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2007-07-21 16:24
by Bob Timmermann

In the current summary of today's Dodgers-Mets game by the AP there is this passage:

The only other pitcher to start 12-1 for the Dodgers since the exodus from Brooklyn was reliever Phil (The Vulture) Regan, who won 14 of his first 15 decisions in 1966. Three others got off to 11-1 starts in L.A. -- including Sandy Koufax (1966), Rick Rhoden (1976) and Doug Rau (1977).

Exodus? (The emphasis above is mine)

But in the case of the Dodgers, it was a Moses, namely Robert Moses, who was the pharaoh who kept hardening his heart. So is Walter O'Malley then the person playing the part of Moses?

Is Los Angeles the land flowing with milk and honey?

It would have been better if Aaron (Hank) had played for the Dodgers. I could work in more Biblical allusions.

Did the Dodgers wander throughout the United States for forty years looking for a new place to play? That may explain that pillar of fire that lingered over the U.S. for the last few decades. Did they serve manna at Vero Beach during spring training?

I'm getting really confused.

Or perhaps I should just picture Walter O'Malley singing this song.


2007-07-21 16:51:12
1.   Robert Daeley
Boy, they just through up a BP pitch for you to hit out, didn't they? Nice one. :)
2007-07-21 16:55:22
2.   Bob Timmermann
They put it on a tee!
2007-07-21 17:15:47
3.   underdog
Who's the Ari Ben Canaan of the Dodgers?
2007-07-21 17:24:07
4.   Robert Daeley
And of course that pitch should have been thrown, not throughn. :)

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