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Offerman denies hitting anyone with a bat
2007-08-16 13:54
by Bob Timmermann

Jose Offerman, now playing for the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League, denied hitting Bridgeport Bluefish players Matt Beech and John Nathans with his bat, according to published reports.

Offerman admitted to charging at Beech with his bat but claimed that Beech and Nathans fabricated other details of the incident.

"I ran to the mound with the bat in my hand, but my intention wasn't to hit anybody," he told the paper. "The catcher just made it up that I hit him in the back of the head, and I didn't hit the pitcher either."

Offerman, who led off the contest by homering off Beech, believes he was intentionally hit in his second at-bat.

"The first pitch, I hit a home run," said Offerman, who was suspended indefinitely by the Atlantic League on Wednesday. "When I got to the plate the next time, the catcher said why was I running the bases so (slow) - that I had to be quicker.

"At first, I didn't think anything of what he said. But later I realized the pitcher was planning to hit me."


2007-08-16 14:00:51
1.   Eric Enders
"Rashomon: The Sequel."
2007-08-16 14:05:23
2.   Bob Timmermann
This could end up like reading a SABR-L discussion on Marichal going after Roseboro.
2007-08-16 14:12:39
3.   dianagramr
Betcha if Selig were Commish of THAT league, Offerman's charitable work would give him a free ride on the assault.
2007-08-16 14:34:58
4.   Josh Wilker
Yes, the photos clearly show a man intending to engage in a rational debate who just happens to have forgotten to let go of his bat.

On that note, has any video surfaced? Somebody in the stadium with a freakin' camera phone at least?

2007-08-16 14:41:41
5.   Eric Enders
The AP story contains an amusing quote: "If he got hit it was because he tried to run behind me and take the bat."
2007-08-16 14:53:14
6.   Bob Timmermann
Is that like attacking someone's hand with your face?
2007-08-16 16:03:42
7.   Curtis Lowe
I'm going to be swinging the bat as I run at you and if you get hit it's your own fault.

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