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If my mom had done his laundry, this wouldn't have happened
2007-07-13 15:55
by Bob Timmermann

If I had ever left anything in my pockets when I put a pair of pants in the laundry, I would get a lecture from my mother about how if she hadn't noticed it, I would either have ruined what it was or, even worse, ruined the washer (or as my mom would say, "warshing machine") and dryer.

It looks like Braves reliever Wil Ledezma would have run afoul of my mom too. He has been placed on the restricted list by the Braves after his work visa was damaged in what is described as a "washing accident." He should be back with the Braves next week. Jose Ascanio, who presumably emptied his pockets before tossing his laundry in, was recalled from AA-Mississippi to fill in.

Ledezma will also be told to separate the whites from the colors while back home in Venezuela and told which clothes need to be washed as delicates.

2007-07-14 17:07:28
1.   confucius
My Grandma says "warshing". She was raised in St. Louis also.
2007-07-15 11:07:00
2.   Voxter
As a man who has accidentally fed many a piece of paper, coins, guitar picks and the occasional cigarette lighter through the wash, I can tell you with authority that the washing machine would have emerged unscathed from any such encounters.

My grandmother also says "warshing". She's from eastern Nebraska.

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