like this! odd that there wasn't a 6-4-3 in the cards-snakes game.

oh, and i'm sure you noted that david newhan replaced chris gomez (dl) on the mets roster today. newhan, being jewish, of course. that gives them 3: green, schoenweis, newhan. wasn't there a 4th this season?

2007-07-05 21:20:52
2.   thelarmis
ah, you would think i would've read the post before this one! : ~
2007-07-05 21:42:02
3.   Bob Timmermann
Newhan says he's a "Messianic Jew" and believes in the divinity of Jesus, so he's probably not going to be invited to a lot of bar mitzvahes.
2007-07-05 22:04:21
4.   thelarmis
3 ugh! nice work, bob. yeah, that definitely doesn't count! it reminds me of the funny website - jews for jeter. well, i don't know if it's actually "funny," but the address makes me giggle.

ironically, i got invited to one of my students' bar mitvah just this evening...

2007-07-06 06:45:36
5.   dianagramr
4 I saw someone wearing a "Jews for Jeter" t-shirt on a NYC subway recently ....

(well, he DOES have good range going right to left)

2007-07-06 07:07:19
6.   scareduck
Great find, Bob. How do you do it?
2007-07-06 07:19:41
7.   Bob Timmermann
It involves lots of pointing and clicking.

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