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Almost the ultimate perfect game in Williamsport Never mind
2007-08-18 19:58
by Bob Timmermann

Garrett Williams of the Lubbock, Texas Little League team struck out the first 17 batters from the Coon Rapids, Minnesota team, but had to leave the game before striking out the final batter because he had reached the pitch count limit.

In the AP story, it appeared that Williams didn't care about missing out on going 18 for 18.


Asked if he knew how many strikeouts he had, Williams said: “No sir, I don’t worry about stuff like that,” adding, “I just concentrate on the mitt and try to get the batter out.”

And now for the rest of the story...


Williams didn't have a perfect game going, he actually surrendered three hits.

2007-08-18 20:05:16
1.   Sam DC
Kid's twelve years old and they've already got him working with Crash Davis?
2007-08-18 21:22:53
2.   Cliff Corcoran
Yeah, but I bet he threw a few balls. Nice try, kid.
2007-08-18 21:49:12
3.   Bob Timmermann
He threw 88 pitches. Maybe there were 37 foul balls?
2007-08-18 22:05:07
4.   Yu-Hsing Chen
no sir? is this kid raised in the military or something?

btw, Taiwan lost to Velezula last night walk off style...

Velezula actually denied teams from Taiwan Visas to participate in their youth baseball tournement a few weeks back, because of certain big nuclear country next to Taiawn that claim it's a part of ...

jokes on them though, as several other country backed out of the tournment and it was canceled and Velezula gov got a ton of heat for it.

2007-08-18 22:13:07
5.   bartap74
It's occurred to me before that truly "perfect" game would be not only 27 up and 27 down, but 27 strikeouts as well. I suppose if you wanted to take it even further, it might be 27 outs without contact. I doubt anyone will ever manage either of these feats, but this kid came awfully close to the Little League equivalent.
2007-08-19 07:53:38
6.   David Arnott
5 Steve Nebraska did it in Game One of the World Series :)
2007-08-19 09:59:28
7.   rbj
So which is "more" perfect:
27 strikeouts
27 outs on 27 pitches?
2007-08-20 14:01:53
8.   player to be named later
7 I'd say the former. 27 outs on 27 pitches would be its own kind of gem -- the Madduxian ideal, if you will -- but it requires perfect work by fielders as well, while 27 Ks would be a pure feat by the pitcher. (Okay, the battery.)

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