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The most dangerous job in the NL West
2007-07-11 19:02
by Bob Timmermann

The Arizona Diamondbacks fired hitting coach Kevin Seitzer today and replaced him with Rick Schu.

"We felt a change was an appropriate decision based on our offensive struggles," Arizona general manager Josh Byrnes said. "Kevin Seitzer gave us tremendous passion and effort. Rick Schu has history with a lot of our players, and we feel he can help us improve our performance."

40% of the hitting coaches in the NL West from the start of the year are gone. Merv Rettenmund, Joe Lefebvre, and Alan Cockrell have already registered with for hitting coaches.

For a while, I thought Rick Schu was the greatest player ever. I saw him play twice. Once was this game. Then I saw him at this game. Fortunately, I was not hired as a scout.


2007-07-12 16:14:51
1.   Deanna
I used to think Rick Schu was pretty good too, but I was also a Phillies fan for the entirety of the 1980's, so I can't be blamed for that.

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