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Streak or no streak?
2007-08-27 21:35
by Bob Timmermann

August 25, 2007:

Headline on

Polanco's errorless streak ends

Placido Polanco's 147-game errorless streak ended when his throw pulled first baseman Marcus Thames of the bag in the first inning.

But then .... later that day in the Detroit News:

Safe! Polanco's record errorless streak continues, thanks to scoring change

Detroit's official scorer, Ron Kleinfeltner, in consultation with umpire Hunter Wendelstedt, changed the error to Thames, ruling that Thames was never on first base to begin with.

This bit of indecision in Detroit made it all the more fitting (at least to me, if not no one else), that Bobby Seay of the Tigers was awarded a win Sunday in Detroit's 5-4 win over the Yankees. Since starting pitcher Jair Jurrjens left after 1 1/3 innings with an injury (he has since gone on the DL), the official scorer could award the win to whichever reliever was deemed the most effective. The first reliever for Detroit, Chad Durbin, gave up three runs, and then Seay followed with two scoreless innings. Joel Zumaya and Todd Jones finished up.

Seay had pitched in 116 straight games without picking up a decision, which appears to be the longest streak of its kind. Trever Miller of the Astros has the current longest active streak without a decision at 68 games. Miller also had a stretch of 89 games without a decision earlier in his career.

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